Talismanic elections, 2nd half of 2020 through end of 2021: Talisman 2, Albireo

Chriiiistmas, Chriiiistmas, tiiiime of year! Time for Talismans, and cheer!

Yes, the next talisman is for Christmas Eve of 2020. Saturn and Jupiter will still be in their conjunction in Aquarius, and the first fixed star they interact with in this sign is Albireo! My attention was brought to this particular fixed star by Kelly Surtees in either the Astrology Podcast or her presentation at the Astrology University. If I have the reference to her reference wrong, be a good referee and feel free to refer me to the correct reference to her reference.

Regardless, Albireo looks like a fairly good fixed star to have Saturn and Jupiter work with (when you see Obama, George Clooney, Picasso, Elizabeth Taylor, Jim Carrey, and Jeff Bridges spanning both of these planets, you think, “There’s probably some sweet major modification energy here!). This makes it an uneasy neighbor to Altair, its next-door neighbor: because of this, the caution that I advise on this talisman is to not only use this election (i.e., not a later one), but also to make sure to include the symbolism of the swan’s beak in your talisman’s design.

This talismanic election, as you can see, has the part of fortune conjunct my own north node. Always check the astrology against your own chart–and against the eclipses!–to ensure you’re creating something that not only works to lock in a desirable “constellation” (heh, heh) of energy, but also one that works well with your own chart.

I have put Saturn in the 10th house; the chart ruler, Venus, is in Sagittarius, which looks to Jupiter; Jupiter, the greater benefic, is no longer in its fall in Capricorn, but still is modified in its expression by the greater malefic of Saturn. In fact, Saturn is the final dispositor of everything, with the exception of (the lesser malefic of) Mars which is still strong its domicile, but, as mentioned in my previous post, you can banish any planet, including Mars, via the Greater Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram. I haven’t decided yet whether to do so for this ritual, because it’s in my 9th house, where my natal Mars resides, but it’s far closer to my natal MC. Note, too, the squaring energy of Uranus and the moon! Nonetheless, the former is in a 5+ degree orb, and the moon is separating, and both are trine the sun, which is the sect light, and Mercury. Nonetheless, you may consider doing a general banishing via the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram, then invoking Saturn and Jupiter for the purposes of this talisman (leaving those two planets’ energies as predominant).

For your humble “talismaker,” this conjunction lands in my 7th house. It’s an angular house, so although not quite as strong as the 1st or 10th, it’s by no means the weakest! I’m hoping to bring out the best in my interactions with others and vice versa with the energy of this fixed star.

As with any talisman, you can add the Agrippa symbols for Saturn and Jupiter:

You can also add angel names via the methods suggested by Agrippa or similarly derived versions by Aaron Leitch in his great book, The Angelical Language, Vol. I (Vol II is also excellent), or by the more recent The Angels of Fortune, by Rose Manning, who has worked through the appropriate angels by both research and experimentation (always important to include this as part of your magickal practice!). You can also use the associated deity names for the correspondences for Saturn, Jupiter, and Aquarius. For this in particular for Western astrologer/Western magicians, I recommend referencing Eshelman’s 776_1/2 and not 777, which did not have the references for Aquarius and Aries fully worked out. Though 776_1/2 still seems to have some problems with other panthea (I really believe Ganesh remains mis-assigned, for example), it’s a vast improvement and expansion on the already groundbreaking work done by Crowley–and likely his Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn colleagues–in 777.

Good luck!

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On attempting to unify angelic systems

Having worked with different systems of angelic magick (including the Shem Hamphorasch and, of course, Enochian), part of me has wondered how the different systems relate to one another. Having requested this of God for the last few weeks, I received a vision of a spiral emanating from a center point, and am receiving the following transmission:

“All things proceed from the Center that is God, the solar God, the God balanced across All. Behold the angels who proceed, radiating from this Center, first from this pure-light Center, then turning at the four quarters, until, having completed these turns, they complete the wheel.

“The angels of the Shem Hamphorasch, they proceed from the Holy use of this same turning of the Holy Logos.

“The angels of the angelic language [Enochian], also proceeding from this spiral, but from a many-dimensional spiral emanating from this Center.

“Every angelic system can be found to correspond with this emanation from the Center, and followed back thereto.”

Unexpected effects of Enochian on angelic interaction

I thought I’d mention something that I hadn’t seen in the literature before (if someone has a link that goes into this particular effect, feel free to leave it in the comments). I only mention it on account of this happening to me twice, so I can’t write it off as a fluke. After some time working with the Aethyrs–indeed, as part of scrying the later Aethyrs a second time–I found that my Holy Guardian Angel (Knowledge & Conversation, or K&C, happening over a year earlier) had enfolded himself around my energetic body and took on a subtler role.

Usually, I think of K&C as relating to a being who can always be a go-to buffer against the spiritual realm, acting as both intermediary and protector against spiritual forces, as well as an entity who can always bring clarity and add to one’s intuitive power. The HGA is an agent of God who, after the K&C has been permanently stabilized in your awareness on an at-will basis, has all of these Divinely orchestrated powers at its disposal. However, it seems that I have sufficient understanding to have my HGA operate at a subtle level, and my HGA needn’t be constantly called up for protection or clarification–he can simply operate in the background instead.

This didn’t quite make sense (hey, it’s magick), but simply subtly directing my attention towards him increases his energy, and I know that, if I decided it was necessary to speak further, he could unfold and speak to me as a distinct being.

What I have been doing of late is a semi-regular, once every week or two re-scrying of the Aethyr of LIL (in addition to meditation about 5 or 6 times a week–nobody’s perfect!). This has been going on for a few months. I just find it helpful to deepen the Kether awareness, and see where it takes me. The most recent time I scried the governors of this Aethyr (Occodon, Pascomb, & Valgars) went ahead and did the same thing that my HGA had, enfolded themselves about my energy system. I’m not entirely sure what it’s about, but, much like when my HGA did so, I welcome their sustained presence as a blessing and an honor. Obviously these n-dimensional entities are capable of being in more than one place at once, and this sort of thing could happen to another magician, so I’m not worried about this suggesting any sort of limits to the system.

If anyone else has gone through this, let me know. Whenever I scry LIL, the governors tend to form a tetrahedron about me (as does God via three aspects, in all making a Merkaba): the Enochian system is very geometry-heavy. This latest development, however, seems more permanent and not limited to scrying. If I determine the intent behind this, I will add a later post.

Angels of the Tesseract

While scrying the Aethyrs, I also did some work with the angels of the Shemhamphorasch. The working was powerful and effective, and the thought occurred to me that the same principle of discovering angel names within a long divine name could be also be applied to an exclamation of awe at divinity. Although I grew up Christian, the exclamation that occurred to me was cosmic: “O, A UNIVERSE OF THE MIND OF GOD!”

The astute observer will notice that this phrase is 24 letters long—matching the number of faces of a tesseract (also known as a “hypercube”: a four-dimensional version of a cube), so I then applied each of the letters to the faces, with the end of the exclamation at the “innermost” (from my 3D point of view). I then broke this out into eight cubes (each face of the tesseract applying to two cubes), and discovered eight angel names came from the cubes thereby. I also took four directions of the Tesseract and found four dimensional angel names. The results are summarized in the figure below:

One angel, AUDEOV, immediately struck me as an angel helping to deal with shame. I continued working with I Ching divinations to better understand their natures. The angel names, pronunciation, and natures are summarized below (I use the same Latin pronunciation scheme as with Enochian to pronounce the angel names):

GOFDOD (gohff-dohd): [I Ching: Hexagram 39, with a changing line in the fifth position, therefore changing to Hexagram 53]. Contact this angel for help in overcoming obstructions and turning away from superficial desires that distract from inward needs in order to align and toward heaven, and the gradual progress toward the divine.

TRAGOS (trahg-ohss): [I Ching: Hexagram 38, with changing lines in the first and fourth places, therefore changing to Hexagram 4]. Call upon this angel when beginning a journey, new venture, or taking on an apprentice, new employee.

OOINEE (oh-oh-ee-nay): [I Ching: Hexagram 8, with changing lines in the second, third, and top places, therefore changing to Hexagram 57]. This angel brings transformation for those willing to engage with it, and softens the effects of inevitable change.

FUMNIF (foom-neef): [I Ching: Hexagram 51]: Alignment with the will of God or Universe, especially after vast destruction or shock.

AUDEOV (ah-oo-day-ohv): [I Ching: Hexagram 11 with a changing line in the fifth place, therefore changing to Hexagram 5]. This angel helps you deal with issues of shame, and thereby leads to nourishment of the soul.

HIVEOR (hee-vay-ohr): [I Ching: Hexagram 34 with changing lines in the first and fourth places, therefore changing to Hexagram 46]. This angel helps cultivate proper humility in times of great change in order to influence all of one’s social group to take proper action.

FONDES (fohn-dayss): [I Ching: Hexagram 52, with changing line in the third place, therefore changing to Hexagram 23]. Understanding of one’s immediate situation and how to best obtain proper flexibility within it.

NITHEM (nee-them): [I Ching: Hexagram 29, with changing line in the second place, therefore changing to Hexagram 7].Call upon this angel to help hear the heart’s call, and then evolving in order to carry it forward into the world.

IODE (ee-oh-day): [I Ching: Hexagram 18, with changing lines in the first, third, and fourth places, therefore changing to Hexagram 38]. Gentle Reformation of one’s society.

HODN (hoh-denn): [I Ching: Hexagram 31, with changing lines in the first, fourth, and fifth places, therefore changing to Hexagram 36]. Letting go of control & reconciling with others.

TGFM (teeg-eff-em): [I Ching: Hexagram 53, with changing line at the top, therefore changing to Hexagram 39]. Slow, lifelong development and harmonization of conflict.

EVOE (Ay-vo-ay): [I Ching: Hexagram 60, with changing line at the fifth place, therefore changing to Hexagram 41]. Accepting limitations of one’s life and making do with less.

RIFS (reeff-ess): [I Ching: Hexagram 32, with changing line in the second place, therefore changing to Hexagram 56]. Endurance in acts, and not being distracted from the goal.

ONUA (oh-noo-ah): [I Ching: Hexagram 58, with changing line in the 3rd place, therefore changing to Hexagram 43]. Finding allies and support to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

          The aspirant can use any prayer they like to initiate contact.