DIY Enochian: The 19×19 Table

Update 1: Added the cross-section (for a 3D mandala). For the foreseeable future, I’ll only be updating this page, because I think only the mandala will be changed into 4D, 5D, etc. This cross-section is essentially a large-ish download; note the large prime numbers that reverse into other primes. I expect the sizes to keep increasing with each dimension.

This table is the extension of the Mandala I previously posted, derived from several existing tables as well as 12 additional letters transmitted to me, including the Sigillum Dei Aemeth, the great cross of the Heptarchy/Tabula Bonorum Angelorum, and the seven zodiacal kings of the signs where planets are exalted (Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, & Pisces):

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