Gebofal, Day 31: Starting Watchtower Calls

Sunrise: Call/Key (spoken) 19 (typically associated with the Earth Watchtower Tablet; note that most practitioners refer to this as Call 18): because I rarely make this call, I made it three times. Call to King Babalel (once again using the call in Scott Stenwick’s Mastering the Mystical Heptarchy). I prepared for angels of secret discovery and angels of living creatures, and, given the content of the scryings, I was, in a sense, given this. Because the former call references the number 6332, I recalled that other large numbers were associated with the zodiacal kings with respect to the Aethyrs. So, I vibrated the name of Zodiacal King Ziracah (associated with Taurus), who, in the Aethyr of UTI, is associated with 6333 servient angels (it’s only one away, so I presumed some correspondence, and even were I wrong, it doesn’t hurt to have another angel helping). I also vibrated (for good measure) the name of Governor Obvaors, who appears in the same row as the Ziracah/UTI row in Aaron Leitch’s The Essential Enochian Grimoire. I was a little annoyed at myself for being underprepared, but to be fair to me, I feel like I’m in a little bit of uncharted territory.

As I mentioned on Day 29, I was unsure about the association between the days and the leaves; today I placed my hand on Leaf 19b, but it was Leaf 18 in which Kelley was attacked by gnomes for accidentally invoking them. So Leaf 18 should be the one associated with with Earth, rather than today’s. Yet this call is typically associated with Earth. To split the difference, I placed my right foot on the seal of King Babalel (recall that this king is of a Martial/Mars nature, and thus strong in waters (Scorpio)). I placed the four Tabula Recensa watchtower tablets with their usual configuration on the floor in front of me, with Fire tablet roughly to the East and facing that way, Air to the South and facing that direction, similarly Water to the West, and Earth to the North. I placed my feet on all four of them, so I could clearly tell which element was associated with which by energetic feel (a certain tingling is obvious to me when I work with the tablets like this).

The angels indicated that calling on the correct angels associated with this tablet wasn’t really the concern, but nonetheless I prepared a list of the earth-related angel names: those of Secret Discovery, and those of Living Creatures. Unfortunately, as I prepared, I noticed a discrepancy between the Enochian Watchtower angels listed in Stenwick’s Mastering the Great Table and Leitch’s Essential Enochian Grimoire. This was a little unsettling and, well, I didn’t have time to settle it this morning, nor will I this afternoon or evening! So I decided to forego calling on the Watchtower angels. At any rate, on to the vision:

I feel energy at the Water tablet, from the heel of my right foot. I’m told to be silent for a moment. I feel myself drawn into this realm of Adam Qadmon, and it is definitely watery.

  • Note: the original Great Table had water as the last element in order (Fire-Earth-Air-Water); nonetheless, I’m not sure as to whether this feeling reflects the influence of King Babalel, or rather a reversal of the original Great Table order (Water-Air-Earth-Fire). Tomorrow, Wednesday, has King Bnaspol, who is specifically indicated to be strong in Earth (Virgo) from his call. So, if I notice that the Earth tablet is activated, I could use this as evidence that the Heptarchical kings override the tablet order, but if the Air tablet is activated I could assume that the order of these leaves reflects the original Great Table order (though Mercury/King Bnaspol should be relatively strong in air, the main power indicated is over earth due to both exaltation and domicile, and most importantly the call to King Bnaspol). Things would be even stranger if Fire were activated, and I would probably throw up my hands if water were activated tomorrow as well!

Returning to the vision: this wateriness isn’t what I was expecting, and that’s okay! King Babalel is trying to guide me right now, and he says to make the call to governor Ziracah (note that this King is associated with Taurus, an Earth sign, which opposes the water sign of Scorpio, where Mars is strongest, and from which King Babalel presumably has his power over waters), which I do. I feel energy come up off the leaf and the water tablet. There’s a bit of shifting around of the energy now. The angels say that it’s not like one element is existing completely separately from another. Nonetheless, water is dominant; part of this, I’m told by King Babalel, is his own influence, but, yes, this leaf–and this call (presumably when used for gebofal)–is of a watery nature.

I ask, in all humility, the angels that if I indeed be in the realm of Adam Qadmon, to please show me what is to be shown. I’m told to make the call to the God of the West. Thus, the God of the West/Water is MPH ARSL GAIOL (OIP TEAA PDOKE), which is what I vibrated. [Despite my the godname from the original tablet,] I feel this water come up from the tablet and up my right leg, whooshing up and all about me from the water tablet. The angels note that yesterday, the full moon was in Scorpio (and, I would just add, aided by mutual reception from Mars in Cancer).

It’s a subtle point, but the angels are saying, “Water flows, and water dissolves. Water can move about in a rush, and if it hits you thus is most solid-like, like earth. For that reason it can behave like a solid when it is moving quickly or, of course, when it is frozen. Or, it can, just by a soluble being in contact with it, it can dissolve that soluble, and flow and transport the solution. So, its nature,” the angels tell me, “is to break down, and to transport, whether that be temperature, whether that be through dissolution, through flowing, or through the force of its pushing, like unto a solid. It breaks down, and it transports.”

So when I ask how this relates to the geometry in the Aethyrs, the angels are saying, “What this can do is break down the current association between points, and it can, as a result, move two points together or further apart. It can also act as an intermediary between the two.” I express my gratitude to the angels and to God for this, and I ask if there be anything else. They say, “No. Continue to treat this a bit as an experiment,” because this is kind of new to me, so I take it to heart, in heart. They’re adding, “More will be revealed to you: this was going to be a bit clunky, anyway, but now you know the best way to approach this.” I thank them and they give me as homework to flesh out the remaining days, so I thank them and I will.

Noon: Call 19 (18 as labeled by most practitioners). Call to King Babalel. As usual (I haven’t included it because I mentioned it earlier), I vibrate the title of Leaf 19a. Taking the lessons from this morning’s Aethyr, I vibrate the name of God MPH ARSL GAIOL. I vibrate the names of King Ziracah and Governor Obvaors. Feet are placed as mentioned earlier.

The angels have me relax. Once again, I feel energy arise from the Water Quadrant/Tablet; I even moved the seal of King Babalel to under my left foot, and though I felt energy come up from that seal when making the call to him, I instead found the energy coming up from my right heel again when making this call.

Now they move on to reviewing the morning’s lesson & vision with me: water transports, water dissolves, thus it can dissolve the relationship between two times, and can also transport between them. Now they ask me to review this with respect to geometry; once again, this is a reviewing of the lessons of the higher Aethyrs, as I was promised, yet the angels note that this relates to the lower Aethyrs as well: all of reality. The effect of water is its rearranging of conditions. These elements can rearrange the conditions in which Heaven and Earth meet (see yesterday’s scrying) so that the flow that one is in is being met properly and appropriately. The angels assure me that a lot of these lessons will be learned by my unconscious mind more than anything else.

They move on to asking me to consider two points, or even a system of points of geometric consciousness of an individual. It’s natural that, in interacting with someone else, there would be a certain amount of elemental water involved in the realm of consciousness. If one increases the amount of water in the individual, then there’s a bit of dissolution of the structures that one has in place, which could cause two points to separate, or perhaps come closer together, but regardless it changes the arrangement of no less than two points to each other. Also, the angels have me consider the transportation of certain new solutes into the system by dint of the introduction of water.

Now the angels turn to the knock-on effects. Introducing more water forces that system to react by bringing in more earth in order to remain in its current arrangement, or perhaps to decide how it wishes to flow or rearrange itself given this introduction of water. Also, the transportation of a flow between two different and currently set points–assuming no dissolution is involved–the individual would need to decide whether they want a flow between these points. For example, would the individual want their set point of “compassion” to flow to and/or from an individual who has done heinous crimes? Do they want that compassion to be linked up to someone whom they, to that point, have viewed as “evil”? So the individual may need to rearrange the way that certain ideas flow, so this is a bit of a secondary dissolution (i.e., a rearrangement of a relationship between established points of consciousness), rather than a primary one.

Now the angels take me back and have me consider the person who is giving or introducing the water. Someone with a more Scorpionic take may want to introduce water in order to investigate or understand something better; this is not unheard of for people with planets in Scorpio, with an intensity, which sort of shoots water out like a pipe or a hose, such as to hose down a dirty car or to aim directly at a fire. A Scorpionic sense of this, the angels tell me, is much more–and this, again, is opposed to the sign of Taurus, ruled by King Ziracah, yet in line with King Babalel (whose link to Scorpio I’ve already mentioned), so there’s this interesting dynamic between these two angels. At any rate, the angels are saying that someone who is introducing water could be coming at it with this Scorpionic intensity and focused kind of water, that fixed water which is aimed precisely at a fixed point.

Now the angels turn to the introduction of water from someone with planets in Cancer. Here, the transporting quality of water is paramount, as with nutrients. Or, in the cardinal sense of the sign, water may be used to change the dynamic about someone. For example, in a protective manner, someone with, say, a Mars in Cancer (as we have now), the water is used to dissolve points about someone in a dangerous situation so that they can leave the old dynamic and move into a newer, safer one. How water would act from Cancer is thus very dependent on the needs of the situation (recall that Cancer is ruled by the moon, the fastest-moving of the planets and associated largely with the final formation of circumstances just before they emerge into this world, i.e., Yesod), and those things or circumstances that it senses or intuits should be begun.

Finally, we have mutable water: Pisces. So here we have the sign of fish, whose entire reality is water. Here, the person themselves is being transported along with the water that they reside in. Whereas a crab may or may not reside in water–a fish must live in water. Fish must therefore be highly adaptable to water in all of its measureless (“infinite”) variety: “TON MAOFFAS DAMPLOZ,” the angels use the Enochian phrase. The consciousness is thus in this water, and this sign chooses to live with somewhat fewer “fixed points.” Granted, a fish still has somewhat fixed points relative to its own body, but it sees the world with much more fluid points about it. Nonetheless, if water is going certain direction, the fish must account for the flow of the water, the changes of points caused by the water, what’s transported in the water: that whole concept is very much to be considered (clearly, I have no planets in Pisces or Cancer, so the angels take their time explaining these!).

“This is a lot,” the angels acknowledge. I ask whether they have anything in their generosity, if they be so inclined, to offer, and they say, “No,” but bid me to write this up. They acknowledge that these are complicated lessons, but important to consider, because now we’re going to get at some of the “roots” of the 360 degree circle/ecliptic (note the play on root and “square root”–19 being the rounded square root of 360), and all of that which is within it. The 30 degrees of the Aethyrs is the repeated cycle within any given sign, but these are the root principles of the entire Zodiac: “What is at the root of the Zodiac,” they clarify.

Thus ends the vision.

Sunset: Similar procedure: Vibrating the titles of Leaf 19a&b. Call to King Babalel. Vibrated the God names “MPH, ARSL, GAIOL.” (Note: I have decided to revert to the Tabula Recensa, so such vibrations will be associated with their usual locations. In the case of Water/West, the association is OIP, TEAA, PDOKE). Because I’m confident in this being a thoroughly watery vision, I place both feet upon the water Watchtower tablet, which has the seal of King Babalel above it.

I see this wave part in front of me, and it’s like a vision of Moses parting the Red Sea, and the angels are just pointing out the staff–associated with fire symbolically–which parts water, and how the action of water is undone. I’m approached by King Babalel, speaks to me for the rest of the vision. He walks with me and has me take note of all of the different geometric points in the two sides of the walls of water held in stasis. He notes the fish therein, and he notes the crabs (some in the water, some on the land on which we walk), and the scorpions. He notes the pinpoint accuracy of the stinger of a scorpion, and the crab’s circular crabwalk (like unto the moon!), and he notes how the fish seem to be everywhere in the water and seem to defy a lot of logic in their way.

“But each of them has their strong points,” he remarks. Now I’m feeling more energy come up off of the leaf. “Just to get very specific about how this relates to the realm of Adam Qadmon,” King Babalel transitions, and how I need to consider this as I do this: he notes that today was a somewhat difficult day for me to maintain the compassionate heart, but I did sort of rally at the end of the day. “This is a good thing,” he continues, “and now have compassion for all of this. Have compassion for the fact that water dissolves! and have compassion for the different ways in which it acts! and begins things anew! and can be concentrated, and focused!” Basically, he finishes the point: “have compassion for these various areas of your own chart, relatively empty though they may be!”

I agree, and as I do so, I see a watery sphere about me (here’s an alternative reference), and King Babalel says to take a good look around, and to really note this. When I’m encountering others in the future, he says, “You will get a sense of what’s going on with them, and what seems to be lacking based on a sense of their aura. ‘This is not watery enough,’ or, ‘This is too watery.’ This can be combined with the general sense of chakras,” which, he adds, do not completely overlay with planetary influences, yet it’s its own septenary nature which tends to combine at times. Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter (whose rulership in the zodiac opposes each other) are more or less like unto the elements. Yet the three remaining have been of interest to me in their higher forms: the sun overlays with the heart, the moon with the third eye (as broad intuition), and Saturn with the crown chakra (as Binah). The king advises me to be aware that I will have a greater sense of other people. This will be a transformation of me and my perception, because I’ve been given such a vast and wonderful teaching (and, as I write this up, I wonder whether a deeper, more fundamental teaching has been given to my energetic system), which I heartily agree with.

King Babalel kindly says that the angels are grateful for the work that I’m doing to teach this stuff and giving as much as I can in return, and says many other kind things, and gives me a subtle bow. I make sure to give a deep bow in return and give my thanks to him and all of the angels. He notes the holiness of this day, the 31st day of the ritual (31 is associated in Gematria with the name El or ‘God’), and that I will only see him two more times in this ritual.

I ask if there’s anything I need to concern myself with as far as calling the kerubs or so-called “lesser” angels of the Watchtowers, and King Babalel tells me that they are not appearing the same way here in this ritual. This is but the first lesson about water, he says, and I will rev up into the next lesson–except it won’t be him next time. I extrapolate that perhaps the next time will be Saturday, but I’m fine discovering this as the days unfold.

I express my gratitude again, and ask whether he has other things to show to me. “No,” he says, but notes that he is very pleased and to continue especially with the compassion. This will make everything make much more sense, and that ultimately we’re getting into some root forces of the heart here.

Gebofal, Day 6

Sunrise: Call to Aethyr of UTI. Call to King BALIGON. I repeat the title of Leaf 44b seven times.

I see a vertical spiral, facing me like a circular saw and spinning in the same manner. The angels point out that, though I have been through the Aethyrs before, this process of breaking down what existed before will continue as it did during that initiation. King BALIGON is showing me a train (this switches back and forth between a modern train and a “train” of carriages) of seven cars/carriages. Now I’m seeing two horses split apart in order avoid an obstacle, and the carriages split into halves to avoid the obstacle and then come together (note the suggestion of Gemini). The train ascends above the earth and I’m looking above the earth from the sky. I receive the word “Pleiades” (possibly connected with the 1st Book of Enoch aka the Book of Watchers). The frontmost car left the Pleiadean system left the “train” and came to earth. The four wheels came off this engine/front car and landed on earth (suggestive of elements).

The angels say that the buzzsaw is about working through some of the previous knowledge that I had: the angels explicitly identify themselves with Pleiadeans. The angels marvel that it took centuries before an approximation of gebofal took off again, and are glad to see a recording of the experience so that people get ideas about how they may want to do it themselves.

The governors, Mirzind, Obvaors, and Ranglam, are pulling me in three directions: I’m a tetrahedron being pulled so far that I lose height and become flattened into a triangle; the process is a little uneven so I become seven isosceles triangles of a heptagon. They’re saying there’s a 21-ness to what is happening (cf. the number of cells in each table on Leaf 49 of Amzes Naghezes Hardeh, also known as Liber Loagaeth).

At this point I’m distracted by possible futures which may be overly flattering. They say that the 21-ness will become more apparent as I go. The indication of going from a tetrahedron to a triangle is that I will become enfolded into the world, and that this will specifically be enfolded into an organization. The angels caution that I’m doing too much, and to cut back, so I make some plans to. The triangles in this formation indicate a reconciliation, today with Venus yet with all other planets, especially those afflicted astrologically. They encourage me to try to maintain a sense of balance and that the ritual will take a while.

The vision ends.

Noon: Similar procedure, using Leaf 44a.

The seven dots seen before are revolving in front of me in circles, each parallel with the y- & z-axes. A single dot moves from group to the other, so there’s always a 4/3 split.

Now I see a German-style village; it’s beautiful and on a beautiful sunny day, and as I look at it, I see a mountain in the distance. I see the following symbol floating above the mountaintop:

A square at a 45-degree angle, with the sides slightly bent in towards the center. A circle with a taijitu-style division is in the center, and four spokes from the four corners come to the circumference of the circle. At the circle’s center is a cross.

The symbol rotates across the x- & z-axes (from above, the rotation is seen to be counter-clockwise). The angels advise that I use this as part of my personal symbol.

When I take the perspective from this symbol, I can see the village below me, and the sun above me, the shadow of the mountain behind me, and now there’s an animal, a fox. I concentrate on it and it shows me that other mountains have this same symbol atop them. The fox turns into King BALIGON; I quickly verify his identity.

From this symbol over all of these mountains, they are able to call down a change in circumstances, a massive black portal, hundreds of miles in diameter. Emerging from this is a golden cube, which is reminiscent of the Borg cube, but the light side of it. Many machines, reminiscent of droidekas from the Star Wars universe, emerge, land, and drill into the earth and pull some up. It’s as if they are creating trees directly from the earth itself. The trees sit there, and I see silk growing among them, and this silk forms a trampoline across the vast distances among the trees.

A blonde girl in her teens with a red t-shirt and blue jeans, kind of an anime figure, jumps on the silk trampoline, high into the air. This, I’m told, is a Pleiadean emissary or hybrid, and her hair gets longer and longer, and becomes enmeshed into the Earth’s atmosphere. It’s like a reverse alien Rapunzel. It’s sort of swirling in the curve of the taijitu symbol, and people in the village below open their mouths and either swallow or inhale her hair. I’m told it’s like how her teachings will open up many hearts in humanity and enable transformation. They are saying that there’s more literal going on about her existence than I would expect.

I see an orb such as held by a monarch, and someone is eating it, and it’s like a golden apple being eaten by someone. I’m told that this is like the universe eating of the earth (specifically its new consciousness) after this transformation. Note the parallel to Heracles/Hercules and his final labor.

The vision ends.

Note: I’m noticing some astrological influence with some of these visions. For example, the vision of the cube unfolding into squares across the globe with an organization impetus: this clearly reflects Mars (will or raw energy) conjunct the North Node (the hungry mouth of the dragon) in the 11th house (the house of organizations) in Gemini (twinning itself). This identification of astrological influence is a useful exercise, one which James Eshelman did on Aleister Crowley’s Enochian scrying in the former’s book, Visions and Voices. Doing this in real time is helpful in contextualizing what is going on.

Sunset: Similar procedure. I was having difficulty with a memory of an embarrassing night several years ago.

I see the seven points once again, this time shown as points on a sphere. The angels note that with this seven-ness, any number of stars could be seen in a group of seven, responding to the astrological influence I noted above. They reflect that the astrological nature of the vision last night can reflect a set of fixed stars which are of a given planetary nature.

The angels point out the hummingbird which I saw today, a gorgeous bright emerald green creature (if ever a symbol for Venus existed, this is it!) which I saw only for a moment. This was a sign of King BALIGON & Venus, they tell me, if only for a brief moment. The angels say that this is a sign of how Venus shows up in my chart: as the ruler of both of my luminaries, it can’t be ignored, but it’s like beauty is very transitory. A beautiful peak moment (see: Abraham Maslow), they tell me, can indeed be very fleeting: they remind me of a time in Minnesota All-State Choir (represent! RIP Paul Oakley: I still love you, brother) which was like this. I should nonetheless still be happy and grateful for its arrival, and that one’s life can be changed by such a thing.

The angels are focusing on this final reconciliation of myself with Venus. The topic of pleasure and attraction arises. The angels mention that people are, of course, attracted to things, situations, people, or events which bring us pleasure. The angels have me linger on the sefira of Netzach, which means “Victory,” and how I tend to interpret Venus ruling Netzach as “taking pleasure in victory” or in accomplishment.

This would be similar to, say, taking pleasure in a triumph, such as that which I saw in a vision earlier in this ritual. The angels say, “Look: if you are not satisfied, and do not take pleasure in victory, then it is hollow. If you do not take pleasure in the accomplishment of spiritual achievements such as rainbow body realization or even full enlightenment, that negates the accomplishment to a degree. ‘Nothing satisfies like satisfaction,'” they quote, and note that a fire trine of Jupiter to an Aries Venus, while it brings luck to the native, tends to focus more on further expansion rather than pleasure. An inability to take pleasure (cf. anhedonia), then it’s difficult to emotionally distinguish one thing from another. Without pleasure it becomes difficult to truly live out one’s values, for without pleasure (which includes aesthetic appreciation of forms and intellectual elegance), why would one value one thing over another?

The last part of the vision is a reminder about the letter Gon, which I was told to reflect on and didn’t do the best job of doing. So, what happens if you take the name BALIGON and do word play with it?

Suppose the “B” is pronounced as a /p/: PAL-I-GON can be pronounced as “polygon” (“Geometry in Enochian? Who knew?”).

Also, Pa as the Enochian name for the letter pronounced /b/ and Gon as the Enochian name for the letter pronounced /ai/ = “B”+ L + I + “I” = “bligh,” an Old English word meaning “bliss.” You can even get this without resorting to substituting the first letter, simply “Bah-ligh” and then shortening it as one can.

Further, Pal is the Enochian name for the letter pronounced /x/, giving us X + I + I or, pronounced together, gives us the Greek letter Xi but also the Roman numeral XII, indicating the number of signs of the zodiac.

Finally, if you are liberal with pronunciation, you could assume it’s actually XLI, which is 41, but read in reverse (as one does with Enochian) is ILX, or Ilex, the Latin name for holly, which represents truth and also Christ’s death (the sharpness of holly leaves being like thorns and the redness of holly berries being like the color of His blood), but also the joys of Christmas.