The Best Memes I Created This Past Month (June 2020)

So I should probably make a monthly(-ish) feature of the favorite memes, many of which are magick- or spirituality-related.

Magickal journey as a crooked yellow line on a highway, with captions. Let’s hope OCR works on memes someday.
Very meta meme here; I counted at least six levels here, of which the 2nd and 5th, and the 1st and 6th, parallel each other, respectively. You’ll find that as you get into magick, self-similar rabbit holes (fractals) of the mind begin to appear.
Relationship/Mathematics meme.
This is an old Polish expression. Always remember to identify who owns the problem.
Politicians and BS artists of all varieties (as well as very confused people) do this all the time. This is the key to identifying them. “I don’t know” is a golden phrase to use when you, ah, don’t know.
Jenga image of a nearly impossible tower with one log at the very bottom, memified to show Enochian progress in scrying individual Aethyrs and ultimately making a call to bring about the rainbow body.
Poking some fun at Morpheus with a paradox.
We’re always told to “ignore the siddhis,” so I figured I’d make a play on words… RIP Jack Palance
Cypher had one of the clearest motivation of The Matrix. What if he was even deeper than that?
Never miss an opportunity to misdirect.
Seriously, though, don’t forget.

“Silgaeth” (Sigil) for activating the diamond body.

Upon re-scrying LIL, I asked regarding how to activate the diamond body of Taoism (and Rosicrucianism). I was told I could make a divine sigil (referred by the angels in the vision as “SILGAETH”–similar to LOAGAETH) to this effect. Rather than a proper sigil, I made a 7×7 square which is the statement: “OI ALCHIDAO QAA OL, CONGAMPHLGH, MOLVI OD HOM A NACRO OL OD IAD,” which translates roughly to “This diamond creation/garment [i.e., “body”] (of) me, man’s spirit [also, “the Holy Ghost”[?!]] surges and lives in renewal (of) me and God.”

Of interest is the relative dearth of letters: Med, Un, & Gon for the vowels, and Ur, Na, Veh, Ged, Don, Gal, Drux, Tal, Ger, Van, & Mals, exactly 2/3 of the entire Enochian alphabet.

Med: 11
Un: 8
Ur: 5
Gon 4
Na: 4
Gal: 4
Veh: 3
Ged: 2
Drux: 2
Tal: 2
Don: 1
Ger: 1
Van: 1
Mals: 1

After activating it, I have had some profound and intriguing effects. I recommend this those initiated into Kether, Chokmah, (and possibly even Binah). I’d like to hear your experiences with it.