Article reprint: An Overview of the Mathematics and Astrology of the Enochian System

I recently had the pleasure of having an article on Enochian published in Telicom, the official journal of the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (; see copyright notice at bottom). The editor-in-chief was very helpful and I’m very grateful for her and her team’s help in making the manuscript so much better. The article is a brief of an introduction to the topic of Enochian as well as some astrological and mathematical findings that the angels pointed me toward. I have attached a copy of the reprint below:


Reprinted from Telicom 34, no. 3, copyright 2022 by the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry. All rights reserved. Please address all reprint requests to

For Astrologers: Charts of my Gebofal Journey

So this gebofal post is mainly for astrology nerds. Other than beginning on the Sunday sunrise after Passover, this was not an astrologically elected beginning.

Note the culminating Libra full moon, conjunct the Part of Forthne, ruled and received by Venus in fall as the sun, in exaltation by sign, applies to a conjunction (yet both are received by sign by Mars), which, incidentally is at my Lot of Eros. Mars, chart ruler, is received by a separating square with Mercury, which like the moon is also in fall, but is also in exile; Mars is also in a separating trine to Saturn. Saturn is in its domicile and receives Jupiter.

All planets are in their own light. In general, the planets seem fairly well disposed. Mars is my final dispositor.

Now here is the chart for the end of gebofal:

This date follows the days of the Counting of the Omer; it’s after sunset because of the time it took me to read the Angel Ave’s recited Prayer of Enoch, plus Leaf 1 of Amzes Naghezes Hardeh (Liber Loagaeth) after sundown. Once again, we have all planets in their own light, and the Part of Fortune is in Libra again. I am timing the end of gebofal as the end of the reading of Leaf 1, which is 4802 Enochian words, after reading the call to prayer of Enoch. I’ll probably start the latter earlier than sunset to get the timing as close to this chart as possible:

Now, however, we have not one, but four planets in domicile: Saturn, Jupiter, the moon, and Mercury: one each from the four planetary types. We have even more robust reception: a tight applying conjunction of the moon to Mars in Cancer, lending its strength to the malefic in its fall. The peregrine sun is disposed by Venus, which is received by Mercury in Gemini (the latter trined Saturn on the last day I made a call to the Heptarchy, a Wednesday, Mercury’s day, when I called King Carmara for help in giving the power of that day from Mercurial King Bnaspol to Saturnian King Bnapsen (King Bobogel is also called to lend support, having taken Bnapsen’s place on Saturday the 8th).

The Ascendant is in an applying square to its chart ruler, while the benefic of sect is sextile the MC and loosely applying to a trine with Saturn. Both the moon and Mars are injunct Saturn.

The only odd duck here is the sun; other than being in the sign of my natal sun and moon, it seems out of place, except for a trine to Pluto.

At the start of gebofal, I would say the planets start off as an interdependent hodgepodge, with most gaining strength only by reception or exaltation. At the end, they continue to lend strength by reception (and stronger reception at that), but the majority are in their own domicile. The balanced Part of Fortune in Libra suggests that the entire process is bringing out in me a clear balance to my life’s path.

I’m a Leo rising with a Taurus new moon, so the activated houses here are my 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th and 12th are all being heavily activated, and also my natal Saturn and Jupiter are activated by transiting angles.

I’ll update this post if the timing shifts.

Observations on the Order of the Watchtower Gebofal Calls (Part 1)

I’ve noted experientially in other posts from Days 29-34 the apparent order of the watchtower tablets, which seem to match neither the order of the Tabula Recensa nor or the original table. Rather, and what I’ve been able to gather from experiencing the energy of the tablets under my feet (feel free to confirm, if you yourself undertake gebofal), the tablets themselves seem to follow the pattern of Water-Earth-Fire-Air. This follows a shifted pattern of the Tabula Recensa, where instead of starting at Fire/East, one would begin in the West and proceed clockwise until Air/South is reached. In the northern hemisphere (where Dee and Kelley received the tablets), this would indicate the elemental revelations beginning at sunset, or a night chart with the sun angular in the 7H. Thus, the magician is relating and interacting with another, (i.e., with God and the angels).

Because I started on a Sunday, the final Aethyr came on a Monday, meaning that Tuesday through Friday (today), I’ve had the kings of these days–Babalel (Mars), Bnaspol (Mercury), Bynepor (Jupiter), and Baligon (Venus). The first elemental calling (usually called “call 18” but, if you shift these Watchtower calls by one to account for the unspoken call 1, then it’s technically call 19) was therefore to Water on Tuesday, the day of Mars, with King Babalel, who is “Mighty and Wonderful in Waters.” Of the water signs, Mars’ greatest essential dignity is in Scorpio, which is the Night house of that planet. The following Heptarchical kings, and their planets, signs, elements (as I have received them this week), and house of the planet (i.e., day or night) are listed below:

  • Bnaspol (“To whom the Earth with her bowels, and secrets what so ever are delivered”)-Mercury-Virgo (in which Mercury is both exalted and in Domicile), Earth sign (and tablet), night house.
  • Bynepor-Jupiter-Sagittarius-Fire sign (and tablet), Day house
  • Baligon-Venus-Libra-Air sign (and tablet), Day house

Note that all four of these signs cover a continuous order. Additionally, the signs have triplicity of each planet exactly once, and the two projective (sometimes called “masculine,” a term I don’t like) signs’ planets are all those signs which appear flipped via a sect-based contra-antiscia to their degrees of exaltation in the Ensign layout.

Note that because this order is for gebofal, there’s something of the “last shall be first, and the first, last” reversibility that the angels like to do. But the West-first order is also suggestive of a night chart, just as the contra-antiscia exaltation format.

Gebofal, Day 12

Sunrise: Call to Aethyr of POP, call to King BYNEPOR. Leaf 38b.

I visualize the white sphere of compassion. I’m told to try to visualize this as a hypersphere, and I rely on my memory of the visualization video on hyperspheres. I see a tree emerge from the center of the hypersphere, and the angels ask me to try my best to imagine this as a 4D tree. This tree is atop the mountain from my previous vision, in which the mountain pointed to a star which created a cocoon around the earth.

The angels say that this reflects not only an effort in the mundane world to plant billions of trees in order to mitigate climate change, but it’s also the sense of the World Tree, the Tree of Life, longevity, a general celebration of life. I’m at the heart of the tree now with the assistance of the angels, and it seems like the tree is trying to send forth its compassion from this “heart.” It’s like a collective center.

The angels tell me that a wicked king would try to chop down the tree in order to ensure that no one else could live, but a just king would tend to and nourish the tree, act as a steward for its seeds, would justly distribute the fruits of the tree, etc. As I focus on the heart of compassion in order to broadcast this message, and circulate the energy of this compassion, it seems to me that the tree goes through the seasons of the year. Obviously this reflects King BYNEPOR & Jupiter: it’s a generative thing, and King BYNEPOR acknowledges that it is his domain. The earth does this, the angels say, but the main thing is to preserve this tree of wisdom, of knowledge of good and evil, of life–all wrapped into one. The tree itself, they say, is the crown, or Kether. Even a crown with its stalks is an attempt to emulate trees. The angels note that it may seem odd to speak of the heart of a tree, but if one were to take a vertical view of the center of the trunk of a tree, its cross-section would be circular (they bid me to ignore the hollowness of older trees–this tree is fully alive).

I’m told to keep this metaphor in mind, as it will come up again. “Seven cycles have the trees, and so thus seven cycles” will I have to go through, wherein each of the seven planets (or sephiroth) I become properly reconciled with. It is a sevenfold reconciliation process with the seven planets, but they are out of order for me. Also, they note, that these are the seven planets in extension, thus Kether, Chokmah, and the world of Adam Qadmon are included in this reconciliation.

The angels say that “Like unto the Counting of the Omer” (which this ritual follows), “not only is there each [astrological] planet within all of the planets, or each sephira within all sephiroth,” but also the angels tell me to look at triplicities of each of these: God the Parent, God the Issue, and God the Holy Spirit. This will be a reconciliation across these aspects. I don’t completely understand, but the angels say I don’t need to.

I express my gratitude. The angels tell me to be ready for an unfolding. The vision ends.

Noon (I should’ve made a note that this is always “solar noon,” which is around 1:30 local time): Preceding this, an ad hoc ritual to Red Tara of magnetization. Also, a discussion with CodyP about the hyperfocus on the circumference of a given situation, which is needed for some kinds of compassion. Otherwise, a similar procedure. Face of the PELE ring is on the Table, as is the front of my hand.

The angels note the preceding ritual, which, they say, saved them a lot of work. They leave such decisions to my judgment.

I see whirling, which I had seen this morning. I see this whirling as a spiral in three dimensions but seeming to rotate about an unseen fourth dimension. They encourage me to do my best to see it in five dimensions. It’s tough, but I make a go of it. It’s chaotic.

The angels show me that the white sphere of compassion has become transparent as a result of described in the preceding notes: there’s a point at the center of the white sphere which unlocked multiple dimensions, by which it has become transparent. These dimensions are like unto specific layers within a situation by which the compassionate act is to be measured. I’m seeing various Buddhist deities, which may be an aftereffect of the aforementioned ritual. I regenerate compassion according to the highest version of Platinum Rule.

There’s a lot of energy coming off of Leaf 38a. The heart is becoming more crystalline in quality. Again, the heart turns from white to a more transparent look. I see it subdivided into orange-slice-like segments, and I see the heart being like this to individuals, the compassion reflecting the needs within individuals in its transparency.

The angels have little else to say. They reiterate that the preceding Red Tara ritual did much of this work for them. I see white dimensional lines as indicators, like a map, extending from the center. “Get ready for a multidimensional map,” the angels advise me.

The vision ends.

Sunset: Similar procedure; I hold Leaf 38 in the prayer position.

The angels tell me to be ready for a wild ride. The angels take me deep into the heart of generalized compassion, which is to say according to a perfected Platinum Rule. They say it’s like a compass which, in and of itself, with which to find–one can try to navigate the fixed stars (of direction) for oneself using it (and also use this metaphor to try to help someone else) to find their True Will, for example. Here, we come with this perfected heart, or the heart of generalized compassion, what is like unto a gyroscope.

The idea here is that one is able to see better trends, and better able to align oneself with the many things that can come at them. A better intuition or “White Tincture” is there, but is better aligned with others’ White Tinctures–in general, it’s like a gyroscopic instrument, relying on several methods of measurement at once. If one “magnetizes” according to this (rather than just generic compassion) and circulates thereof, certain things will come into one’s orbit more readily which will be better attuned to the All.

I’m getting flashes of the Buddha right now. The idea here is that by not being overly attached to any one idea (whether it’s that something or someone should or must change or that one is living up to whatever ideal here), one will begin moving in grander circles. These circles will actually do a better job of ending suffering and maintaining compassion and basically just doing the right thing in the best way possible. The person with such a heart and mindset will generally avoid stupid pitfalls or getting caught up in narratives that are limited in their usefulness, instead working on higher aspects of usefulness in terms of one’s actions.

A lot of stuff is coming at me very fast (and I’m losing my ability to keep up with words). I’m seated and I see a very large, towering Golden Buddha in front of me, perhaps like the Empire State Building high. He scoops me up in His hand, and places me in the Pure Land. There is a distinct shift to a contemplative pace.

I am told to sit in this land, so I do. I note in passing the influence of the Red Tara. I continue to generate this compassion. The Buddhas are here and are assessing me, trying to figure out the vibration on which my heart operates. Amitabha and Gautama Buddha are both here, and Amitabha wordlessly reaches forward with his right hand, and touches my chest. It opens painlessly and without issue. There’s this golden speck within my heart. He asks if he may fix the defect therein.

I deliberately muster as much dignity and respect for Him as I may muster, and say, “Yes, please: if it please you, please do.” There’s a knowing smile that it’s not about pleasing–well, it is and it isn’t. My personal heart is aligning better now to this gyroscope/compass. This will align me to better and higher-quality narratives. They remind me that I am free to return here any time.

They call me a colleague, and I see in my vision thousands of Buddhists, living and deceased here. There’s much that they want to show me, but they’re going to keep this simple: I see that much of what is operating on Earth is a lot of collective energy from this Pure Land, which these monks have tried, via a variety of techniques (it’s like this laboratory of magic), and I can see a massive shawl of fabric (mainly red and yellow, but also some blues and purples–they note interest in the law I declared a year and a half ago) descending from this plane to Earth. They’re doing a lot, and a lot’s going on. They show me that this is weaving in with a lot of the compassion–much like unto the weaving in of the compassion that I saw in my vision of myself as an infant. They say that much of what they have been doing is starting to reach a culmination point.

“OK,” I say matter-of-factly, playfully, and clearly hiding my awe, and there’s a gentle laugh they send back. I ask what I can do to help, and there’s an answer even as the question forms in my mind: “Everything you are doing now is exactly what you should be doing to help. But, as you go along, more ideas will be introduced to you, and you will also get a chance to spread your ideas.” And they mention a local Buddhist center which is predestined for me to get in contact with. I ask what else I may learn. They say, “Starting tonight, expect better dreams, clearer dreams, more psychic outreach.” They mention that I should really get to that center and laugh at why I haven’t gone there yet: maybe June or July, and they suggest that when the Moon is in Leo and the sun in Cancer would be a good time.

They’re appreciative of the work to this date and say that it will be received warmly. There’s a sense that what will happen will continue. They say that a large angelic presence will soon manifest, perhaps 2-3 days, weeks, or months. I ask whether there’s anything else I need to do to continue this work. They say, “Stay aware. Pay attention,” and the angels say the same thing. I express utter gratitude, and they say to continue to pay it forward.

Gebofal, Day 11

Sunrise: Call to Aethyr of CHR (“khar”). Call to King BNASPOL and, though not stated, I’ve generally been vibrating the names of the governors of each Aethyr as well.

Again, I try to ensure I’m approaching with a heart of compassion. The angels ask me to lay the wand upon the table so that my left hand can rest on the Holy Table of Practice, while my right hand rests on Leaf 39b.

Once again, I try to speed the circulation so that it hits a high vibration. I see a tardis, which isn’t what I have in mind (they say that it’s okay: it helps that I haven’t seen much of the show). It turns into the front of a house. The angels instruct me to enter the front door, so I do; when I do so, I turn around and see that there is not one door behind me, but seven; the door I entered is the third from the left. I use my heart to guide me; at first I’m drawn to the fifth door from the left, but something draws me to the first door. I open it but there are monsters behind it. I try to see if they change in response to the lovingkindness, but they don’t, so I shut the door.

I go to the fifth door and open it. There is a large mountain. I see a figure there and vibrate King BNASPOL’s name. He becomes more vibrant and identifies himself as him. I am set atop a chair on top of a mountain. It’s a regular four-legged chair, but now it seems like a throne atop a mountain. I’m looking down onto a plain, and generate lovingkindness towards those below. There’s this concern or question as to whether this is enough, and I answer “No, it is enough–it’s more than enough.” I see a form of God in the clouds, and He asks whether it is ever enough. I say that if it be inspired by Him, then of course it would be. This seems to please God. This answer seems to shift things somehow.

It’s like I’m being tested sometimes along the way–there’s a drawing out of appropriate perspective by this Socratic method from time to time. I return to the center of the sphere after generating lovingkindness again, sitting on the dry seabed floor. King BNASPOL says, “Behold how variable one must be [in the heart]; the sitting within of the heart is ofttimes a variable qualium. I reflect on my occasional hyperfocus of the heart. I’m told not to worry if I move out of a universal love into a more focused version; instead, allow that the heart to continue, merely ensuring that the heart isn’t cut off from anything. For such is the nature of the heart. Remember the rotation of fixed stars about the torus, he tells me. Remember how God’s heart twists it and brings certain fixed stars into focus, and others not. Therefore it’s okay if one’s focus is uneven, as long as it doesn’t delude itself into the negative, seeing others as one’s enemy or unworthy of compassion. Other than that, it’s okay: this is the slippery nature of being in Hod. It’s similar to the twisting or rotation of God’s heart which is unknown to us but known to Him.

I’m grateful to King BNASPOL and note that the energy that this king receives isn’t often of lovingkindness, but he deserves it, too. He thanks me and hugs me, and I return the hug. He thanks me and also informs me that, no, this is not the time in which I will be reconciled with Mercury: that will happen later. I thank him, and he bids me farewell: the vision ends.

Noon: Similar procedure.

The angels bid me put my hand on the Holy Table, with the PELE side of the ring face down upon it, and I do. I pause to breathe evenly. King BNASPOL approaches. I vibrate his name, but this is not he. I vibrate the three governors’ name along with his, and now all approach, and two take my arms and two take my legs. I am placed at the top of a mountain peak again, but now the peak stabs me through the heart. My body is rotated around and it becomes liquidy as it does so, painting the mountain: coating it and sealing it.

I generate lovingkindness again, and this causes my body to fuse with the mountain, like a laminate. It seals in the the mountain, giving it a shimmer and a sheen. It creates a reddish-pinkish tinge, which becomes a golden tinge, and finally a whitish and etheric tinge, and finally there’s an unfolding of possibilities. It’s not clear what the timescale is, and there’s a suggestion of 1000 years. I’m unsure. The angels mention that 1000 years can be a day.

At any rate, I try to speed up the circulation caused by the heart of compassion. I’m told to look up, and I see a face appearing as a result of this transformation. It’s developing an identity. This, the angels say, is like unto humanity, or the people whose spirits I continue to touch over time. There’s a common understanding which emerges; I’m reminded of CodyP and his collective myth.

The mountain gets a character to it. It becomes alive and has its own intelligence. The mountain points directly upward to a star, the angels show me, and this star is the same star as last night’s. This star creates a shield about the Earth, which is like a cocoon which allows both dormancy and development. It’s like the seed of Kether developing and learning to sprout: this is enough for humanity, I’m told. The angels add that the mountain, with its own personality and character, can be approached by people and can provide what they need.

Now I see waves, and something like a dolphin intelligence approaching me playfully, like the playfulness of a seal from a dream some time ago. I follow it with a playful dive into the water of my own. This dolphin leads me to a group of dolphins, who say that they have things to tell me at a later date. Five dolphins touch noses, their bodies configured in a pentagonal formation. I reach my hand through the central space left by their noses, and I pull out the very tip of the nose of a whale.

It is the God whale of Dee & Kelley, like a blue whale, dark in hue. The dolphins say that together, they are like unto the intelligence of this whale. The angels tell me to go into the belly of the whale. At first, they say, it will appear dark, but after ZAX, it will become progressively clear to me.

The vision ends.

Sunset: Similar procedure; note that I was fairly tired and unfocused much of the day.

I see a zipper unzip, and when the sides of cloth are pulled away, I see stars. Then I see the night sky unzip and I see only light, and then that unzips and I see the night sky again, and finally another zipper and light again. This goes on for a bit. I continue to generate compassion, and now I see dark tentacles surround me. I continue to hold the torch of compassion. I circulate the speed of compassion, and now I’m in a dark thicket made up of these tentacles.

King BNASPOL is with me in the thicket, and he’s also being surrounded by tentacles. This is an illuding image, and I say that I want no part of this. It’s like the vision or the tentacles are trying to wait me out. I continue generating compassion for this and why such an image would even exist in the first place. I see that the darkness seems to be emerging from my at my feet, but I have compassion even for that and throughout. I continue to circulate this compassion, and the darkness finally stretches itself back to the surface of the sphere. The blackness around King BNASPOL finally fades.

I vibrate the governors’ names as well, and I see them ripped apart and then regenerating themselves. I’m told that this is a difficult kind of reading [sic] for them, because King BNASPOL’s nature is fluid. It (astrological Mercury) can be of either the nocturnal or diurnal sect, and Mercury itself is quite fluid. If this be the 11th day of straight day of scrying an Aethyr since TEX (this being the 20th Aethyr), then this is roughly equivalent to the mouth of the Abyss. Every three days it’s like I’m scrying 21 Aethyrs on account of the sevenfold intensity, so there’s a day that’s like unto the mouth of the Abyss (especially the evening of that day), then a day that feels like the Abyss itself, then the day following that. Every three days it’s the same experience, just at a higher level, roughly. Note: I get the sense that this cycle will clearly be over once I scry ZIP on the 18th of this month.

I’m holding a lot of compassion for all the beings about me, and I’m bowing to the compassion in King BNASPOL’s heart for what he’s going through for me (note: I can’t remember whether he’s still somewhat entangled in the tentacles). I try to accelerate this so that his suffering is minimized. He smiles and seems to step forth from the tangle of tentacles about him. He says, “This is the suffering within you when you are overly identifying with the act of suffering.” One needs to continue to look past the immediate thing that one sees, and consider at the core of cores, at the heart of the heart of the heart, what the meaning is behind it, and it’s not easy to witness. Yet we all suffer for each other.

King BNASPOL says that these visions needn’t always be amazing. Just continue to hold onto and lift the torch, even if things seem like nothing but blackness. He acknowledges that this is the last of Day 11, meaning that there are 10 more days of the darkness about me, and that I have the symbol of the white square, which contains and squares the black circle of suffering. There will be a way out of suffering in this world, but there are reasons why some people choose to suffer–so as to aid the white square of the dharma. There’s a lot of compassion on all sides, hence the white circle within the black circle.

I ask the governors and king what else they may in their generosity choose to show me. They reiterate that I’m being a good guest, to continue to have faith, even though there are times in which bipolar disorder acts up in me. It’s okay, and they’re proud to see how far I’ve come. Maintain the faith and compassion, they say. The angels point back up to the star, reminding me of the lesson about the need to be tender towards one’s own compassion, as though caring for one’s infant self. I express gratitude, and the vision ends.

How the Pieces of Enochian Fit Together, Part 1

This is a little trip into the various bits of Enochian—the Heptarchy, Liber Loagaeth, and the Watchtowers/Aethyrs (for the purposes of this post, I’ll use the angels’ characterization of the last as a single part of the system).

It occurred to me last night, as I was falling asleep (my hypnagogic mind is way smarter than this waking mind is), how very well these parts match up with the 360 degrees of a circle. Causabon’s relation has Gabriel describing an angel who “governeth Hyleich, which is the matter of the four Elements, and which onely is an Element” (this suggests the element spirit), the “Princes and Governours also of the 4 Elements…The angels also of the 48 angles of the heavens.” Angles indicates geometry, and is suggestive of astrology. “Forty-eight angles” suggested each angle was 7.5 degrees to Dee–360 degrees divided by 48, and, as Leitch assesses, likely an astrological inference, and rightly so.

Then it occurred to me that there is an interesting structure to the elemental Watchtowers: four kings, 24 ministers, 16 kerubs and 16 so-called “lesser” angels–60 in all. For each of the elements, this comes to 15 angels. I considered how these might be arranged: there are three signs for each of the four elements in astrology (twelve signs in all across the 360 degrees of the zodiac). Each sign thus has 30 degrees and in each element are 90 degrees in all. This matches well with the 15 angels; each angel can occupy two degrees per sign per element, and this twoness makes sense if one one considers the duality of sect (note also that the first two of the first 16 spoken Enochian calls reflect a duality in themselves: invocation and evocation).

Another thing occurred to me: the four watchtower tablets together have 156 letters (156 being closely associated with Babalon), yet the Great Table (the original or the Tabula Recensa) itself has 176 letters–if one counts the elemental names of God–EXARP, HCOMA, BITOM, NANTA–only once (each name is duplicated in a mirror image) in the Black Cross. Thus, we are four letters away from 180, and it occurred to me that PELE, the name on the ring “without which” the magician “shall do nothing,” is four letters–combining this with the Great Table thus creates 180 letters–which can also be considered to have a duality in the sense of sect, thus nicely totaling 360 to match the 360 degrees of the zodiacal circle (and circles in general). Note also that the arrangement of the four tablets–earth opposite air, and fire opposite water–matches the first two signs of the first half of the zodiac and the first two signs of the second half of the zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Libra, and Scorpio (this is the order they appear in the zodiac), which are ruled by Mars, Venus, Venus, and Mars, respectively. The order of these signs differs in the order of the Tabula Recensa, however: Aries (upper-left), Libra (upper-right), Scorpio (lower-right), and Taurus (lower-left). This further suggests a mirroring which differs from the mirroring of the Thema Mundi.

Yet I have been working with Liber Loagaeth, and this raises another question: if the Watchtower angels are called with calls 1-18 (2-19 if one considers the first call “unspoken”), and this matches Leaves 2-19, then what of the final 30 calls and final 30 leaves? Here, again, we have a nice overlay with the number of degrees of the zodiac; each Aethyr matches each degree of all 12 signs of the zodiac, and the most powerful Aethyr, LIL, matches the most powerful degree of each sign, the so-called anaretic degree. My experience with LIL was of a sphere, suggesting the realization, in three dimensions, of a circle. However, LIL relates to Kether (“Crown”) in the Kabbalah, not Chokmah (which is ruled by the zodiac); this understanding of the crown is the realization of the unity of space and time, and hints of the unified forces of the universe. Scrying the Aethyrs brings one into a realization of the fundamental unity of the forces of Binah/Babalon with Chokmah.

Naturally, the Zodiac has within it seven planets which rule the 12 signs of the zodiac, and the last of these planets, Saturn, is said to rule Binah. This brings us back to the Heptarchy, and the septenary nature of the Heptarchy and Loagaeth. The angelic kings, princes, and ministers of the Heptarchy occupy 343 (seven cubed) letters of the “Tabula bonorum angelorum invocationes,” which is seventeen less than the number of degrees of the zodiac. Considering A) the unspoken call as suggestive of the center of a circle, and B) the 1st and 2nd calls as being an artificial duality of i) interior and exterior, ii) invocation and evocation, iii) sephiroth and planetary rulers, iv) two circles allow for a third dimension for a sphere. Thus, the first nineteen initial calls can be conceptually reduced to seventeen, and the Heptarchical system can be numerically linked with the overall structure of the Watchtowers.

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet: Liber Loagaeth! After Leaf 1 (which is 4361 words followed by 9×49 cells of individual letters), each of the next 27 leaves (excluding the titles!) has 4802 letters (2401 per side), which, after subtracting a center letter in the middle on each side (see prior posts), comes to 4800, or 48 * 100, or 360 * 40/3. The next 20 leaves, excluding titles have half this number, 2401. The final leaf is five tables of 21 letters, or 105. Excluding Leaf 1, this gives us, excluding titles, 177779 letters (hm, a preponderance of the digit 7!). I went ahead and added up the number of letters across the titles: 1614 letters. Overall, this comes to 179393 letters, and this is a prime number(!). Leaf 1 has 10851 letters on side A (according to my excel document, which I have tweaked to account for punctuation, but may not have caught everything), which is a prime number. Leaf B has 7785+441=8226 letters. Unfortunately, this doesn’t add up to something useful yet, but I’ll keep looking. 🙂