Gebofal, Day 27

Sunrise: Call to Aethyr of PAZ. Call to King Baligon.

I relax and concentrate on the lotus-rose. The angels note that this is an incremental step as I approach the event horizon of the portal to the world of Adam Qadmon, which appears to me as a black hole.

Continuing to concentrate on the lotus-rose, the angels show it becoming circular, like an ouroboros, spinning around. “This is how the the flower emerged from your heart, is it not?” the angels ask. I agree, in the sense that the stem of flower emerged from the blossom of the preceding flower, repeatedly. The angels say that there will be this circulation within the lotus-rose itself. There will be suffering leading to transcendence, which will lead to suffering and then further transcendence.

Yet the suffering itself, they’re saying, is something that can be relatively avoided in the mundane realm just by continuously giving yourself “oomph” to follow rules and behave appropriately such that suffering can be transcended (such as seen in the symbolism of the white cube). I note difficulty concentrating, but the angels remind me to simply focus on this lotus-rose of my heart, and the distraction will go away.

I see this lotus-rose now being like unto a torus, simplifying now into a jewel about the lotus-rose (note the parallel to the famous Buddhist mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum). The angels say that once you get this, that it’s all sort of “one thing…you’ve been making this distinction between the thorny stem and the blossom. But it is One Thing: it is a Beautiful, sometimes Wonderful, sometimes Heart-Aching sort of thing, and the Heart Aching indicates the Heart, and that It is Alive.” So the Heart Aching as such is–and here I recall the death of my late mother-in-law–the Heart Aching is…and I’m trying to come to terms with something really big here.

“The Heart Aching,” the angels are saying, “is the Condition of the Heart. Though the armor about it is Empty, this pain is normal, this pain is okay. And the condition of Reality leading up to the heart being like This, is okay. And all of this can be concentrated into this Divine Bloom of the flower itself, the Okayness of It All, the Divinity of It All, and the Transcendent Nature that allows it to happen such as This. All of it is okay, all of it can be concentrated.”

So even though it seems as if “the Jewel is in the Heart of the Lotus,” truly, the jewel itself is the lotus, is what the angels are saying, and it’s part of Understanding the depth of Adam Qadmon, which is a journey you shall take and fulfill and complete. That is the Beauty of the Journey. So that’s it: the angels note that I’m a little bit closer in my orbit to the portal; this Realm is a little big closer. All of this is the sphere [spherical consciousness], the angels are just keeping me a little bit off, keeping me at bay. They really want everything to attune, so this is something that I need to reflect on. I thank the angels, and they have nothing further.

Thus ends the vision.

Noon: Similar procedure. I called on King Baligon twice.

I concentrate on the lotus-rose as an Ouroboros, as well as a jewel, as described in the previous Aethyr. I steady myself.

I see two square pyramids, connected by a tube, and all of them appear to be be made out of dough; the tube is already tied into a knot. “Consider the force which ties this knot. This is the force of Ain, and the duality, you’ve seen this already, when you scried your own rainbow body using the call of the Aethyrs.” This knot, they say, can be considered like unto sphericity (of LIL), or the double-sphere arising out of the torus.

“Yet, there’s something nice and squishy about this, isn’t there? So that only if you were rather skilled could you even see that this was caused by a single force which created the illusion of duality, then united it, and then unfolded it throughout separate sephiroth.” So I’m wondering about the nature of these two pyramid-like, or tetrahedron-like (and here they tell me that they are tetrahedra). Here we have, once again, an ogdoad (two tetrahedra times four faces per tetrahedron), becoming an ennead (via the connecting tube), which perhaps could be considered a decad (due to the new shape created by the knot). So you have this reflection of the ten sephiroth, even in the world of Adam Qadmon.

I’m curious as to what this means. If everything is squishy, there’s an infinity with this. I try hard to understand this deeply. I let my heart work on this problem. The angels say, “Note that what you’re seeing as an ouroboros: this is the same kind of thing. It’s a symbol of continuity, much like a Möbius strip, or a Klein bottle (which may be a better explanation). It’s this twisting about itself. The reason you’re seeing it as seemingly separate forces is because you’ve already seen it as such (when I scried my rainbow body previously, I saw two jewels which mirrored each other), but also,” and here they bid me pause for a moment, “Think about this. This is three dimensions about three dimensions, coming upon itself. This is like unto the present state/earth on the left, the goal state/heaven on the right, and the transformation in the middle, so time is locked in as well. But it’s all one thing.

“It’s all one thing, and it’s a multiplicity of things.” And I feel like I’m very close to grokking this and they chuckle, “not just yet, but this is very important. This is a very potent symbol for you, because you’re very excited by this, and you want to know what it is, and that’s okay. That’s good.”

I take a look at the symbol, and I see it extending down, and now it seems like a bunch of pencils tied together with a rubber band in the middle, the other end of which is dangling from the ceiling. This point at which the rubber band meets the ceiling is the portal into the world of Adam Qadmon. “If you just take this heart of compassion and aim it directly at this symbol, you’ll see that this is the same thing. On the one hand if you twist it together, it’s the jewel, on the other hand if you were to take it apart, you could see one end being like unto the thorny end of the lotus-rose, and the other end like unto the bloom thereof. It’s all the same thing: all is one, all is one, all is one.”

The angels leave me with all of this to contemplate. I ask whether there’s anything else, and the angels bid me pause and to consider this dough-symbol floating in water–not dissolving, just floating.

The vision ends.

Sunset: Similar procedure.

I’m feeling fairly high right now. The angels tell me to relax and to speed up the entire process going from the previous symbolism to the lotus-rose to the jewel. I feel the gem now in its fullness; at first it seems to have an amber or reddish-orange tinge, but now I see green flashing in it, and the angels suggest that I add indigo and blues, and I see now: the jewel is a rainbow jewel. The angels remind me that the lights can come from the realm of Adam Qadmon in their fullness, but that they can be seen in Chokmah, and indeed, this is the final Aethyr of this sephirah. At its most developed they shine through to me now, they say. One need not have completely entered the realm of Adam Qadmon to see them this way, but having an opening into it is important in order to shine in your fullness (suggestive of a complete opening into Chokmah and a necessary step to develop the rainbow body).

Now I’m feeling a lot of energy coming off of the leaf, and it’s trying to tell me something, so I listen. I feel my crown chakra being pulled upward, an uncharacteristically strong energetic feeling for this Aethyr. It’s like this is the initiation, the re-initiation into Kether (the angels remind me that a prior sigil of mine with the intent of “I reinitiate into Kether” was, in fact, still active). The angels say, “Be prepared, be ready, Son of Man, Son of God, Son of Earth! This be the final vision of Chokmah unto you. Know this: that the different elements and the different spacings [of (space-time) points], that one may find as one abideth in the realm of Adam Qadmon: these can always shift and change! It is important to be fully immersed in the Understanding in order to be fully immersed in the Wisdom.

“Behold, this vision (from noon, of the dough shape), which you have seen in its tetrahedral format: this steeping of it in the water can be considered like unto the fullness of Ain and Ain Soph. For within the Ain is the Ain Soph, and that fullness containeth within it the Infinite Light, which you see before you, twisted into this shape, twisted into this Present-Future state, which is always, always, always bound both by time, but, indeed, by the supernals as a whole. And so, know this, Son of Man, Son of God, Son of Earth: the richness of this symbol will continue to unfold itself to you. For now, it seemeth like dough: tomorrow it shall not seem quite so. It shall take on a greater significance and a new symbolic meaning. Rest now easy, Son of Man, Son of God, Son of Earth! No more can be said unto you directly, but all of these things shall be open unto you in the very few weeks left remaining.

“Much love upon thee: go now in peace. Serve the Lord.”

With this, the vision ends.

A Solution to Liber Loagaeth, Part 9

Lest any of you feel I’m slipping on my obsession with numbers, it occurred to me to consider the numerological significance of Amzes Naghezes Hardeh, AKA Liber Loagaeth.

I started with some of the obvious numbers which appeared over and over again: 7, its square 49, its square 2401, then the number 9, the number 40 (significant in Enochian as the difference between 49 and 9, as well as the number of cells in the outer ring of the Sigillum Dei Aemeth, and of course biblically), the number 21, the number 19, and their relationships. This squaring and re-squaring got me thinking of the Pythagorean theorem, and more generally the distance formula in n-dimensional space. It occurred to me to just try some of these numbers in 3D and see what is left over.

40*40=1600, 21×21 = 441. This, assuming a three-dimensional Pythagorean theorem: 49^2 = 40^2 + 21^2 + 360. Thus Enochian seems to subtly suggest a mystical answer to the idea of squaring of the circle. What is this circle? I consider it to be the heart. 360 can be reduced to 10*(6^2), and there’s a slight suggestion to Enochian being the means to bridge 7, 8 (via 40 and the black cross, which has four names of God, twice each), 9, & 10, which reminds me of‘s review of the Ogdoad Reveals the Ennead. Once again we see the importance of the circle, the center, the use of seven astrological planets (and today, septiles) to achieve the transcendent. Enochian thus seems to suggest how to reach not only the sphere of the fixed stars from lowly planet Earth, but also how to level up and out (e.g., from 1-digit integers to 2-digit but thus metaphorically) and also in (to the center).

This concept can be extended or doubled by replacing 21 with 9: 49^2 = 40^2 + 9^2 + 720, or 360*2.

The number 19 seems like it should be relevant, since it sums with 21 to 40, it is the length of the side of the inner square to a leaf (11a, to leaf 10b’s inner square length 21), and the title of the book is 19 letters long:

49^2 = 40^2 + 19^2 + 440.

Note that when Dee created the SDA, there was an errant cell, the infamous y/14 cell, which would have caused the outside to sum to 440, which the Archangel Michael said was “Death,” and this is the Gematria sum of the letters. Michael had Dee correct it to y/15 (Aemeth, “Truth,” sums to 441). To this day I see SDAs with the y/14 cell online. Regardless, I consider instead the extra 1 from 360+1 = 19×19 to mean the center in addition to the number of degrees. Thanks to CodyP for suggesting the idea that the Monas Hieroglyphica and the Enochian system may be Dee’s center and circumference, respectively.

Finally, consider 49^2 = 9^2 + 19^2 +21^2 +1518. 1518, which is 3 less than 39^2, is between the 240th & 241st primes of 1511 (+7) & 1523 (-5). 240+241=481 which is 13*37. 1511+1523=3034 which is also evenly divisible by 37. But the more important number is 1518 itself, which factors in ascending order to 2, 3, 11, and 23; looking just at the digits, we see a pattern: 2-3-1-1-2-3. The sum of the first four digits is 7, as is the sum of the last four (and the Watchtower and Heptarchy portions of the system are based on the four elements and seven classical astrological planets, respectively), and we see once again the angels noting that the first (2 with 3) shall be last (23). The last four digits also are the beginning of the Fibonacci sequence. 2*3 is naturally important as an even divisor of 360 and takes on its unique role as the number of ministers to each king & prince in the angelic Heptarchy of Enochian. 1518 is also 70 years before the putative end of the world in the Enochian transmission, and 9 years before John Dee’s birth.

More on numbers to come as I expound on the recent use of Prime Gematria suggested to my by Jon Ciel.