First Working: The Parts of the Earth

I always feel blessed with how much I learn from other people. Scott Stenwick is very experienced and always has something to teach, and when I got myself a copy of his Mastering the Thirty Aires, I was impressed. He gives a good analysis and use of the Parts of the Earth, which can be used for political magic, in addition to other uses of the Aethyrs/Aires.

Being an American, I worked the part of the Earth known to Dee mundanely as “Idunia,” which includes most of the U.S. I called on the Zodiacal King Zinggen (associated with the sign Aquarius), and asked for wisdom in asking for things from him (I also invoked and asked for similar things from the 24 elders and the angel Galvah, the former of whom is associated with knowledge & judgment in human affairs, and the latter of whom is associated with wisdom). I also asked to to be reconciled with the energy of, and move better within, the United States, gain wisdom about how to live here, that I and those who move my heart, and for wisdom for our leaders and those who may become our leaders. I aimed on the side of prudence when it came to policies, asking for help for our ecosystems and for peace. The effects were pronounced and almost immediate, as though I were surfing the currents of the U.S. rather than being swept up in them, and the energy around me suddenly felt quite comfortable and pleasant.

I called on King Marmara (AKA Carmara) to work with HUTMOCS, the name given to me when I called on the angel Nalvage for the names of the 30 “missing” parts of the earth, a chapter by Robin Cousins in Elizabethan Magic: The Art and the Magus (included as an appendix to Enochian Vision Magick). I was told that the mundane place associated with HUTMOCS was the city of Jerusalem (as usual, I would say this ought to be verified by other scryers). Note that this city falls within the area bounded by the capital cities of “Egypt,” “Syria,” and “Mesopotamia” (modern day Iraq), which are the three parts of the Earth associated with the Aethyr of LIL. I commented during the vision that I wasn’t sure which Aethyr to use, but was not given one; my guess is that LIL is appropriate, or, barring that, substituting HUTMOCS itself as what should be scried (“MADRIAX DSPRAF HUTMOCS”; O you heavens which dwell in HUTMOCS) or since HUTMOCS is properly a part of the Earth, then a more elaborate phrase such as “MADRIAX DSPRAF QUIIN HUTMOCS TABAORD” (O you heavens which dwell wherein HUTMOCS be governed). I seem to be getting a message that either will do, but perhaps the latter is more appropriate, and that the formal Aethyr name associated with HUTMOCS is not to be known. Note that this would make 31 Aethyrs in total–if it is considered a formal Aethyr.

I saw the point of HUTMOCS above an 11×11 square of all 121 parts of the Earth, creating an apex or pyramidion. I could feel a power coming from this point, almost like a deluge of lightning, flowing out into the world. The angels suggested that I imagine the Great Table, and the power going to all four corners of that table. I asked for simple things here, mainly for wisdom in terms of how to approach them. I requested peace, a fair and equitable treatment of all people who live there, and that people be filled with wisdom and be treated with the highest form of justice. These requests were met with approval. They also suggested that I ask that people be enabled to have their hearts opened (this seemed like a global request) so I requested that as well, and I went on to request that people be liberated from suffering and achieve buddhahood, which was also met with approval. They also asked that I simply request that heaven and earth be reconciled and that the highest wisdom reign, which I did, and that as few people as possible be harmed (as a general request).

That’s all I have. If you experiment along these lines, let me know how it goes; this definitely falls under 21st Century “neo-Enochian” (not to be confused with 19th Century, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn neo-Enochian), and I’d be curious as to what people find.

Podcast Appearance: Praxis Behind the Obscure, Ep. 41

I was delighted to be a guest for a third time on Praxis Behind the Obscure: check it out!

On the “Remaining” 30 Parts of Earth

Update 2: This post has been updated to reflect the more accurate category of the parts of the earth. Scott Stenwick mentioned in his episode on Praxis Behind the Obscure pointed out that the “governors” of the parts of the earth are actually the names of the parts themselves, and this is accurate from the Latin, as can be seen in the Sloane 3191 manuscript.

Update 1: I don’t claim to be the best scryer in the world, and so happily invite others who use the Enochian system to validate “neo-Enochian” work like this.

Robin E. Cousins (in “The Physical Location of the Ninety-one Parts of the Earth Named by Man, as Detailed in the Liber Scientiae Auxilii et Victoriae Terrestris of John Dee, in Elizabethan Magic (ed. Robert Turner) and reprinted as Appendix III in Lon Milo DuQuette’s Enochian Vision Magick) details 91 parts of the Earth over which the zodiacal kings have dominion. In DuQuette’s Appendix II, these parts. The original transmission on May 23, 1584–via the angel Nalvage–was of 91 parts of Earth (these 91 parts of the Earth are associated with the 30 Aethyrs, three per Aethyr except for TEX, which has four). Yet there appear to have been plans to transmit be 30 more of them (this makes sense, given that this would make a square’s worth of parts of the earth: 121), but Kelley, to Dee’s chagrin, appears to have just moved on from them completely. My guess is that the 30 angels are related to the 30 Aethyrs, but perhaps in a different way from the first 91; mathematically 121 angels would make four, rather than three, parts of the Earth per Aethyr (TEX would have five).

I went ahead and made an Enochian-language prayer asking God to send Nalvage to transmit the names of these remaining 30 parts of Earth, and over two sessions (one on the 16th and the other just now). I also had the Round Tablet of Nalvage prominently displayed. On a personal note, this was a difficult energy to maintain (no wonder Kelley was unhappy with the process!), taking a lot of adjustment and concentration on my part. There’s a reason Nalvage’s name means Earth-fleer–his energy seems to naturally be drawn back to heaven. At any rate, what follows is the list of names which came through (note that I only asked for the parts of the Earth; I was told it was for someone else to scry the actual parts of Earth associated with them). I have roughly grouped them into two groups. The first is those names which came via idiosyncratic methods (I recorded this so it should be reconstructible):




From the diagonals of the Watchtowers:





You may notice the “missing” 31st part of the Earth, HUTMOCS (east/fire Watchtower tablet), whose energy is not really a part of the earth per se, but more like a fulcrum between Heaven and Earth, and hence very powerful. This would make 122 parts rather than 121, but I was told that the HUTMOCS is separate and is like the 1 added to the 440 around the Sigillum Dei Aemeth.

I hope this is useful to those who continue to work on completing and expanding the original Enochian transmission.

Appendix: Prayer for God to send Nalvage for the purposes of transmitting the remaining parts of the Earth names (this can be modified to simply focus on the remaining parts of the Earth):


“Glorious, merciful highest God: let this become Divine joy unto Thee [i.e., “please”]: open the mysteries of Understanding of the 24 and six [24 + 6 = 30] parts of the earth and those that govern them, which are not here in this time of the pure knowledge of mankind. Bring down your servant Nalvage, to the intent that his voice continues this understanding.”

Fractal Enochian: Zodiacal Kings, Heptarchical Kings, and the parts of the Earth

I may have one more Enochian post this year, but I wanted to mention some observations about the overall structure of Enochian that I noticed recently. Enochian’s powerful initiatory system of the 30 Aethyrs has 91 governors, which correspond to the same number of “parts of the earth” (the governors’ names are derived from the Enochian Watchtowers). 91 is an interesting number Kabbalistically, as Bill Heidrick points out, for it is the sum of 50 (Mem-Yod: “Who?”) and 41 (Mem-Aleph: “What?”).

91 is also interesting in that it is 7*13. Enochian is septenary, but 13 is interesting; it’s Jesus with His disciples, or Israel with his 12 sons/its 12 tribes. Each Watchtower tablet is 12 by 13. Moreover, because the angels were keen on reversals (“The last shall be first, and the first, last”): 91 is the reverse of 19, which is a significant number in Enochian. The first 19 calls complement the 30 calls to the Aethyrs, which sum to 49 (7×7). 19 is also the number of zodiacal kings (12) and heptarchical kings (7). (13 is the reverse of 31, which is the number associated with the name of God “El” in Hebrew and which appears as a number in Enochian called “GA” (which is also the name of an angel).

Together 91 and 19 sum to 110. This sum is very close to 111, the number associated with the fully spelled letter Aleph. However, there is a 92nd governor, Laxdizi, whose name can be derived in the same way as 90 of the other governors (the name Governor Paraoan, who is included as one of the 91 governors, was derived from the watchtowers in a different manner from the other 90), suggesting the system is subtly pointing at 111. 92 is 23*4, and 23 is the total number of kings in the system (for there are four elemental kings, each at the center of a watchtower tablet, to go with the 12 zodiacal and 7 heptarchical kings).

Updates or follow-up posts as they occur to me.