Light (and stimuli across the sense modalities) is the heritage of all beings. Light crosses space in distances both vast and miniscule, and illuminates qualia, providing Understanding: it is that most special of matter that illuminates all other matter, and thereby ultimately unites all matter. Light radiates in all directions as spokes from a center, and bends across spacetime. Yet beings themselves also move in spacetime: o! how can the Center be returned to?

Intriguingly, ordinary matter does not always evoke its luminous state. Finding no other way to experience itself, even the most intelligent of matter, human beings, Homo Sapiens (the “same wise”!), may make the sin (error) of intellect regarding the flesh, believing themselves to be object alone, utterly subject (ah, another irony!) to the universe, with no other goals than to enact evolutionary imperatives. Such misapprehension can be construed as a corollary to the view of “Universe and Self are separate.”

This error can be overcome by finding the means to return to luminosity: even the hardest of sciences, physics, has cracked open doors which have let light into our matter. In the mundane realm, ordinary matter may be combined with specific frequencies of light in the case of polaritons (which may be more rightly considered light and ordinary matter in reconciliation), in a case in which metaphors about finding the appropriate vibrational frequency for another are quite literal. More generally, light itself carries with it momentum mass which thereby affects ordinary matter.

The luminous nature of reality cannot be ignored. Ultimately, light reveals and provides direction: Wisdom.

It falls upon those of Sensitivity and Understanding to determine what to do next. Minds of matter are not something to be battered or molded or otherwise dominated and done violence to. No: for matter has within it the sacred. It is the substrate of the mind of God, and at the heart of all matter is the heart of God. Turning your mind toward the revelation of your heart is a grand step, and learning how to align one’s heart with the Heart of God is another grand step indeed. To do so, one must learn to build bridges of light to align with this Heart, and therefore to build bridges of light from one’s own heart to the hearts of others.

Children of earth, of humanity, of God: you shall build your light-bridges into the universe. You shall cross the gulfs, large and small, which you border. In so doing, you shall better know the myriad ways that All Is One; in so doing, you shall better know your center, all centers, and the Center; in so doing, you shall better know all qualia; and in so doing, you shall increase the light in the spirit of PRIAZIOR, making robust and resplendent these light-bridges that span the span of the Heart of the Highest Divine.

Lux materia in spatium coniungit, ergo aedificare pontibus lucis.

Light unites matter in space, therefore build bridges of light.