Article reprint: An Overview of the Mathematics and Astrology of the Enochian System

I recently had the pleasure of having an article on Enochian published in Telicom, the official journal of the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (; see copyright notice at bottom). The editor-in-chief was very helpful and I’m very grateful for her and her team’s help in making the manuscript so much better. The article is a brief of an introduction to the topic of Enochian as well as some astrological and mathematical findings that the angels pointed me toward. I have attached a copy of the reprint below:


Reprinted from Telicom 34, no. 3, copyright 2022 by the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry. All rights reserved. Please address all reprint requests to

Announcement: New Site: Your Light Bridge,

I’ve been working towards building a gifted coaching practice. This is straight-up Tiphareth, True Will work on my part. I have had an interest in psychology since it was first introduced to me in high school, and soon after had an even greater interest in giftedness and what it means to individuals who have it. My True Will is to assist in individuals’ development throughout the continuum of development; by default, this means some areas of development will only apply to gifted people due to their perspective.

I have worked in assessment for the last nine years, but, after some soul-searching, I have come to understand that this is helpful from a developmental perspective, but insufficient. What I hope to offer with a coaching practice is to facilitate development in the areas in which clients wish to develop. Of necessity, the necessary changes in perspective in to develop can’t be ignored, which naturally means that the means to develop may be unexpected. My brand of coaching will be, as they call it in corporate speak, “discovery-driven growth”–but with an entirely different meaning!

The process can be as “woo” as you like. I encourage you to look at my coaching website (still under construction) and if you or anyone you know may be interested in coaching, I encourage you to take heart, and contact me.