Chaos magick technique: toothpick timelines

So I mentioned in my bio that I am a chaos magician at heart.

This chaos magick technique is one I recently invented on a long road trip:

Imagine timelines just as that: little lines that, if you shrank them down from the present to any point in the future, would resemble toothpicks. You could categorize these timelines according to desired outcomes. In this case, we’re going to do just that, and then make desired outcomes more probable than they would otherwise be.

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, you have a big performance you have coming up, such as a short talk on a subject. This could obviously go very badly (boos), or very well (accolades). Start this magickal technique by considering the gamut of what could happen. Imagine each outcome as a toothpick (if you’re visual, see it; if you’re not visual, imagine holding that toothpick in your fingers). As you get the feel for this, go ahead and imagine all the outcomes as something you have control over–a handful of toothpicks in a circle in your grip, or in front of you.

Now, imagine you have dropped all of the toothpick-timelines of undesired outcomes. They vanish before they hit the floor. What’s left are the neutral-to-positive toothpicks. You’re going to progressively pull towards you the toothpicks which are more and more desirable and, if you can see them imaginally, make the most desirable toothpick brighter and brighter, filled with more and more energy.

This next part borrows from Adam Blackthorne’s Sigils of Power and Transformation (which is a great guide to get quick results). Start with this bundle and let yourself strongly feel (and if possible, generate progressively more feeling) how much you want something–in this case, to give a good speech. Allow this desire to burn inside of you. This is important to you! You want to be well-received!

Now, decide that you will indeed make it happen, even if you don’t exactly know how. Simply make a decision on some level to do more than okay: as you do this, see (or feel) the inner third of your remaining toothpicks come closer to you. This represents your making the positive timelines more probable. Repeat this process with more and more inner circles of toothpicks until you have the most positive outcome, represented by a single toothpick, close to your heart. Imagine this toothpick getting brighter and brighter. If you can do energy work, bring chi and/or reiki energy to this toothpick, energizing it.

Now, feel relief in the faith that it is indeed going to go well for you! Then, imagine it’s several years from now, and you are looking back with serene reflection on how this concern is now long behind you.

Consider this toothpick for a moment, and allow it to fade from view, but know that it is still there, working on your behalf.

You’re done. Enjoy!