Channeling with Enochian

Generally speaking, if you work Enochian, you work with angels. There is a specific set of angels which can be contacted from Enochian, and Enochian has contacts with both the Olympic spirits of the Arbatel as well as the traditional archangels.

Enochian’s first and second spoken calls are associated with evocation and invocation, respectively, by Scott Stenwick in his Mastering the Mystical Heptarchy. I’ve taken to reciting both of these calls preceding any Enochian working and have found that they increase the intensity of the scrying.

The matter of evocation and invocation, it seems to me, is a blurrier one than might at first be supposed. Each of us is exponentially more extended into the universe than our physical bodies, so the distinction between evocation and invocation is less clear-cut than it may seem.

My usual scrying method, which is what I practice when scrying alone, is experiencing a vision and reporting what I see for my phone. On rare occasions during my 2019 Aethyr scrying, though, I channeled an angel during trance at the end (in my experience of LIL, the channeling happened the same way, but with the Divine). These angelic channelings were a bit disorienting (my subtle body was, I’m sure, still adjusting!).

I have been feeling drawn to channeling of late, and I gave some thought to how this might fit in an Enochian paradigm. The 30 Aethyrs have been likened to subdivisions between Earth and the Divine, much like the 7 heavens. LIL is the Aethyr nearest the Divine, while TEX is closest to Earth. Ideally, a channeled source would be close to the Divine, but accessible to people and thus close to Earth.

I do occasionally experiment with new methods using Enochian and this is one of those times. Consulting with Cody P., I iterated a technique to channel angels, which is as follows. First, after activating the Enochian furniture as usual, recite calls 1 & 2. Next, recite the call to the Aethyrs, calling LIL. Repeat the call to TEX, then repeat the call again to “TEX A LIL, OD LIL A TEX” (TEX in LIL, and LIL in TEX). Finally, recite the following prayer:



This translates to:

“Glorious God, in your mercies, make this one [me] with the governors of your voice, and give unto this one your ministers, such as you may. Bring down these unto this one, merciful highest God, and cause the mind of this one to not speak while the ministers speak, to the intent that the voice speaks your wonders, and Earth hearkens unto Thee, and Your Will Be Done!

“Let those in whom may be those who understand” [i.e., who over time would become those who understand] “hearken and see; let all hearts and minds in whom, with the contents of time, may be like unto these who understand, hearken and see.”

This prayer obviously asks for God to send an angel to speak and, crucially, ask that the channeler’s mind stay silent in order for the channeled angel’s voice to come through. Finally, the last part of the prayer directs that the recipients of the message be able to understand it (or that only those who can understand it would receive it).

Let me caution upfront: if you haven’t scried all of the Aethyrs, you may have a more limited vision of LIL. LIL is also more powerful than most Aethyrs, and for this reason I recommend “leveling up” one’s system by scrying the Aethyrs sooner than later. That being said, scrying the union of TEX and LIL was extraordinarily peaceful. It’s probable that only this union of the two Aethyrs needs to be scried.

Now on to my experience. An angel named Tetranos came through with a beautiful message, including the gorgeously evocative phrase, “Listen to the sun,” which reminds me of POROMA, “the secret sun which gives understanding,” a neo-Enochian word I received in 2019. Using the Enochian numerological calculator on Thelemistas (which I believe is based on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn), Tetranos comes to 1000, and to 112 in ALW English on Gematrinator (which is the number of letters transmitted for Leaf 49). The etymology of Tetranos also suggests a quaternary nature to the entity—and both numbers are divisible by four.

If you try this technique (it’s still kind of in beta due to the length—I may only scrying the union of TEX & LIL followed by the aforementioned prayer). Good luck!

Gebofal, Day 4

Sunrise: Prayer of Enoch as told by the angel Ave. Activation of the Holy Table of Practice. Vibration of the title of Leaf 46b of Amzes Naghezes Hardeh (Liber Loagaeth). Heptarchical call to King BNASPOL as in Stenwick’s Mastering the Mystical Heptarchy (foot upon the seal of BNASPOL). Call to/Key of the Aethyr ZAA (right hand on leaf 46b).

I had to sit down this morning; I went for a run as part of bipolar management, and my legs were tired. The angels have me pause with a 7 count inhalation, holding of the breath for a count of 7, and a 7-count exhalation.

The angles show me four dots in a square configuration. These dots criss-cross to form an X, and then a circle forms around it. This is the symbol for the astrological Part (or Lot) of Fortune. The angels explain that this symbol can relate to the idea of possibilities, and of possibilities within possibilities. They show this symbol flipping like a coin. King BNASPOL makes the general point about the role of chance in possibilities, but also the role of exchanges which happen with communication, and the concept of turn-taking in conversation, but also the role of turn-taking in commercial exchanges. All of this relates to the point that structures in which changes and exchanges are possible, and to the concept of larger structure in which humans find themselves and in which they exchange with each other. This structure is to some extent bounded by the general level of imagination and justification; this is a preview of tomorrow (with King BYNEPOR). Focus on the structures in which possibilities arise, he tells me, and how when we think of things as being chance events, those events don’t take place in a vacuum. He reminds me of the character Two-Face in DC Comics, whose guarantee to allow the fate of a coin flip in determining a victim’s outcome (which surely came as cold comfort!) was predicated on the many criminal choices leading up to that coin flip. In other words, fortune takes place amidst the multitudinous individual choices leading up to that moment; it’s a moment of fate within in the collective box of decisions that that the world has made for itself.

King BNASPOL reminds me that the idea of chance flowing within structure is a Mercurial idea. What gets exchanged, and how, and why, has so much to do with the intellectual structure that individuals find themselves born into. This idea of chance can be extended into the sphere of life and death, in which case an expected or demanded exchange either is or isn’t made.

Now I’m shown the coin rolling and consider the concept. Coins have binary outcomes (except in certain classic episodes of Batman: The Animated Series); a circle is reduced to a square. One can look at a 0/1 as a binary, but a taijitu, yin-and-yang view is fair–the concept of zero has an identity, and thus contains within it a uniqueness and a unity, whereas the number one is sort of indistinguishable from any other instance of 1, and thus there’s a sameness and thereby a nothingness to the number one. Regardless, the coin itself is like binding of a circle to come to a 0 or 1 rather than continue rolling: a metaphorical making a circle to behave like a square, rather than a square to behave like a circle (squares, it should be noted, can be made to behave like circles and there are even conceptual videos of square tires on a surface made of semicircles). Regardless, the key here is that the square must rotate according to various conditions (note that an imbalance of the elements can be likened to the imbalance of the angles of the rhombus) to begin to obtain a circular balance across the polarities of the mind–this would be equivalent to an energy circulation/cycle to restore balance in an individual, such as the Middle Pillar or a Tai Chi practice. Bound by matter though we may be, we can obtain a more well-rounded consciousness.

I’m reminded of the fixed stars, and I see a cube representing mundane consciousness. I see cube rotating at the top diagonal, causing three parallel circles to be inscribed about the sphere. The lesson here is that with good enough awareness, one can become aware of the other “circles” and begin to infer a more balanced polarity, but it’s harder to see because they may not appear distinct to the practitioner, and the three circles don’t touch. So the idea is to try to become well-rounded in multiple dimensions, and to try interact and get the perspective of other people (one of the lessons from the discourses of the Buddha is the importance of friendship). At any rate, “rotating” or circulating in multiple dimensions allows for the sphere to become apparent to the practitioner. Finally, there’s the importance of maintaining faith or focus, even when things appear, from a certain view, to be doing badly.

The vision ends.

Noon: The angels show me three dots this time in equilateral configuration (note that combined with the four dots from this morning, this equals seven in all). The angels drop the base down and divide the triangle, joining the pieces at the hypotenuse to create a 1-to-3^(1/2) rectangle. They then show this looping into a Mobius strip and then a torus.

This twists down at the outermost surface and therefore upward at the innermost. They remind me of the concept of circulation (rotation of the cube) within a sphere from the previous scrying session. This time, they tell me, this rotation is like unto the Divine’s circulation in the universe. What appears to us to be, in our limited perspective, the rotation of fate, is to God a normal circulation within the universe. As we, individual beings gain spherical consciousness, we nonetheless must become aware of higher levels of universal rotation or circulation. This is how the Divine honors all of its possibilities, by rotating certain sets of possibilities in and out of focus. The thing being rotated is probably better described as spiral-like in nature, and what is rotated in and out of focus is more like qualia which rotate in & out.

I reflect for a moment on the heat death of the universe, and how energy cannot be created or destroyed, and other physics principles…fatigue strikes me. The angels tell me they are having mercy on me and cutting the vision somewhat short. I ask them to please let me know if they wish to say anything else, I don’t wish to be a poor guest and not take whatever wisdom or insights they have to show me. They tell me to continue to contemplate this rotation and the rotation of the fixed stars. Some fixed stars/True Will get emphasis and focus in the grand scheme, while others do not (this is like angular periods of zodiacal releasing of the lot of spirit from the lot of fortune, when the lot of one’s efforts or spirit comes into focus or emphasis within the divine rotation).

I ask how this would relate to a person integrating with the Divine? They say that each fixed star is divine, the fading in and out of focus is divine, and accepting this fate of reality, one becomes more aware of the divine nature and focus: a very Taoist approach. It is merely an act of bearing witness, much like God in Genesis seeing the creation and acknowledging it as good.

The vision ends.

Sunset: Same procedure. I flip Leaf 46 back and forth. All of the energy I lacked this morning and noon hour has rushed into me, so I make an effort to keep an even pace, but also accept any pace they may have in story for me.

The angels point out my mood shift (hypomania) within me, which I acknowledge. They mention that I’m feeling “the host” or multitude. Earlier this week I reviewed the etymology of “host” , and it goes back to a word simultaneously meaning “guest,” “enemy,” and “stranger,” all of which indicates the fundamental misunderstanding of the other not being in one form or another oneself and vice versa. God is “the Lord of Hosts.” In this world there’s so much, a host, if you will, that we are unaware of, therefore the work is very much a process of unveiling of layers, and is quite important: we learn who we our and “measure our heart” in so doing. Once again I sense the abyssal, ZAX-like influence (and now I see that ZAX is the ability of the multitude of what is to be known to overwhelm someone), but I concentrate past it in order to bring forth the “higher octave” of ZAA (i.e., of the ZIP through LIL portion of it).

After concentrating on the object of dharana originally given to me, the white square, the angels or I say that Amzes Naghezes Hardeh contains this object in each of the cells of the grid, the leaves themselves, and the host of squares to be made from such a grid. The angels point out the dots shown to me earlier, forming a square and a triangle, respectively. They point out that a tetrahedron, made of points in 3D space, contains a fourness and a threeness at once, and fulfills in its way the septenary aspect of Enochian. Taking this to the 7th dimension in the form of a 6-simplex made of 7 points, they tell me to unfold even this into its more complicated form.

The angels said to reflect to a time I scried the Aethyr of LIL when I was told to calculate the ratio of the hypervolume of a hypersphere circumscribed about a 5-cell compared to that of an inscribed one (the ratio is 256:1). The angels ask me to contemplate this number, which is 2^8 = 2^(2^3). The angels ask me to relate this to the easiest thing of 256; eventually I settle on a “bit of a bit of a byte of bytes.”

We’ve reached a decision point: the angels ask me to let them drive (i.e., that I should channel them, because what is to happen next I’m unable to do without assistance) in order to complete the fullness of the initiation. I consent and sit. Note: at one point during the transmission to Edward Kelley, he channeled angels speaking Enochian and was relatively unconscious, for he would come to and not recall; I am capable of being buried relatively deeply but still have some memory of what happened: in this case I moved from lightest-possible-trance to next-lightest-possible trance, just enough to allow the angelic king BNASPOL speak through me. There’s a mix of my speaking style with the angel’s.

“We are now unfolding within you the several dimensions. There will be an entire network of energy centers within you that are now able to process the information at a very deep soul level….As this continues to unfold within you, you will find … the concepts of ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’ very much aligned.

“We are opening within you this network of multiplex higher dimensionality. There’s not a need for you to attempt to describe this for posterity.” Here BNASPOL initiates a hypnotic induction for me to allow for a “deeper, yet more celestial, influence to meet you in fullness and trust.”

“The heart within you, in its fullness and trust, must understand in its own way, and the words and the visions eventually meet this point, this upper limit–your mind needeth not engage fully. This is a matter of trusting, trusting, trusting! This is what one can consider the Feeling function [of MBTI].

“The functions of the subtle body after, lo! these nearly 42 years after your birth. Behold the union of this ritual, centered about your solar return.

“This is a deep process within you: your heart has known much pain, much wounding, yet you have thankfully been spared the worst of these, such as to may have to caused overarmoring and scarring. The blood, as it were: the life force within you, the chi, the energy, has flowed to the areas of most concern, and now this energy can now move into the collective forces within you. The forces within you, which you have previously left locked, are now opened. This includes a great deal of pain, a great deal of of suffering, a great deal of of fears: all of the emotional contents you would have known to be overwhelming. Behold! The host is now opened unto you. Fear not, never be afraid. The fear within you is merely a matter of recognizing the concentrated form of what one could call ‘evil,’ but really, just, in general, a matter of ‘sin’ [error/mistake].

This [evil] is no longer to be feared within you. This is no longer to be stripping your soul of its soulfulness. Instead, whatever fears or incongruency: it is something merely to be accepted. Continue, therefore, on your journey. These subtle body centers will magnify the visions that you see. It is as if you are watching 2001: A Space Odyssey, and one finds the beautiful trip (when Dave sees the beautiful lights for several minutes), and one senses boredom [in the mind] rather than seeing the beautiful unfolding of the soul as represented by a very long sequence of lights. Merely bear witness, and bearing witness is often enough, and preparing the heart and soul for this is enough.”

The angels speak to my level of acceptance and level of compassion, not in an attempt to flatter but to speak to my heart directly. I take a moment to repeat the sevenfold breath.

“Trust: maintain the highest level of trust. For all that you are witnessing, and all that you will express into the world is of the most profound beauty.”

Here I notice some rays [from the World of Adam Qadmon] entering. This is the beginning of the transformation of the subtle body into the rainbow body. “Such love have you know, this love of PRONOA: keep it front of mind.”

I notice a 3×6 grid, IAD by PRONOA, and the missing letters of the grid (so that it matches the 3x7 grids on Leaf 49) are Y-O-U (or, in Enochian, ILS).

The vision ends.