Angels identified as seraphim that I’ve encountered

I received the name of a couple of seraphs during scrying which you may take or leave; this is the first (as transliterated from Enochian):

SERAFA PIAP ORS-OLPIRT aka SERAFA PURAN, meaning “Seraph who balances darkness and light” or “Seraph of sight.”

I also received a seraph name and had some interaction with it:

IVGAR (as transliterated from Enochian letters)

Before presenting its sigil, I was shown this:

(the arrows just represent the rotation of the circles).

Then I saw this, which was mentioned as the sigil for IVGAR:

However, it seems likely that these two symbols should be combined thusly:

IVGAR had a very Last Supper feel, in that it took on forms which we are to incorporate. “GAR” has been identified in The Whole Enochian Dictionary by the “Archidoxical Order of Magi” as meaning “Archangel of the East.” “IV” is the prefix for an angel name and also for IUMD which means “is called” in the same dictionary.

I’m very grateful to these angels and of course all the angels with whom I’ve worked and, naturally, the Divine.