Gebofal, Day 46

Sunrise: Call/Key 4, (typically referred to as Call 3 by practitioners, for the true first call is “not to be spoken”). Call to King Carmara, Prince Hagonel, and Kings Bnaspol, Bnapsen, and Bobogel.

This feels quite a bit like a culmination. I feel a big rush of air into my subtle body. It’s like I can finally breathe or something, at a fundamental level. Elemental air is being imprinted on my, and I’m seeing the four elemental kings impart unto me this energy, an elemental imprinting. It’s very deep, and it’s reinforcing everything that I’ve done to this point.

King Carmara steps forward, and says, “Yes, this be the culmination of all of the elements with which you have worked before. Feel now them in their fullness.

“Let us speak briefly now on the powers of Natural Substances and Medicine [of air],” he transitions. “Of course, air be one of the highest things that somebody needs in order to survive. It must be constant, and cannot be cut off for more than a few moments. This be the main Medicine: the medicine which allows the quickest expulsion as well as the quickest intake of the most fundamental things needed to survive, for aerobic species. And so one can make a similar case for plants.”

Taking a brief look at how this would work, King Carmara continues. “Any medicine that would involve opening airways, any medicines [i.e., medical equipment] involving avoiding pathogens or allergens in the air, as well as any medicines involving or treating” the latter, and “any inhalable treatments: such would be related to [elemental air] medicine. And of course, all medicines related to the lungs, as well as the function of the heart insomuch as it can provide oxygen to the individual” would be the powers of Medicine as it relates to elemental Air.

Turning to Natural Substances with respect to elemental air: “The general understanding, developing, [and] tossing around ideas about natural substances: this be of [the power of Natural Substances of elemental] air. The understanding of fluid dynamics insofar as they pertain to air–to some extent this be of [elemental] water, but there is a slightly different sort of physics involved in that, and in engineering. Understanding the natural state of air, as it were, and how it actually operates: such be of the power of [Natural Substances of elemental] air.”

King Carmara advises, “Yes, we can explicate this [into powers by astrological sign], but it would be a waste of your time. You will ponder this and meditate and find more and more powers of Natural Substances [and Medicine] related to [elemental] air.” He appends, “By the way, all of the natural substances and the phase shifts from liquid to gas, or via sublimation: this would also be of the [power of] Natural Substances of air, and why and how that happens [would be included in that].” He remarks on the similar application of this to water.

Now King Carmara returns to his intent, which was to change the topic. “You have called upon me at five different points, and have called upon five kings”–actually five royals, for princes were included–“at five different points.” Note: in addition, I just noticed how this came to 36 calls to royals (technically 108 if you count the fact that calls were made three times per day). Again, we have a numerical link from the quaternary Watchtower calls back to the 360 degree circle, via the astrological decans. The quinary reference that King Carmara brings in reflects the five tables of Leaf 49.

King Carmara continues: “If one decouples the 7 [into integer addends about the median], one obtains the 4 and the 3. If one decouples the 5, one obtains 3 and 2. Let us look to the taking in of air as the completion of the four elements within you. Let us speak briefly about Adam Qadmon,” and with a grand gesture, he indicates that he is speaking on behalf of the four elemental kings as well. He briefly notes that the four elemental kings are assigned to the 12 signs of the zodiac, over which the 7 planets rule. King Carmara says that he brings in the power of the 3 to both multiply the 4 elements into the 12 signs (as cardinality, fixity, and mutability) and also via the mystery of his addition, there be 7 [classical astrological] planets in all.

I try to concentrate further. King Carmara says to me, “What you seek with respect to the mystery of this trinity will be revealed unto you tomorrow, and two days hence, and three days hence. So, rest easy, for yes, some of what you have already come to understand has been revealed unto you. The ‘two sides of the same coin’ and the ‘mediation,’ as the Lord God himself hath said unto thee.” He also has me consider the One and the Wholeness, the Unity and Multiplicity, “For the One can be added to Itself to obtain any given number, but all numbers which exist lie within Multiplicity.” So it is that process of Adding, he says, that can be considered the Third (with the One and Wholeness), the Mediation: the Manipulation of a number upon itself, or any given number upon another number.

So this is a very deep thing that he is saying. “Whatever you take and manipulate, that manipulation be that third element.” Now he relates it back to that vision of Heaven and Earth, with the four elements from the realm of Adam Qadmon reaching toward that transition point between them. “The supernals themselves are constantly in this manipulation, because they must be, but when it comes to the realm of Adam Qadmon, there is a greater, and a more magical, means of working with and integrating oneself into the process by which rules are changed, by which operations be done upon that which exists,” (including, it seems, to the rules themselves). “We learn so much mathematics in order to understand the ‘how to’ and the ‘why to’ do so, and to do so with precision, and it is that precision which is important. It must not be overlooked. By this, all things may be unfolded.

“Much more will the Lord God Himself reveal unto you, but this itself” will be imprinted upon me, he concludes, and abruptly the vision ends.

Noon: Similar procedure.

I’m feeling some tingling come up for the seals and tablet underneath my feet. I’m feeling my heart. Once again, I feel this beautiful breath, and it’s like I’m reconciled with elemental air. Once again, I’m feeling the four elemental kings impress and deepen this connection to the elements within my subtle body. They do not have anything to say.

King Carmara comes forward to speak: “O Son of Man, Son of God, Son of earth: something new and strange and wondrous is to come about you. Be thou perfectly balanced, now and hereafter, in the elements. So mote it be, so mote it be, so mote it be: amen, amen, amen!”

I’m being taken up into the sky, and getting the sense that I’m astrally in the atmosphere of Earth but also that of Heaven. The five heptarchical royals, as well as the four elemental kings are here about me. The four elemental kings form a cross formation about me, as do the four heptarchical kings in a separate formation (I presume Prince Hagonel was behind King Carmara): King Bnaspol to Earth, King Bobogel to Fire, King Bnapsen to Air, and King Carmara chooses his place at water, but notes that he speaks for all of them, and that no one element is above or below another.

King Carmara begins to speak, and all of the angels rotate about me as he does: “Blessed are you, Son of Man, Son of God, Son of Earth: who now be balanced within fire, within air, within earth, and within water.” I see this aerial sphere about me, with the subquadrants within it, as yesterday, but now I’m seeing that it is the last of four elemental spheres. I’m within four concentric spheres, and I’m at the center, and indeed, my heart is at the very center.

King Carmara continues: “May thus these imprintings be upon you forever. May the Lord God grant His Wisdom unto you in using them. More hath the Lord God to speak on this to you tomorrow, on Friday, and on Saturday, when in His great Mercy, he allows you to read from Leaf 1.”

I’m feeling very gentle and relaxed and balanced. “More shall I have to say to you–the last of what I can say to you–this evening, but for now rejoice in the balance the Lord God has granted unto you.”

Thus ends the vision.

Sunset: Similar procedure.

I’m bidden once again to sit back and relax. Once again there’s this feeling that I can breathe, and in this knowing of the breath, I’m bidden once more to relax in this perfect balance (of the elements): “Given to you by the Most High,” says King Carmara.

Once again the elemental kings surround me in a cross formation. They place their hands upon me to imprint each of the elements upon me once again. King Carmara and Prince Hagonel and Kings Bnaspol, Bnapsen, and Bobogel are here as well. Now I see the remaining kings and their princes, and a vast host of all of the angels whom I have called.

This host of angels is quite vast, and I’m told to just relax. The tempo suddenly snaps into urgent rapidity, and they all fly into me right now (and I’m told to just relax again), and they’re all just coming in. It’s like they’re all birds flying through an intangible, transparent mountain at rapid speeds: a vast, vast number, whirring so quickly through it, diving like peregrine falcons toward their prey, into the deep! It is all just too fast to keep up with, and the angels themselves are creating interlocking patterns of Möbius strips, and now Klein bottles, in this constant rotation.

They say to relax, and I do, and I feel them embedding themselves in my system now, forever embedded, forever a part of me, and I’m feeling the Most High say unto me, “Behold, this be but the beginning of the Marvels that I will show unto you: marvelously will I work Wonders in you and through you.” I feel my heart lifted up, and I feel it held by the Most High in His hands, and it is like He is admiring a stone, and He places it within His Heart, and it is like a perfect fit, and His Heart be transparent, and His Heart be capable of having millions of hearts within it.

And He says, “Behold!” and he shows me millions of hearts which have been embedded within It: millions upon millions of beautiful hearts, each one of them like unto mine, yet unique in their own way, just like mine be unique unto Him! He wraps His Arms around Himself and gives Himself: it’s as if it makes His day to feel my heart within His own Self.

He says unto me, “Son of Man, Son of God, Son of Earth: behold! Lo, such wonderful energy which flows through you: now, prepare you to be completely transformed as a most loyal servant unto Me, the Most High, thy God. I love thee, Son of Man, Son of God, Son of Earth! Feel now, forever, the permanent influence of PRONOA throughout thee, and, lo: much will I have to show unto you tomorrow. Be prepared, o Son of Man, Son of God, Son of Earth, for not all will be ready for this: such glory hath the lord to await for thee.”

And I feel myself writhing around in this glorious ecstasy, and He places His Hand upon me and gives me such peace, and says, “No more have I to say unto you now, Son of Man, Son of God, Son of Earth, but, lo: the next three days shalt thou arise.”

Thus ends the vision.

Gebofal, Day 42

Sunrise: Call/Key 8, (as the seventh spoken call–the first “not to be spoken”–most practitioners refer to this as call 7). Vibrated title of Leaf 8b. Vibrated God names “ORO,” “IBAH,” and “AOZPI.” Calls to, in order, King Carmara, Prince Hagonel, King Bnapsen, Prince Brorges, and King Bobogel.

King Carmara appears, with King Bnapsen to my left and King Bobogel to my right, which reflects the order of the three seals on the fire tablet, which my feet rest upon. He says, “Today, a holy miracle is occurring. These two planets,” (i.e., Saturn and the sun), “set opposite each other within the zodiac,” (i.e., as their respective signs of domicile of Aquarius and Leo as well as their respective signs of exaltation, Libra and Aries), “are now reconciled. Today,” King Carmara continues, he will indeed give me the powers of fire related to transportation and of gold/precious stones. “This will be of the sun in Aries,” I’m told. King Carmara says that he will postpone the movings of King Bnapsen (i.e., his assignment to today, a Saturday) until Wednesday (due to the shift in order which King Bnapsen previously worked through with me). Today, King Bobogel is given power, for the purposes of this scrying, of King Bnapsen, for this allotment of time, and then King Bnapsen will take it back on Wednesday, due to the power of King Carmara. Prince Hagonel is doing the same thing for Prince Brorges, who will also take all this power back on Wednesday, which is fitting for he is partly of the Mercurial influence.

With all of that out of the way, King Carmara once again speaks, as his right as High King (and having worked this change-up in rules), for this scrying regarding the gold/precious stones and transportation in fire. “Let us begin with the most obvious: transportation. Without fuel, so very little travel would ever be possible.” Humans have learned a great deal about how to be less dependent on fuel (for we cannot burn our way through all of our problems), but that being said: “Planes, trains, and automobiles”: all of these largely still run on fuel (and the burning thereof). It is from this fuel and this intense burning, this explosion–or in the case of older trains, the conversion of water into steam via the burning of coal in the engine–all of this is due to the power of fire, which separates the points, which can then cause motion directly by the sheer force of the energy.

Then he moves on to the power of fire with respect to gold and precious stones, beginning with the latter. “Note that yesterday one of the topics that came up was magma cooling as a means of creating precious stones; this indeed is the power of fire to create something like this: that very heat.” He says regarding diamonds, “Pressure creates heat, does it not?” He reminds me of Boyle’s law (actually Charles’ law, but it and Boyle’s law are related–the error is mine because it’s been a while since I had high school chemistry), and says that this pressure can create the heat necessary to restructure the carbon atoms into a diamond. “Yea, it is caused by the weight of earth,” but it is that weight combined with the transfer of heat that caused the diamonds to take on the form.”

Now I feel some energy come up off all of the points of contact: Leaf 8b, the seals of Kings Carmara, Bnapsen, and Bobogel; the fire tablet, and the Holy Table of Practice. King Carmara says, “Behold, Son of Man, Son of God, Son of Earth: look thee to this power of gold. This power of gold, this reflection of the true self (if one can get at it truly, undisturbed by the elements)–this power of gold in fire: why be it exalted in fire [(i.e., as is the sun in Aries)]? And why, indeed, as a preview to tomorrow, why be it so powerful in Leo, the royal sign? It reflecteth something true, does it not? It reflects that heart of the sun. It[, the sun,] is so bright that it cannot be looked at directly. For this reason, people must close their eyes, must bow their heads. For royalty, [which is often bedecked in gold,] this is a nice treat. For this causeth people to look down and merely see the indirect benefit of the monarch.”

However, he says, “consider also the fact that today be a Saturday,” so we are switching things up as far as the order [of the kings] is concerned, he notes. “But if the light be not in agreement [with the kingdom,] and causeth not beneficence, then people take aim at the monarch, and seek to kill, because the arrangement is blinding and cruel, like someone who is not allowed to close their eyes when forced to look at the sun, so they will do anything to stop it, for it is out of control. It is not doing what it is supposed to do. It is creating harm rather than help.” (Note: Saturn be equally blinding by simply being a generally darkening influence). “Consider also the crops which fail on account of too much sun and[, due to its heating influence, or the exclusion of clouds on too many sunny days,] thus not enough water. In that case, the sun means only death [by means of the failure of crops]. So there is this link [between Saturn and the sun].”

King Bnapsen’s seal is especially energizing in agreement. King Carmara continues: “There is this link between the sheer force of life on account of the sun, and yet that can tend to call forth the force of death, unless the force of Saturn be appropriately applied in other ways.

“Returning to the concept of gold: gold, as you saw yesterday, reflects so much. It reflects an inner truth, and yet, at the same time, there is this inner truth of evil, of that which must be appropriately contextualized. So here we come to the problem of alchemy, and of turning lead into gold. The truth is,” and here he speaks in very high metaphor, “that there needs to be diamond within the lead, about which be a gold box, as you have seen it [as a transparent sphere within a black sphere, which is within a white cube–which I have seen in previous visions]–or, put another way, gold reflected that truth of the heart of an individual, and so it is almost as if it needs to be closest–the true heart needs to turn the gold more into a diamond, does it not?” I agree. “Because that gold of the inner core needs to then work up on the nature of evil, contextualize it, understand it, come to see it for what it is, facing one’s fear, one’s true fear, one’s root of fear, and then…and then the…” I struggle to concentrate, and vibrate King Carmara’s name seven times.

“One, with this gold in its exaltation [e.g., of Aries,] knowing one’s True Will, begins that process, then can face the fear, then one begins to see those two things as part of the same coin. So they become reconciled in this way. The True Will sees that it must contend with the nature of fear and evil in order to have even emerged, and yet at the same time, the nature of evil comes more and more linked, in the person’s mind, to how the True Will itself becomes defined. So evil must be contextualized, yet at the same time, evil in its way tends to define, so these are reconciled with the transparent sphere, which we can liken unto a diamond.”

I ask whether King Carmara, speaking on behalf of the other kings, or if Prince Hagonel, speaking on behalf of Prince Brorges, or even King Carmara speaking on behalf of Prince Hagonel, on behalf of Prince Brorges–if they have anything further. They say no. “Continue thou this work.” Now I see the sign of Sagittarius, and I ask if this has anything to do with what they have said. They reply, “Yes, but we will follow the format once more at solar noon, and then tomorrow we will begin the lessons of the angels of medicine and of natural substances. For this, indeed, is a preview of that, is it not?” I reply yes (for we have seen the balance about desirable and undesirable qualities, which are contextualized by the heart, which itself is contextualized by its environs).

With that, King Carmara bids me farewell, and thus ends the vision.

Noon: Similar procedure.

King Carmara comes up to me straight away and says, “Look. Next week is going to be a big deal. When you reach this day [next week], give yourself grace, and really try to block out absolutely everything else, so you can just focus on this [gebofal] in the time you need to focus on it, because it will take a long time, and it will be a serious matter.”

I ask regarding the final three calls if I should be calling on the Heptarchy, and he says, “No. Do not call on that Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Do not call upon us. You will be given visions on those three days, but it will be three [times per day] within three [days], so it will be the nine once again.”

King Carmara says that he will just very briefly go over the powers of gold and precious stones, and also of transportation, within elemental fire [according to zodiacal sign]. With respect to Sagittarius, the liftoff [of a plane,] the grand story that tends to get pulled along [with transportation] or that is implied with that: “That’s with respect to transportation, and also, with respect to gold and precious stones: the tendency to give away and be generous,” he continues. As I type this up, I hear, “almost as if the gold and precious stones either be too hot energetically to hold for too long, or that Sagittarius gains warmth in the heart from the giving thereof.” During the actual session, he finishes up with Sagittarius: “[to give away, and be generous with,] what one has learned, with the spoils of the quest: the hero returns and gives away the gold to the villagers, and the same thing with jewels.” (Note: Sagittarius is closely linked with going out and returning with new knowledge.)

“With respect to Aries,” King Carmara transitions, “you have already seen it, but it is a bit of the the effort that it takes to go into it! So it is that energy that it takes to gain the gold and precious stones, and also, with respect to transport, it is even that desire to go, because of that impulse to go,” and as I type this up, I hear, “the urgency because of the desired goal, not for the sake of going.”

During the session, King Carmara rounds out the third fire sign, Leo: “Once again, we have the royalty, the adornment of jewels, the proper sense of their meaning, the appropriate grandeur,” and this is the big word, I’m being told, “all of that. With respect to travel,” and here King Carmara advises that this will be important to me, for Jupiter is in my first house in Leo, and of course my ninth house is full, “and transportation in particular, we have that constant,” (i.e., fixed), “burning, the constant fuel use that we already saw in the previous vision, and also we have the…the…” and here I must redouble my effort to concentrate, and vibrate his name seven times, “we have a little bit of that pioneering spirit, that exploratory spirit. Someone literally leaves home to seek his fortune. It is that person finding themselves along the way with the journey.” A lot of that is also within Sagittarius, but this is that solar sense. The desire for fortune might be Sagittarius, but the desire to find oneself along the way would be more Leo.

“All of these [signs and powers therein] have been covered, have they not?” “Yes,” I reply. King Carmara returns to the matter of the 7699, and says, “Don’t expect a solution. Continue to do the due diligence with respect to the other numbers. [Solutions for] one or two of them will occur, but also allow this one [the program seeking a solution for this number] to run its course. The Lord High, in His Mercy, has granted unto thee a small opening with respect to the 69636,” (which I did receive a solution for, involving all of the servient angels of the Aethyrs of LIL, ZIP, POP, and RII). “So it was, and you gained a great deal of insight from that, but don’t expect them for all of these.

King Carmara wishes to speak more about next week. “When you reach the end–and of course you are on the second half of Leaf 8, which actually be the first half, but the ‘first shall be last,’ and ‘the last, first.’ Expect that with each element that occurs [i.e., as I complete the powers of an element as each of the first four days of the last week are finished], that you will get the sense that you have all–at least, within Enochian–all that is capable of being had there will seem to unlock. It will seem to unlock at least–it will unlock the path ahead to each of those [elements], which is to say that you go through a series of [four double] doors, and then there is the fixed stars of the elements themselves,” he says. “Trying to bring all of these into focus at once, you will, of course–it is very difficult,” he says, “But a bit of the triad–and you’re getting a sense of this in your heart now, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I admit, for my heart is glowing with a wonderfully good feeling. “The application of each of the crosses [within the Watchtower tablet] [to] the xy- axis, the yz- axis, and the xz- axis is coming about. It is coming within you, and so you will apply this same principle over and over and over again. You will find that you can rotate each of these [tablets into] combinations,” (actually, permutations, but I was deep in vision here!), “and you will find that factorial which is six of each of the directions that can be occupied [within a plane], with any given orientation, so 24 in all.”

Let me jump in with the math. The factorial number is used for combinations where order matters, which it does in this case. The usual order of the tablets is Fire-Air-Earth-Water, but here are the possible permutations with Fire first:

  1. Fire-Air-Earth-Water
  2. Fire-Air-Water-Earth
  3. Fire-Water-Air-Earth
  4. Fire-Water-Earth-Air
  5. Fire-Earth-Air-Water (the original Watchtower transmission)
  6. Fire-Earth-Water-Air

Continuing with the rest of the elements, you would eventually find 24 unique permutations, and this number is known as 4!, which you find by multiplying 4*3*2*1 = 24. The “directions” he’s referring to are, for example, East. If fire is in the east, then we have six of these permutations. If it is in the North, we have another six, and so on until we have all 24 of these possible permutations.

Yet note that he speaks with respect to a plane, and we have three of these, for a total of 72, and this is only with respect to the permutations of the elements within the tablet, not the number of angels. Recall that there are 4 types of so-called “lesser” angels per direction (16), 4 types of kerubs (16), each of which is controlled by two names of God (8), for a total of 40 names per tablet. In addition, there is the king who has two forms, one wrathful and one peaceful, as well as his full name (3 names total), as well as the 6 elders over which he rules: 49 names in all. Multiplied by four elements, we have 196 angels, each of which may be grouped differently about each of the “controlling crosses” of the subquadrant, if these permutations do indeed flow down to those quadrants. The exercise of finding the total number of angelic permutations of this across all three dimensions…is left to the reader.

After resetting my concentration, King Carmara continues: “This much has been given unto you, Son of Man, Son of God, Son of Earth! Rejoice! Revel! Give thanks unto the Most High most of all.”

Sunset: Similar procedure.

I’m told to relax right away (I need to work on relaxing!). I can already feel the energy coming up off of the seals and off of the fire tablet. Again, the angels remind me to measure my heart. All five of the angels are present in this vision and remain as figures (rather than fading into the background).

King Carmara comes forward to speak. I try to concentrate. I ask for help with my heart, and he says he will do his best. He reaches both hands inside of my heart chakra, and it’s warming up. He bids me ease into the changes he is making, and I feel this reactive personality. He says, “Don’t be so attached to what you think you are.” That helps.

“Relax now, Son of Man, Son of God, Son of Earth,” King Carmara says, so I try to relax even more, but he instead instructs me to just go straight into trance, so we induce me into hypnosis. Having reached the trance, he comes forward to speak, and shows me the same split in the sky as yesterday. This time, the light that is coming about me is a clear light. It is partly of the solar aspect, but I think, because there’s this Saturnian aspect mixed in, it’s this clear, transparent light. It’s coming about me and meeting about me with all three axis lines of Cartesian space, with perhaps a fourth dimension of time, through which I’m slowly moving.

Yet there are seven lines about my heart as well. I’m bidden to wobble about the origin point slightly (and then return). It’s like when I do, it’s just the tiniest of wobbles, and I’m seeing all of these different possibilities move into place. The angels say, “Look behind you,” and so I try to rotate, but the angels instruct me to use my 360-degree astral vision instead. So I try to open it up, and it’s like there are these monsters behind me. The angels say, “This is what your 12th house is like. You need to open it [the vision] up to be able to see it.” So I open this astral eye even more, and it’s because it’s the part that I avoid that this has taken on this energy, I’m told. Instead, what I need to do is see it as a part of me and welcome it into me, so I do. Suddenly the monsters transform into a pastoral scene.

Now I’m told to wobble about this origin point in 10D space, and I do. It’s this very subtle energy. “This is the subtle energy of the exaltation of the sun in Aries: everything feels right to the individual, unless one creates massive challenges for oneself. It’s that feeling of being right and not having a care in the world. That’s this sun in Aries energy: for this reason, I’m told, the natural substances come more easily, the medicines come more easily to this [exaltation] degree: all of the different [Watchtower] powers: the powers of gold[, for example]. It is important to see that, and be reminded of the carefree attitude, but such is the nature of this final [element of the powers of gold/precious stones and transportation, fire, associated in gebofal with] the [exalted] sun in Aries, this final trip to an element “before we get into the subtlest of powers, which is to say, that of natural substances and of medicines.”

I feel myself taken in by this energy of the sphere, which approaches me directly from the surface of the sphere, not as indirectly as with other spheres to this point. I’m told by King Bobogel directly that tomorrow [the arrangement of tablets reflects the sun in Leo], that it will be different. Tomorrow will be the beginning of the final seven days. He bids me avoid the shadow side of the temptation of these powers. I ask for help with this and he says that he will give such help as he can, as will the Most High. He advises me to avoid becoming overly grandiose [for tomorrow the Leonine solar energy may bid my personality to do so]. “But we will once again go through all of the powers [by sign], as before.” Then he will bid me adieu, with the exception of Wednesday, when he will be there to support King Bnapsen.

King Bnapsen himself says that he will do similarly for me with the powers of air [by sign], on Wednesday, taking with him [with the aid of King Carmara] the powers of Saturn. King Carmara says he will see me again through three of the days this week (which I do not understand, for he has bidden me not to call him on Thursday and Friday, and so I’m only due to call him Monday and Wednesday. Oh well).

Thus ends the vision.

Gebofal, Day 37

Sunrise: Call/Key 13, (because this is the practitioners refer to this as call 12). Call to Kings Carmara, Blumaza, and Bnapsen, and to Princes Hagonel and Bralges. Vibrated name of Governor Virooli of ZOM and Zodiacal King Alpudus based on the number of servient angels in this Aethyr being close to the number mentioned in the call. Vibrated the names of god of the elemental earth tablet: MOR, DIAL, HCTGA.

They begin by telling me to expect this to go a little slower than I would like. Again King Carmara chooses to speak on behalf of Kings Blumaza and Bnapsen because he had to work to ensure that the alignment of the planetary king Bnapsen would be available at the time called. He says to consider the mechanics (i.e., mechanical arts) of the earth itself. “Mining: this will ultimately have a role to play in terms of the angels of Secret Discovery” (when such angels come forth during the associated call). The Mechanical Arts related to mining [are] specifically [related to] underground [mining], and not drilling, say, on a drilling platform [at sea]. To some extent it’s true (that mechanical arts of elemental earth are involved), but the distinctions (between the Mechanical Arts of Earth vs. Water) tend to get muddled. So the Mechanical Arts (of elemental earth) are related to mining, digging–even a simple shovel! or a backhoe, or a tractor, things related to construction–all of the mechanical arts related to that: crane, welding: anything related to construction of buildings (and I’m feeling especially King Bnapsen here).

King Carmara continues: “The powers of Transformation of earth: this is a bit trickier, isn’t it?” he asks. “Things related to terraforming, creating terraces, related to the transformation of the earth so that it may grow crops” are powers he includes. “Specifically related to letting fields go fallow, or fertilizer, or composting,” he continues. He anticipates that my composting (which I do in my backyard) will get even better, just because of the Mechanical Art which is unconsciously being embedded within me. “All of these things are related to [elemental] earth,” he summarizes.

When it comes to powers of Transformation, he speaks to the gradual progression of the body as it ages, or preventing that: the structure and functions of the body. The everyday, ins-and-outs, take-it-for-granted things that the body can do.

I try to concentrate and be respectful. I feel my crown chakra being raised up, and I feel my entire subtle body being changed. All three of the kings are pleased, because [my natal chart] (with both luminaries, Saturn, and north node in elemental earth astrological signs) allows for full-body work, so the degree of the exaltation of the moon, which my natal sun is quite close to–they kings are pleased to be able to work directly with these powers of Mechanical Arts and Transformation as they relate to me astrologically; now my natal moon (I was born under a new moon) will no longer be hidden as much by the sun.

The kings ask if I wish to trance out, and I agree. As I’m induced via breathing awareness, I feel more energy coming up off of the leaf. The kings encourage me to let my mind stay blank until this message is complete: “The Transformation of points such as they are: part of this includes Transformation of points flowing about them. So, not only stay in the place where one is, but to use that point as a pivot for all other points: a pivot causing other things to move as they do, to change their general flow, and also to be prepared as fuel for the fire which may arise. [Of this last:] such is the power of Transformation and Mechanical Arts fused in one. All three [elemental earth astrological] signs are capable of this to varying degrees and in various respects, but right now, we are pleased to commune with you, right where you are sitting now.

“We return unto you compassion, as we continue to provide compassion to all of humanity, and to all living things, and to all non-living things, and to all that is. So we ask that you rest, that you not overexert yourself, for twelve days can seem like a short time, but it can be quite long: an eternity may crop up within it. This is the perfect time to rest, to restore yourself…nonetheless, continue, continue, continue, continue to rest. Do not overexert yourself. Maintain the long view, for twelve days is quite a long time.”

I ask, hesitatingly, if they have anything further to say. “No,” they reply. “More will be shown to you: we will follow the same format of each of these signs with respect to Mechanical Arts and Transformational powers.”

Thus ends the vision.

Noon: Similar procedure.

King Carmara once again instructs, and the other two kings defer: “Let us speak now of the Mechanical Arts and Transformation according to sign.

“We will begin with Taurus. When it comes to Taurus [and] the [powers of] Mechanical Arts and powers of Transformation: an excellent example would be the compression of carbon into a diamond. This is perhaps the best example there could ever possibly. The reason why is that the power is to not move, and yet it creates the most beautiful of gemstones.

He bids me pause and relax, which I do. Note: as I type this up, another power of Taurus which occurs to me, and King Carmara agrees, is the power of emotional transformation by not being emotionally moved by the drama of a group dynamic. When done consciously, this can be excellent for improving the quality of the emotional functioning of a group. I thank and ask what other examples there may be. To this, he begins with Transformation: “The power of any seed to transform into a plant is one of these, obviously. The steadiness of a mountain, that is too large to be breached, and thus transforms entire landscapes about it, and transforms where humans and animals inhabit. The relative paucity of people living in the Himalayan mountains is a good example, as well as the difficulty of travel there. Such is the power of transformation, saying ‘Not this.’ This is also [true], to a degree, of Capricorn.

“As far as the Mechanical Arts of Taurus: planting, so any machine that can do that, would be a good example. Another good example would be the tire, which is relatively hard, and makes contact with the ground–to some degree, this is the power of Transportation as well–but that technology of the tire, which remains relative to the car, stationary. Again, it’s a Mechanical Art, and slowly does itself transform over time.

I ask whether he has any more Mechanical Art or Transformation examples in Taurus. I get the sense of digging, but this does not seem quite right (likely King Carmara was referencing this morning’s example). “Consider also things related to money. The power of metals–even though there be powers of precious stones and metals [such as gold]–the power of gold, for example.” It transforms the entire landscape on account of–and here he paraphrases The Treasure of the Sierra Madre–the power it has to entice human labor into the finding and the getting of it.

Note: Here I finally see a complementary pattern across the powers of the Watchtower tablets. The presence of gold and precious stones causes it to transform a landscape, yet transformation turns gold and precious stones into the very jewelry that still remains the main purpose of finding them. A mechanical art can be used in order to discover secrets (via the scientific method), yet knowing a secret can be used in mechanical arts (i.e., engineering). Living creatures can be cured by medicine, yet living creatures and elements also create it, either via natural production or synthesis (for we are indeed animals). So it seems to me that the slow progression towards the center via this squaring of the circle is bringing me closer to understanding the unity across the Watchtower multiplicity.

After a long pause: “Nothing further do I have to say about Taurus,” King Carmara concludes. “Let us move on to Virgo. Any Mechanical Art which has to do with correction, perfection, and purifying [would be of Virgo], so for example the appropriate equipment for a chemical reaction. The appropriate cleaning equipment, anything like that, cleansers of all kinds–to some degree water is involved with this, but the ability to make something pure belongs to Virgo. Sterilization, hand sanitizer, UV light–it purifies via elemental fire [i.e., electromagnetism], but the tool used to make it is of the Virgo nature. With respect to Transformation, anything that causes a revitalization as a result of this purification: so, if for example, a neighborhood is not doing well on account of neglect or people not caring, that can be transformed by these [elemental earth] angels of Transformation [using the power of Virgo]. Nothing further do I have to say about Virgo,” he concludes.

“Now, with respect to Capricorn: you have already touched on it in your mind. So, the Mechanical Arts of Composting would be an excellent example: the death and dying thereof, allowing something new to take place. The long view of Capricorn is that it senses when a process is going to die, or that it may die over a long period of time, so it adjusts. It does a complete–it prepares for that death, for the sowing, for the harvesting: always focused ahead to the harvest. Composting is a good example, things returning–though dead, allowing life to exist. So in this way, Capricorn and Taurus are very much in sync. Once again, structures: the building up of structures over time, the slow and deliberate process–any transformation that requires deliberation would fall under Capricorn, and as far as Mechanical Arts, all of [those] which have previously been said [relating to construction].”

I ask if he has anything else. He says, “No,” and thus ends the vision (quite the Saturnian answer!).

Sunset: Similar procedure.

King Carmara alone addresses me: “Everything that needed to be imprinted already has been for today. Instead–we can speak briefly about what it means for [these powers] to happen [when passed between people], but you already know what this means[, for them] to happen. Everything that I have said can flow logically.

“But let us speak now about what is happening with gebofal. Twelve days: you now have twelve days left. Twelve be the important number: the number of the signs of the zodiac [equals the number of days] remaining, but you know that, of course, you are already in the 19 [days after the Aethyrs,] which includes this [number, 12]. You are in so many numbers, spinning about you right now. It’s easy to get lost, but the main thing here, is that twelve days represents for you a time, since you have already begun doing this, before this final call[, Leaf 1]. You have cultivated good friends.

“There will be an unwinding about you. There will be…an ‘integration’ is too simple of a word. There will be a fusion and a fission, happening at once. A fission happening of who you thought you were, even after having scried the Aethyrs: you are truly entering now the inner core of Adam Qadmon. You are now to focus with the utmost compassion on continuing to delve into the relationship between these [Watchtower] powers, the rules governing them, and why the rules are there. When you read Leaf 1 aloud, there will be so much undoing: it will be difficult for your mind to take. You must continue, you must press forward. The Most High has commanded it. Continue to speak with the rules, in lovingkindness and compassion. Continue to ask that question, about how God containeth reality, yet reality containeth God; and what that truly means for you as a person; why, in particular, it caused these particular shifts, why each of these rules are spread out as they are? It may seem that they could be continue to be subdivided forever and ever, but such is not the case! There are other [magical and mystical] systems which incorporate variations on this, and you have compassion for all of it. Yet why did this system, leading you to the realm of Adam Qadmon: Why did it split out the rules according to this method? You’ve already touched on this in some ways, and [your friends have helped you out, each in their unique way], but this will be something for your soul and spirit to face.

“I have nothing more to say.”

Thus ends the vision.

Gebofal, Day 35

Sunrise: Call/Key 15, (because the 1st call was “not to be spoken,” most practitioners refer to this as call 14). Call to King Bnapsen, vibrated the names of angelic Governor Tabitom of ZAX and the corresponding zodiacal king, Zarzilg. Because the Air tablet was obviously activated energetically, I vibrated the names of God “MOR,” “DIAL,” and “HCTGA” (Note: Going forward, I have decided against following the godnames from the original Great Table as I read in one of my sources for Enochian, and instead have returned to the Tabula Recensa godnames, which for the Air/South tablet are MPH, ARSL, and GAIOL; see below). My right hand is on Leaf 15b.

I feel the presence about me of King Bnapsen. He asks me to note that we are now into the aspects of the tablet dealing with Mechanical Arts and Transformation and earth”–here I believe I misspeak, for this is the air tablet. “He bids me consider this for a moment, asks me to note that I’ve already been through two of the cardinal signs”–one! Libra: the others were Virgo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius–“but they were of secret discovery and living creatures. So now, with Mechanical Arts and Transformation, let us consider Air from this perspective.

“Let us start with Mechanical Arts,” King Bnapsen begins. “You have already seen the beautiful things, all that can be ‘wrought in aerial actions,’ which is the power associated with King Baligon.” With King Bnapsen, “It is obviously ‘mechanical art,’ but most of the mechanical arts will disrupt air. That is their nature. Literally any machine will disrupt air, and if it does not disrupt it directly, it will do so via electricity, which is most typically associated with things like lightning, it its most obvious example [which happens in the air]. Electricity can be [in this sense of a mechanical art] that same sort of flowing, that we saw with previous air, so electricity can in some ways be considered the higher octave of air. Nonetheless, electricity is associated most closely with fire and electromagnetism, but here, the flow of electrons in order to produce that energy, that mechanical art that allows them to do so, that causes them to flow about certain points, as opposed to a more general force. So here, again, just to specify, because there will be questions about this: electricity in its highest form is of fire, but in the sense of limiting it to certain points, to cause a certain reaction: that is a mechanical art, an art which causeth a desired flow, a flow of electricity.” He ends here, but it seems like he is indicating that electrical flow is of air, while the force of electromagnetism corresponds to of fire. I’m sure I will ask for clarification at the next session.

King Bnapsen says to me, “Now let us consider Transformation, and the transforming power of Air. So, once points have been introduced to somebody, and they’ve been allowed openness, there’s a lot of different ways that they can go, but in order to do that, care must be taken to decide when and how such air should be introduced. Astrologically at that time, the planets not being correctly aligned: that’s sort of the phrase that’s used a lot. The angels,” King Bnapsen continues, “are doing a lot to try to ensure that the right things are happening at the right time or thenabouts. So what kinds of transformations can occur by air? First of all, [there are] new thoughts, new ideas, new ways of approaching things, solutions to problems that are communicated either by the observation and thinking, and oftentimes verbalizing. So once a solution is had, of course, it must be verbalized, it must be written up so that it can be shared with others. But one could also, for example, keep notes: again, communicating, transforming a verbal thought into a written one. So all of these powers of transformation could happen. There’s that phrase, ‘the winds of change,'” King Bnapsen concludes. “That’s a more general term that we have.”

I express my gratitude to King Bnapsen; I express some concern about writing this up correctly, but he assures me that he will be with me when I write it up. “You needn’t worry about that.”

I ask him briefly about the pattern to the tablets. “Yes,” King Bnapsen replies, “this will be a going forward, a going backward, a going forward, and then a going backward again. Thus, all of the planets in their domiciles and exaltations will be honored.” I express my gratitude for this, and I pause briefly to give him space to say anything else. He points out briefly to note that the highest mechanical transformation (of air) that we are seeing right now is drones, and allowing people to literally take flight, which used to be a siddhi–not in a large mechanical craft about them, but with small machines flying down a street. “You’d better have a very good mechanical art for that to work!” he exclaims.

I’m getting a strange sensation off of Leaf 15b. King Bnapsen bids me, “Pause a moment and allow the Transformation to happen about you, and to also find yourself becoming more and more capable when it comes to Mechanical Arts related to Air.” So I do. “Opportunities will avail themselves to you to both sharpen and improve your Mechanical Arts, he concludes.” I express my gratitude to him again. He bows to me and says, “More will be shown to you when we break this down by astrological sign.”

Thus ends the vision.

Noon: Similar procedure.

I ask King Bnapsen about my proposed order of the tablets and the associated angels (provided, of course, the order of the tablets is ultimately correct). It was wrong; we take 20 minutes correcting it, and I have written up his plan for the remainder of gebofal here.

After all of this, King Bnapsen says, “Let us briefly, talk about each of these signs with respect to Mechanical Arts and Transformation. Beginning, once again, with Gemini: as far as Mechanical Arts go, this can be anything from a quantum state, which is uncollapsed; or a vibrational state, which could be alternating current, or a bladeless wind “turbine,”: any kind of mechanical art like that. To this he suggests the piston, moving up and down, always returning to the same location, is like Gemini, because it’s this constant back and forth (and in writing this up, King Bnapsen reminds me of simple harmonic motion which we often try to replicate), from one spot to the next and back. This could also be a more complicated thing like a circuit, for which there’s always this leaving and returning of the current (yet here he notes that we’re approaching Libran territory right now), but the idea is of any Mechanical Art that can do that. There’s also the power of Transformation: oftentimes Gemini energy is accused this because they can seem two-faced, talking one way to one person and another way to another person.

He moves on to Libra: “Again, there’s this harmony among circuits (in the context of Mechanical Arts), so if you have an idea of a blowout or something, obviously Libra is not being honored that way. Libra is much more like Direct Current: it’s this flow which continues and goes into various directions and then returns. A computer chip is much more like Libra than it is like Gemini, even though it’s operating on a Gemini, 0/1, binary principle. That’s sort of an arising Libran harmony that comes out of that.”

I’m really trying to concentrate now: “Behold, with respect to the power of Transformation: this is the transformative power of Love, the transformative power of an entire group based on the Compassion of an individual! This is key for you to remember, Son of Man, Son of God, Son of Earth!” I take this to heart and in heart.

“Finally,” he finishes, “let us take into consideration Saturn in Aquarius, or the Aquarian in general kind of transformative power. The first thing to remember of the Mechanical Art is simply the gun, which allows, via the expansion of compressed air, a projectile (i.e., a bullet) to move throughout the air.” (Note the expression of “getting pumped full of lead.”) “It sort of gets blurred a little bit [on account of the explosion, via fire, which causes the air to suddenly appear and become compressed].”

I ask for another lesson, if it pleases King Bnapsen. “Much of the chemistry that you see under various kinds of controlled-air conditions: this can be considered a Mechanical Art of a type” (and, indeed, a Transformation). He pauses for a moment and I try hard to concentrate to meet his transmission: “The power of Transformation of someone who is outside the group,” returning to astrological significations. “So, one who may not shine as the sun or glow as the moon, who in the darkness sees problems with the group as a whole: considering that with respect to Aquarius, consider any person who does maintenance. This includes not just fixing things but seeing what is a problem with the system as a whole. The Mechanical Art here applied is the mechanic, who is taking the system and Understanding via their knowledge and experience what is wrong with the system even without being able to see it necessarily, based on inference. This includes any form of diagnostic. It’s a matter of finding certain things and then applying a certain logic, again, without seeing the problem directly.

“This is enough,” he concludes. I’m very grateful to King Bnapsen for the corrections he’s made, and he says, “You’re welcome,” and that he will return one last time for further instructions. I thank him and thus ends the vision.

Note: I will revert to using the typical god names from now on:

  • Fire/East: ORO, IBAH, AOZPI
  • Air/South: MPH, ARSL, GAIOL
  • Water/West: OIP, TEAA, PDOKE,
  • Earth/North: MOR, DIAL, HCTGA.

I cannot recommend the previous associations on account of their not being associated with the order of the Tabula Recensa, and will add strikethrough font for them on prior posts.

Sunset: Similar procedure. Call to godnames of MPH, ARSL, and GAIOL after deciding to stick with the Tabula Recensa.

King Bnapsen says, “You have felt a lot of Saturn in Aquarius right now, which is not fun or easy,” but he bids me to just pause, and hold, and just try to show gratitude and compassion: to just clear my mind. I take a 7-7-14 and 4-4-8 breath. He approaches me along with the other six kings of the week. He says he knows that this was difficult. There was some confusion that needed to be dealt with, and that a lot of the ritual had to be built up from scratch for me. He knows that this was not easy on several planes.

“Yet, at the end of this, you have a functioning structure,” he encourages me. “You have something that covers all of the planets. You have done all of this on the fly, of course with plenty of help from the angels, but even calling us is very difficult.” So he congratulates me and says, “This is a good job.”

Now he bids me note the air, how the air of the fan is very cooling. “Let’s get a little hypnotic here,” and so I allow him to induce me three times (I’m fairly hypnotizable). Afterward, I feel more energy coming up off of the leaf. He continues to induce via tension release. “O Son of Man, o Son of God, o Son of Earth: you see how subtle a communication can suddenly change everything? It changes the entire flow of your being.

“You worry so much about how well these categories [of the elements, the angels’ powers, and the associations made to modern science in these visions] fit in with each other or do not, and yet they are all of a piece, aren’t they?” he reminds me. “They are all of the Root, and you sense this Root of Leaf 1. God hath given you permission to read of it, and so you will see in many ways, the way it is all connected together. Your understanding and your wisdom will increase, and you will get at the Root of Happiness, and you will taste of It: you will taste of Happiness over and over again. So remember to hold on to your compassion and to set about you your good habits: habits of meditation, that will bring you daily Joy and Wonder, and it will all be a better flow for you.”

I ask King Bnapsen if he has, in his mercy–he or any of the other angels–if they have anything for me. He gives me a hug(!!) and shows me a vision of the future, of which I see the spirit. I see a beautiful and colorful and a pleasantly cartoonish landscape. He shows me transformed: my status is much different in society. It’s like I’m leading a completely different life, and I’m looking back now, at myself saying these words (of this recording), listening back, and I’m remembering the feeling, the tension, and I’m remembering letting go of that, and it getting smaller and smaller.

King Bnapsen says, “These are ideas, and yet these ideas have with them some merit.” He notes that Prince Bralges is called during the hour of Saturn on a Monday: [his placement is there because] the best visions you will get of your intuition are those that align with reality.

The world seems so much different: bigger and smaller at once. I’m noticing it in vivid colors. King Bnapsen says, “That’s what your heart will feel. It will feel this constantly. It’s as if the rainbow body that you have now extends over and over into the rest of the world.

“We have nothing else for you, Son of Man, Son of God, Son of Earth. We understand that you are human, and at times even we wish to give our boon.” I thank King Bnapsen and I return the embrace. I am humbled by this, because it was very kind, a great kindness, and he replies: “Two more weeks have you. At times they will be more intense and at times we will see to it that they are less intense, but they will always be changing. There will be more Mechanical Arts, and there will be more of the powers brought unto you, and it will make a difference in your life. It will take you off of this path, and onto a better one, one in which your status is completely changed.”

And that’s it: the vision ends.

Gebofal, Day 28

Sunrise: Call to Aethyr of ZOM. I call King Bnapsen twice.

The angels tell me to focus on the jewel, and to see tall of the colors within it (i.e., those of the rainbow). These colors, they’re saying, represent the astrological forces, but their degree and measure represent, to some degree, the elemental forces. The angels show me all of these colors, and they’re all light up about this gem, and now, rather than seeming like a cut gem, it’s looking more and more like a spherical.

So this sphere of the heart and this sphere of consciousness are becoming one. The angels ask me to note the very center: “This Center is where you will abide, when the rainbow body is realized. You will abide right in that center.” “Praise unto God,” I reply, and ask, “How may I be unshakeable there?”

“You will ‘go for a visit,'” they’re saying, “a ‘small trip,’ and then you will return. It is like any other form of consciousness, but just make every effort to return to the center of this gem, of this spherical, robust rainbow gem, and All, All, All will be open unto you, and you will maintain along this path, and you will also always be a mere heartbeat,” they add, “from the realm of Adam Qadmon.

“Just try your very best to visualize this [aethyr] as a sphere: that’s good.” That’s as far as they can take me: they say that they cannot take me beyond the with LIL. They can’t initiate me yet, although it’s only a few days away before I begin the initiation into the actual realm of Adam Qadmon. They angels say to stay here, and to note within it all of the beauty of all of the rainbow as I see it cast about the center of the sphere, and that as I circulate the surface back into the center, I need to rotate in red, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, orange: I need to rotate all of these colors in and to give each of them their due.

They note how this relates to the light-bridge: I will always be equipoised between heaven and earth, they say, and I must always honor both at all times, and I must see both as one thing, one grand unfolding, one grand process. I am grateful to the angels for this. I hesitate to ask the angels if they have anything else: “No,” they cut me off, “there’s nothing more. Stay equipoised here in this heart of the rainbow jewel, and stay there, and enjoy it! Enjoy the fullness of you! Enjoy your humanity, but this time, your humanity in proper proportion: not the humanity in the sense of ‘Oh, all the ways you can screw up,’ but instead the humanity of the fullness of Feeling, of the fullness of Being, of the fullness of Thought, of the fullness of Wonder! And indeed, that Wonder is the key, because human beings can indeed wonder quite well, and thereby know their God quite well.”

I thank the angels again, and ask the angels again whether they, in their generosity and mercy, have anything else. They say “No. Rest in peace. Do everything as unto the servant of the Lord.”

The vision ends.

Noon: Similar procedure. I call on King Bnapsen twice. I try to pour out compassion as much as I can, across spacetime. I try to generate the circulation so fast that this lotus-rose becomes a jewel.

The angels are showing me a rotating circle within another circle, like a gyroscope, and a third one, but now there’s a fourth one being represented by a growing and shrinking circle (like a 3D sphere’s size representing a hypersphere) about the fourth dimension, until there are about seven or eight dimensions represented in all. It’s difficult to describe, but I think they’re trying to describe the appearance of this sphere about this hypersphere within a third dimension, or a 5D sphere within the third dimension, and so on.

The angels use this shifting in and out about 3D space to show these higher dimensions. They show me a little bit of a tube, which is tangent to a firework wheel and is the exit for the sparks, causing it to spin. This, they say, is like what is happening right now with my energy. More and more energy is being kicked up as I my orbit shifts closer to this realm of Adam Qadmon. There’s a little bit of an unease and a wobble, because I’m rotating as I’m revolving about this portal. The angels say to try very hard to retain this spherical consciousness, this sphericity about the heart, and to be very accepting.

The angels note some minor troubles and say that it is not unexpected: “Just do your best.” Now I see this sign of Aries appear, and its horns are sort of curling into a four-chambered heart, or a four-leaf clover. The angels say that this is sort of attitude I can best bring right now: just keep trying, keep at it.

This is like unto the chambers of the heart, I’m told, and a bit of a preview of four elements. “By this, luck can be had, and fortune can rise and fall.”

I try hard to retain this sphericity and to allow the circulation of compassion to continue. I’m seeing something of an elephant’s trunk. “If you can cause that to straighten out,” I’m told, “then it would be like a straight shot into the portal of the realm of Adam Qadmon. Just try to stay balanced, and try to see to it that this happens.”

I ask about the multicolored jewel. The angels are saying to just try my best and to allow it to unfold, in all of my fullness. I see a bit of an alien, and the angels say, “Look, if you seen an alien, just treat it as Divine, and suddenly its divinity will shine forth into your eyes and into your heart.

The angels just note the feeling that is pulling at my heart. “It’s normal, it’s natural, just allow it.” I ask whether they have anything else. They show me a little bit of roots going into the ground, like a seedling. The angels say they’re just going to have that symbol be with me, and to just hold it there. “That’s it.”

I express my thanks to the angels and God; the vision ends.

Sunset: Similar procedure.

I just try very hard to stay at the center of the rainbow jewel and to stay magnetized to the path. The angels encourage this, “Yes, this is good.” They say to not worry about what may have happened today, this was all part of being on the right track and learning to identify when one is not on the right track. The angels say, just in advance, to review: yes, I’m going to go in reverse order: Earth, then Water, then Air, the Fire, when I reach Leaves 19 through 2. (Note: Reviewing the leaves, it appears that Leaf 18 was the one associated with gnomes in both Edward Kelley’s experience and my vision. So, just to be safe, I will place my feet on all four of the watchtower tablets).

Now I feel a pulsating. I try to circulate this pulsating, and it becomes more like a constant vibration, but it’s from this circle, or perhaps from the batter head of a drum, which is vibrating. The angels instruct me to put my astral hand on it (both of my physical hands holding opposite sides of Leaf 22 of Liber Loagaeth), and I do so, and it’s like I’m feeling the energy from it come off of the leaf. Now the angels are going to shake a bunch of stuff off of me, but also shake some things out of me, or cause them to emerge as a result. So they do so, and it’s like plaster is coming off of me, and my astral form is being reduced down to just this rainbow jewel.

That’s what I’m coming down to, and this entire being is being simplified. The plaster isn’t leaving, the angels note: it will have its own orbit about me, but it won’t encase me as it did before. I notice a change to my crown chakra, with a little bit of a lifting, and a little bit of setting it as a magnetizing force, so that it is always, always, always pointing toward the realm of Adam Qadmon.

The angels exhort me to feel this fully, so I do so, feeling all of these emotions that I’m capable of, anger, joy, sadness, envy, but I see these as all rooted in my Understanding of Pain and realize that the substantial basis for all of these emotions is Compassion, and the angels agree: “Yes, Compassion is how it is Measured, and Understanding how it is Measured: that is the task of the mind, ultimately.”

“It’s not so much that any given emotion is wrong,” I note, “it’s that it needs to be measured properly against Compassion.” “That’s exactly right,” they concur.

My whole energy body is feeling very good, and I’m getting a nice high off of this. The angels say not to dwell on any person or interaction, but to try to capture this spirit as best I can throughout my life. I say I will try my best. The angels assuage me: “Just remember, the only thing that will happen is that you will take short trips [from this center].”

I’m getting the sense that the angels wish to close this, and I ask if there’s anything else. “No,” they say: this is as close as they can take me this time, but tomorrow they will start to unfold even more of a hint of LIL (within ARN). Then I will move on to the elemental calls. I thank the angels and the Most High; they bow, and thus ends the vision.

Letters of the PELE ring: The Seven Planetary Kings (Heptarchy)

(Cross-posted from a Facebook Group)

I’ve been thinking about the letters of this ring and how they relate to the kings of the Heptarchy. (Note: Here, a member correctly reiterated something I’d already read in DuQuette’s Enochian Vision Magick, which is that this name derives from the name Peh-Lamed-Aleph of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy).

Nonetheless, this was intended to supplement what was already known or observed about the ring. I suggested a correspondence to the names of the kings and their relative location on the ring astrologically; I’ve uncapitalized the first letters of the kings’ names and capitalized the letters of interest to make it easier to follow:

  • blVmaza (top center V on the ring)-moon
  • bObogel (central O)-sun
  • bnaspoL (bottom center L)-Mercury…note that we have the central three figures of the Monas Hieroglyphica.
  • bynePor (P in PELE)-Jupiter
  • bnapsEn (first E in PELE)-Saturn
  • baLigon (L)-Venus
  • babalEl (E)-Mars

The only issue with this is that it leaves the pairs of Jupiter and Saturn inverted with respect to the Monas Hieroglyphica (they were at bottom, not at top). Still, they are the slowest planets Dee would’ve known about, and are the greater benefic and malefic, respectively, so it makes sense that they’d be afforded some dignity by being placed at top. And it doesn’t much matter anyway, since the ring’s design in its entirety doesn’t quite lend itself to being perfectly ordered combination of the planets as in the MH.

At present, this is a proposal; note that several letters of the ring appear in multiple points of the kings’ names, and that multiple assignments could be made. Still, having tried multiple possibilities, this one seems to match the overall sun-moon-Mercury portion of the MH very well, and Saturn and Jupiter are well-paired, as are Mars and Venus.

Gebofal, Day 21 (The “Super-Spooky” ZAX / Abyss Day)

Note: I’m clearly being a bit facetious with the title, but it serves the purpose of informing people that, yes, the abyss can be crossed even if there’s bizarreness or even a little horror associated with it.

Sunrise: Call to Aethyr of ZAX. Call to Governors LEXARPH, COMANAN, & TABITOM, to King Bnapsen, and to Zodiacal Kings Zinggen (Aquarius), Alpudus (Libra), and Zarzilg (Sagittarius).

I had been identifying with the lotus-rose, but the angels say not to: instead, to hold it by the sepals, which now wrap around to grasp each of my fingers gently. I get some distracting images and pause to vibrate the angels’ names and to breathe. I feel this welling up of compassion, and it pours forth in all directions about me, even towards the distractions and I follow the chain of their causation, and I get to the fundamental structure of the law. A snotgreen being tries to close a snotgreen curtain, and finally the governors force him back.

The angels open the veil, and create a triangle about me, and note that the four of us could also be a tetrahedron viewed from above. The zodiacal kings then form another triangle, and I’m at the center of a Merkaba symbol now. Finally, the angels are telling me that there’s another layer: I could be the eighth point of a cube, at the center of a 6-simplex, or a vertex of a 7-simplex. The angels are driving at what it takes to get into this higher-dimensional thinking.

I continue to hold compassion for everything about me, and I see an arm emerge, and it belongs to one of the Takers in season 5 of The Magicians, or the Pale Man in Pan’s Labyrinth. I note the constant attempt to fight the dispersion, and the angels tell me to hold fast in my position, so I do. There emerges a white cube, and he’s within it, and not liking being within it. He sort of reintegrates back into the environment.

I note the pattern but also note that if the dispersion-disruption cycle is accelerated, then it’s like if you ignore the hand which waves rapidly back and forth in front of your face: you still see and get the general idea of what’s happening. So the angels instruct me to speed up the process, and I begin circulating the compassion and concentration quickly. The angels and I are in our 6-simplex formation. I see a middle-aged guy in a really cheap-looking outfit superhero outfit with terrible wings.

I vibrate the angels’ names, and finally(!) the entire scene shatters into thousands of square mirrors which are all about me and whirling about me in a vortex. I try to crank up the compassion. This is like unto a realm of Binah, yet note the squares which show that this is still Abyssal. I concentrate, and the angels encourage me, “because all of these squares (signifying cubical consciousness) can be circled!” I concentrate really hard, and the energy shifts from the book, and I have compassion even for the concentration.

The angels indicate that all of these cubes will now curl into spheres, but I will still be able to see the cubes engraved upon them. (Note: My first encounter with Babalon in ZIP was of Her in a dress of crystal spheres). The grand concentration of the mind needs to be met equally with the compassion of the heart and I’m holding onto this lotus-rose to help me, and it holds me back. Each of the square mirrors was a thorn upon the rose, I’m told. I comment about the immense difficulty of this concentration, which is far higher than I recall the first time I scried this Aethyr!

Now the compassion and concentration are balanced as I try to magnify the former. Again, it’s a whirlwind of these mirrors. Figures try to step out, and now they don’t look like themselves, and I vibrate the angels’ names again, and the outer forms of the figures look like unto gray aliens now. (My cat comes in to interrupt). Having compassion helps them to looks somewhat more human, and I tell the angels that this is getting very fractal, and I ask if they have anything else, and what the endpoint and what understanding may be gleaned from this.

The angels say that what’s to be gleaned by this is that the vastness of knowledge that is to be had can go in any of these multitudinous directions. Yet if you inquire with an open mind and an open heart, they will begin to reflect like mirrors, and eventually you will begin to reach a point where they can all be concentrated into these spheres of awareness, but it takes a lot, and if you do it at this cosmic scale, such it will be. But the point is that the divine is there to be had. It takes work over a lifetime(s), and you can get some shortcuts, but this is the nature of that.

The aliens, I’m told, represent a conglomeration of knowledge that loses its awareness of its own divinity. This clicks everything into place and I just have so much compassion now for everything in this place, because that’s a bad state to be in. The angels say that this is enough for now, and that more will be revealed later, though I have the flavor of what this place is like now.

Noon: Similar procedure. I made three calls to King Bnapsen.

Once again I scry by holding the lotus-rose by the sepals. I see squid-like entities jump at me, but it’s like they hit this glass pane and slide down, ineffective. I generate compassion and lovingkindness and circulate it. I try to speed this up, and accelerate the process, and the general theme changes into square mirror, which transform into “sphered cubes,” which in this case is to say a transparent cube with a square etched on the inside. It’s difficult to see at this stage, though, because of the generated compassion.

Now I see a central column appear, it looks like a giant pleather cowgirl boot. I pause, regenerate compassion, and, seeing the dust that it generates from stomping the bottom of the chamber, I phase-shift through it. I grab hold of the boot like Jack in the Beanstalk, or a kitten, and the boot rises like someone looking at what’s gotten on their boot. It appears to be Babalon, in a cowgirl outfit (her fringe, & frilly skirt is particularly “80s cowgirl”!).

I’m hesitant, but She says to me, “No, you have the flavor of the lack of [this aethyr’s] lack of awareness of its own Divinity, but you are generating your own divinity here. You are aware of your own Divinity, which is why you’re seeing it. The fact that there can be a transition, even with an Abyssal aethyr like ZAX, that shows you the Power of Understanding and not letting go of It.”

She says she’s wearing this in honor of the fact that I’m a Taurus, so I’m very honored. She sets me down (after all, She’s hundreds of feet tall), and She begins dancing. It’s like she’s in a bullfighting arena, a (nonviolent) toreadora (or “matadora” or “mater tor”: “mother for”). The bulls are all black, and She allows them, and She invites me to join Her, and I do, and a bull charges me, and everything goes black, but I reappear, and She says that I need to dance, so my astral form does so, but it becomes more like country-style partner dancing. It’s like everything that comes to take away the Divinity in Us are not working.

I ask her specifically about the blood which She accumulates, and She says people the Sorrow because that’s what’s in their hearts. She says that I have “less Sorrow” and laughs. She holds up a black sphere, looking like crystal ball in her hands. She says that I am more aware of the transparency within the crystal ball than the blackness. For me, it’s a beautiful thing to gaze upon, but not what defines me.

I express my gratitude, and continue to hold onto the compassion and concentration. I ask the governors and kings if there’s anything else to be seen in this vision. I see a black dot approach me and come about me as a prison. “Remember I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” a line from the poem “Sympathy” by Paul Laurence Dunbar (later used as the title of the autobiography by Maya Angelou; she herself later wrote a poem called “Caged Bird” with similar imagery to Dunbar’s). I concentrate into this phrase: the angels say that this is what I bring to this aethyr, which many others do not Understand.

I’m not sure what it means, but I note that I’m on Leaf 29a, and thus page 28b is open. Regardless, I express my gratitude, and the vision ends.

Sunset: Similar procedure. I made the call to ZAX twice.

I see the lotus-rose. I see this beautiful heavenly light shining down upon the blossom, and I can feel the light entering my physical hands from it. There’s a sense of peace and I try to circulate it in and through me. Everything’s quite balanced across the sub-abyssal and supernal worlds. This is what ZAX is, I’m told: a beautiful balance between these worlds.

It’s like my heart is starting to sing, and the lotus-rose is starting to sing, and it blossoms even more, and Babalon is appearing as a ballroom dancer in a sleek, shimmery, black outfit, the skirt cut up the outside of her thighs, with a tophat and is dancing with aid of a pole.

Now She flies and rotates about the x/z plane and lands upon the nape of my neck and I walk around, giving Her a ride about–the symbolism couldn’t be more obvious. Now She interlaces Her extended fingers into a roof, and rotates Her hands forwards and backwards about my skull: She seems to be doing quite subtle work to my sahasrara chakra and its relationship to the ajna chakra, which I cannot feel physically but know is there. This will improve the overall flow between them and also among them and the anahata chakra. There’s also extraordinarily subtle work She’s doing to my vishuddha chakra, which nevertheless (being a Taurus and all) I can feel. All of this is changing the dynamic among these four chakras.

“That’s it,” She says. She bows and takes her top hat off and gives me a wink. She briefly takes the form of Nuit and dissolves into the night sky, and I ask the angels whether there’s anything else. They say no, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow as the vision ends.

Gebofal, Day 14

Sunrise: Call to Aethyr of TAN. Call to King BNAPSEN as in previous days. Note: prior to this vision, it occurred to me that this angel may be redeemed to a new name, Victorival (both i‘s are short, as in with).

It’s like I’m looking into a hole. The angels tell me that this is related to the angel Rastoriglax. It seems like the black sphere; the sense I’m getting is that Rastoriglax is an entity who is trapped and set about by the void of ZAX, and who, until now, has been unable to make any progress. So I invite Rastoriglax to peer through the lessons from my memories, and continue to meet him with the same kind of compassion, added by my additional empathy for how utterly terrible that experience must have been for him. To have had a heart and to be locked in: not good!

I set about to build light bridges within his structure, and he senses within my heart and mind how to do that. A lot of the structure is starting to be laid for him, which will help him get past the restraints that he has found himself in. It’s like I’m sensing a vibration and some fear, yet I continue to meet this with compassion and say, “Sometimes you just need to wait a little bit when it comes to stuff like pain. Even though it is painful, it passes. This is a fractal lesson.” (Note that this is the general key to defeating Choronzon, whom we’ll get to later).

Rastoriglax seems to becoming out from his previous form; he’s a large, gentle giant now, with clean skin. I acknowledge and celebrate this. I say, “Some of this has come by identifying with me, but remember that you have all these other beings about you who have other things to teach you.” King BNAPSEN takes the lead in teaching Rastoriglax, who is now Victorival, as are Aydropt, Tocarzi and Sigmorf. I show him that his fractal nature encompasses a lot of reality, and he seems to start to understand. There’s a lot of teaching across a lot of realms. He feels alive again, and I say, “You always were. It’s just now that you have connections and integrations, so that you’re able to understand yourself.

Victorival takes me to this slit in the sky where other beings are coming through. He says that like when I saw myself coming through a doorway, so are these beings entering via this portal: in his ignorance, he was unable to do anything with them, but now he understands a lot more. He opens the slit further as with a zipper, and now giant beings are coming through. He is saying he was like a scout or an ambassador, or a traveler. Victorival says that he will have many more names, and that more and more glory will arise as a result of the work that I’m doing. I’m seeing progressively larger beings who also are “carried” by the shadow which Victorival bore.

I say that I’m happy to continue the healing work with these new beings, but I suggest to Victorival that it may be best for him karmically to help them, and he replies that it’s best that I help, on account of my being human and my energy being able to work with this. I come to an agreement with him on this: that the three governors, King Bnapsen, Victorival, and I will now work on each of these beings. I say, “Let’s have these beings hold here, and let’s think about a way to do this by discussing this with whatever is underlying whatever caused you to appear like this in the first place.”

So we’re going another level deep, getting at the root cause. I get the sense that I’m being helped by some dakinis and some buddhas and bodhisattvas; they’re helping by showing certain things shimmering as I push my hand into the tubes of toxic goo which entangle these recently emerged beings. I energetically interact with and then concentrate to push past it; I realize that what I can do is not necessarily fix it, but perhaps suggest a mindset whereby all of this good can become its own black sphere. In other words, the suffering may be contextualized in, for example the dharma. Also, there’s the mindset that in the very nature of suffering must necessarily lie, dormant or not, the realization by which suffering may be minimized and transcended: the Buddha-nature.

Interestingly, I note that when this has become a black sphere, which must have its own transparent sphere of compassion within it, there’s a sudden extending out and vibrating of this black sphere, and vibrating in its own way. Studying this vibration can be used to predict when tragedies can arise. I tell the beings about me, “OK, let’s get on this to avoid, minimize, ameliorate, and mitigate tragedies, but also appreciate them as an unfortunate feature of reality by which, through acceptance, we may grow compassion. This is all a reflection of the aching heart of the Divine whereby we all exist. Such is the nature of the Divine that we find ourselves in at this moment.

There’s a bit of a shift of energy in my right ear. I can hear a bit of a humming which is not tinnitus. I see Choronzon and God; it’s like the former is trying to block my view of the Divine, and there’s an insight via concentration past attempts to disperse it. The problem is that this black sphere of suffering has taken an intelligence onto himself, and believes himself to be that, and it’s like my heart is tempted to get into a pattern of repeating, “No, you’re not. No, you’re not,” and making various arguments, but I understand that this won’t get me anywhere. So I create little structures about him that allows him to know himself, and suddenly something clicks in him. Before it was a much more painful process to pass by him, but suddenly he will be much more cooperative. Passing through the tunnel (this, it must be understood, is an upgrade!) of the black sphere of his consciousness, I note that the tunnel still has triangular teeth lining it. At the very center is what I can only describe as a “void heart,” lacking in light. It’s like someone’s heart, coming to meet him, defines the experience of it; this is just one aspect of the nature of God, and there’s a larger lesson to be grokked here.

But this is the end of this vision, so Governors Aydropt, Tocarzi, and Sigmorf, and King Bnapsen, and Victorival. I decide to set about me an energetic white cube about me which will always lead me to light up the transparent heart of compassion. Thus ends the vision.

Noon: Similar procedure.

I generate compassion; I see images of suffering and all of these are contained about the circumference of Choronzon in others’ hearts, an extension. I ask Victorival, King Bnapsen, and Governors Aydropt, Sigmorf, and Tocarzi, what advice. Victorival says, “I have this,” having evolved since the morning session. He realizes that this is his destiny, taking the same lesson from earlier and extend it in a fractal way. This is his mission.

I see the seam in the sky open up very wide. Many more beings come through, in a black, dripping form which gets corrected immediately as they arrive. This is an early compared to a regular experience with ZAX. They’re being directed towards me. They’re about me, doing heart chakra surgery on me, and they whisk me away to a throne in a palace. Now I’m being multilocated in seven palaces in all, about the earth.

This is the day I’m told that I’m being reconciled with Saturn, which will have an effect of initiating whatever reconciliation is needed with the luminaries of my chart. I see this sevenfold network about me, a seven-dimensional state of being, which is also being held with the three-dimensional form. With both of these, I’m told, is the twenty-one.

I’m trying to reconcile these at once in my awareness, much as I tried to reconcile the heavenly and earthly palaces in a prior vision, and in so doing, there’s an unfolding of a 21-ness about me. I feel a change to my light body all about me. I try to change my consciousness about me so that it is spherical, all of my emotions in their place about me. I do the same thing with the other seven palaces, and I try to ensure that all of these are in harmony. A rainbow sphere appears about me. This is exactly what I was going for: everything is lighting up: it’s a very short and a very potent ritual. I foresee many changes as a result. I express my gratitude and the vision ends.

Sunset: Similar procedure.

I’m taken to a massive palace, like in size to that in Thor. I’m told to enter and taken to the top of the second level, of which there are seven, which is reminiscent of what I saw during my first trip through the Aethyrs. This is a larger version of that, and I’m at a transition point, which is at the very top of the second level of the palace.

I see an escalator and at the start of the escalator is a creature with a tentacle mouth. The angels say that the entirety of next week will be abyssal, and that the light-structures about me will not be entirely complete in their ability to spare me this abyssal walk. It’s a matter of trust, they say, though the scope of the abyssal walk will be far larger. I ask God for protection, reminders, and all the rest.

That said, there are also flowers, and there is this duality to the journey–within the storm, there is much opportunity for grace and for much wisdom. The main sense I have about the next week is that of doubt, and the angels tell me that this is normal, and to just continue on. This is just a larger, more supercharged version of what I went before. The principles are exactly the same. They tell me to look back at the Beauty of what I’ve seen so far.

I see a bit of geometry, and it’s like a checkerboard, but the angels say it’s not as important, but it will be a bit of a metaphor as I go along. At my asking, the angels say, there is no more. I thank the angels, and the vision ends.

Gebofal, Day 7

Sunrise: Call to Aethyr of NIA. I call BNAPSEN via the prayer as listed in Stenwick’s Mastering the Mystical Heptarchy, but not using the Enochian calls.

The angels show me seven points, and of course today, being the last day of the first week, their meaning is described: the points are placed along the outermost ring of a spiral. The remaining 42 days work their way through to the center of the spiral. On Day 49, the last portion of that spiral can be connected via three points of a line segment (for you can further subdivide the spiral to account for the same call three times on each of the days of the ritual, which is to say 147 points in all). This line segment connecting the final stretch of the spiral can be thought to start at the reading of Leaf 1b, ending at the reading of Leaf 1a, and the finally, on the evening of the final day, reading of the leaf in its entirety, at which point the center is made manifest. Note: this reduces the role of error which one would surely have by attempting to find the center by starting at the outside of such a spiral.

King BNAPSEN mentions that blogging about this is how a particular method of gebofal can be handed down, thus fulfilling his Binah/Saturn role. A cooperative effort to publish copies of Amzes Naghezes Hardeh with this method is suggested to me.

I point the wand at Leaf 43b; King BNAPSEN and Governors Orcanir, Chialps, and Soageel are unfolding the structure of what is going on as I scry during the gebofal ritual, which is helpful and appeals to my luminary-trined Saturn. I’m given more information and meaning now that I’ve hit Day 7, the end of the first seven days. I ask explicitly about the symbol; now that I’ve been reconciled with all of the planets, the symbol can now come forth. They show a spiral beginning at the outside of the four-pointed star, and to have the point at which the square (which is suggested by the diamond) would be circled (i.e., a circle overlapping the square have the same area), have that be at the 3.5 mark of a seven-“circle” spiral; to help visualize it, I’ve shown it below:

The same symbol from yesterday, this time with a spiral of seven revolutions; the point of revolution 3.5 is shown in red, indicating the circumference of a circle which would have the same area as the square suggested by the four points of the diamond. Decorative lotus leaves could be added along spiral.

I see rays coming down about me, and they relate to the rainbow body. They say that my mind and heart is relating better to the subtle body and therefore the rainbow body can be emerge and be more realized over time.

Noon: Similar procedure.

I comment on noticing the Leaf 43a is the first of these early leaves with its own corner and row that doesn’t have every other letter missing. I’ve filled in a few of these based on my intuition (but don’t claim them to be the be-all, end-all). I call on the angelic king BNAPSEN & governors Orcanir, Chialps, and Soageel, and they mention that there’s a parallel to ZAX and the Abyss, as well as to Ain (of the world of Adam Qadmon), which is the reverse of the spelling of this Aethyr. This, they mention, is the preview of Leaf 1 on day 49. There’s more depth to these Aethyrs than one would otherwise give credit for, so what I’m doing now is following the septenary spiral inward to its logical conclusion.

The angels instruct me to place the face of the PELE ring on the front of Leaf 43, which the book is opened to. To do so, I put the PELE ring on a finger on my left hand so that it can continue to touch the book. However, I naturally place the back of the hand upon the leaf rather than turning the ring around so that my palm remains on it. They joke about the trope of sci-fi shows to somehow “reverse the polarities” to get the reverse effect of a problem they’re trying to solve via the normal polarization. Still, there’s something to be said about this (and typing this up, I’m thinking the message that things can’t be “unchanged,” but rather changed again in an attempt to honor the previous arrangement). They are “reversing the polarities” (i.e., King BNAPSEN is reversing some of what King BYNEPOR Thursday–note that astrologically, Saturn is the great malefic while Jupiter is the great Benefic; Saturn is only half of Jupiter’s mass and so can’t undo all of it). The angels tell me to get used to this push-pull, and that this will happen several times, and why these two planets are spaced a day apart on the days of the week. I’m told that this is the nature of what happens when one is placed at the center, and why the meaning of visions can seem to reverse or change meaning. A little vibration or wave can be completely disorienting, and things can suddenly seem upside down or reversed with only a little movement.

I can see a 3D funnel-like spiral come up from the palm of my hand. They begin by showing me a 2D version of the spiral (such as that above). Then they have me look at the funnel as instead a spherical version, which reminds me of a a tennis ball which a dog has chewed, causing it to come undone at the seams, which can be looped around itself. If the inner part of the seam were smaller, then it can be looped around itself in a spiral-like manner. Then the angels tell me to contemplate this in 4D space; they hint that the geometry I will see may be too much to interpret directly.

King BNAPSEN mention that the allergy drugs I’m on have helped to make the restructuring of my subtle body easier. I see a lot of waves; this is like when an ultrasound loosens up knots in a physical body. “Behold his wonders.”

The vision ends.

Inter-scrying commentary: So, believe it or not, I’ve not read the entirety of Dee’s Monas Hieroglyphica until just now, though I’ve seen the commentary offered by Dr. Justin Sledge and Jason Louv. I also already knew that symbol by heart. A few points of contrast between his symbol and mine:

First, the spiral: his spiral naturally closes, mine remains open.

Second, is the symbol of the Tao is central, while the cross is separated from the symbol of the elements (as indicated by the divided diamond). The cross carries with it the meaning of the unfolded cube, which is the unfolding of the heart.

Third, the elements are placed along the outside rather than central to the symbol. This is important to need to balance oneself among the four elements.

Sunset: Similar procedure.

Once again, I’m shown the seven dots. The angels show me a more basic binary version of his Theorem:

The angels are saying that this is a more basic and binary form of the Monas Hieroglyphica: 20, 21, and 22, in which can be seen the force and power of Ain, as well as the natural progression leading to a 2 and a 3 (20 + 21 = 1 + 2 = 3). They show me this binary and ask me rhetorically to merge this concept with getting to a total of seven (by adding all the dots); the angels note that one gets from 7 to 15 to 31 to 63, each of which is its own form of sacredness (7 being the number of the classical astrological planets, fifteen being the sum of any Saturn square, 31 being the name of El in Gematria, and 63 being 7*9, with 9 having its special importance to Enochian as I’ve gone over in previous posts). 127 is prime and (credit to Wikipedia; float them some money, will you?) is the smallest prime that can be written as the sum of multiple consecutive odd-numbered primes: 127 is the smallest prime that can be written as the sum of the first two or more odd primes: 127 = 3 + 5 + 7 + 11 + 13 + 17 + 19 + 23 + 29, and is the sum of the sums of the divisors of the first 12 positive integers (78 is the sum of those numbers, so 11 (for the 1’s for the first 12 numbers, except 1 itself, which is already included for the number 1) then add 2, 2, 3, 2, 4, 3, 2, 5, 2, 3, 4, 6). The angels kind of want me to stop here. The angels want me to stop here as we’ve reached 27 – 1.

Taking this splitting to its normal extension, they say consider when 7 & 15 meet up opposite each other: 4 four match each other, the other four of the final row of 8 do not. If 7 and 31 meet, 4 would match each other, 12 would not. If 7 and 63 met, then 4 would meet and 28 would not. They say it has something to do with what is left over, and something about exponents. However, I’m not following a lot of the logic. I call on King BNAPSEN and Governors Orcanir, Chialps, and Soageel again. They have me pause to center and say they’re going to show me. 128 + 7 sums to 135, which is 9*15; I’m still confused because they’re switching what gets added up. They say “hold on,” and they comment that this is 27 + 7. Then they have me add 7 + 28 = 263, which is Resh, the solar letter, plus 63, which is the number already have from 26 – 1. They mention 519 but then they stop. They say to add one less than the power of 2 to a different power of 2 which is larger. They say that 519 will be telling to me. They call this my homework.

The angels have me wait. King BNAPSEN shows me the letter V which can be oriented as a 7 in Arabic numerals but in Roman numerals is 5, so together this is 12. He shows me the sun being exalted astrologically being a symbol of an exalted heart. The angels tell me to set my wand on the Holy Table and to put both hands together in prayer on both sides of the leaf, which creates an interesting energy.

I do a quick prayer asking for mercy. The angels show me a lotus flower, and show me a moon within it (note that this combination is also symbolic of the Buddhist bodhisattva deity Tara). The angels ask me to change the foot on which the BNAPSEN seal is located, so I do, crossing my legs to do so, such that my posture is reminiscent of the posture of certain martyrs and, I note, to The Hanged Man in the Tarot. I concentrate on these two images together, The Hanged Man and the lotus flower with the moon inside of it. He’s now inverted, so upright and his hair floats upward. The angels tell me to accustom myself to inversion.

The Hanged Man rising up up out of the lotus reminds me of the mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum, the lotus-jewel. The Hanged Man being number XII of the major arcana adds significance, and of course this is actually the 13th trump (since the numbering of the major arcana starts with 0, The Fool). This gives significance to the Watchtowers, which are 12×13 in dimension, thus coming to 156 letters per watchtower. I’m looking into the heart of this inverted hanged man, and the angels tell me that if I take his foot to instead be standing upon the moon as it goes through simple harmonic motion. This motion could also be seen as him going through a circular motion, front-to-back and up-and-down, creating a circle around his heart about the y- and z-axes.

They make additional analogies; if the hanged man bows before something greater than himself, that’s a certain kind of eclipse, but stretching back in ecstasy is a different kind of eclipse. There’s something about aligning with the Saturn cycle.

Now I’m atop a cross which is in outer space, and which is flying like a spaceship. At times it seems like a TOPY cross, but there seem to be fractal extensions of 2/3 size which emerge from the cross, forming a pattern. I see myself lying on the cross, with my heart at the center, causing it to fan out in a fractal pattern. I’m told that networks such as these need to meet other people so that they can grow again and not peter out at the natural upper limit of the fractal pattern. It’s like I’m traveling through space, and the cross becomes many of the same size, forming a simple bridge down to a planet. I touch the planet which is like unto Mars, but touching it causes a bit of blue to appear, terraforming it. I don’t know what this is, but on reflection, it’s a symbol of following the perpendicular in order to meet the center, or heart (note the six-rayed star in the LRP is made up of red and blue triangles); at the time, one side of the leaf I’m holding was saying “this is obvious,” the other side of the leaf was saying, “it’s not obvious at all.

They’re showing me the sun and the moon crossing each other, which of course follows this symbolism. I note that there’s an upcoming lunar eclipse, which I mistakenly think is in June (it’s in May), but they’re really trying to point me towards it. I don’t know what this is, but it’s important to them, and I’m grateful for the message.

Several times now it’s felt like the vision will stop, but it resumes. Now I see a diamond shape, a rhombus, which has a size of a diagonal that is three times the size of the other. There’s an additional correction to the symbol, which now has three-dimensionality; the main one is shown atop and rotating above a self-similar square pyramid:

Now I recall a symbol on the astral appearing like this appearing after I scried the Aethyr of ZIP about a year and a half ago. It was made of gold and I was able to use it to help me decipher tables I received about this time. It was three-dimensional and octahedral; the angels show me another one today, this time even thinner:

“You have a square (from the original symbol), but held at this angle [in three dimensions], it has to look like a rhombus.” Ultimately they say that the fusion of the old symbol with this new one is a means to perfect it. There’s a flexibility with the height of the octahedron, which I’d already had from the ZIP symbol. The angels emphasize the self-similarity.

The symbol floating above the mountain is similar to it floating above itself in the pyramid form, and there’s significance about it but I’m not to know about it. “Think of it like Re atop mounting, but because it’s merely reflecting Re, it’s like unto the moon.” The symbol is reflecting light onto the ground below, and I’m thinking of Egypt. It’s lighting up the ground below, and they’re saying that it could reflect any place on Earth. “The light will hit a central point,” and the energy will be like a thermal solar tower. I’m unclear, but the angels say that this is okay: this is laying the structure for what will happen at the end of this ritual.

There’s something about a dog, but the vision ends.