Article reprint: An Overview of the Mathematics and Astrology of the Enochian System

I recently had the pleasure of having an article on Enochian published in Telicom, the official journal of the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (; see copyright notice at bottom). The editor-in-chief was very helpful and I’m very grateful for her and her team’s help in making the manuscript so much better. The article is a brief of an introduction to the topic of Enochian as well as some astrological and mathematical findings that the angels pointed me toward. I have attached a copy of the reprint below:


Reprinted from Telicom 34, no. 3, copyright 2022 by the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry. All rights reserved. Please address all reprint requests to

Gebofal, Day 13

Sunrise: Call to Aethyr of ZEN. Call to King BALIGON according to previously described methods.

I focus in on the transparent sphere/spherical heart. I look in at it; I’m given a gentle hand by Amitabha Buddha. It’s spinning around in several dimensions, which is to say about individual rays from a common origin.

I see a vast opening in the sky above me. A dark cloudy being emerges. I repeat the governors’ and king’s names. I am lifted up by the four of them to this being, who is massive. This is the angel alluded to yesterday. Amitabha Buddha gives me an affirming gesture. I bow to this angel. The angel seems male; it points to my right, where I see a vertical slit in the sky, from which light pours forth. Souls proceed forth through it into this world.

I mention that I don’t know this angel’s name. He says that my HGA does; I see it by individual letters; there’s a catch as to whether the eighth letter should be a B or G–my HGA causes the back of my tongue to rise–it’s a G: RASTORIGLAX.

Rastoriglax tells me that the beings coming through this slit are aliens. Now there’s an inversion: rather than seeking to be a good guest, I now must also take on the mantle of a good host. I welcome them all, and I thank Rastoriglax for showing them to me. He gestures to my left, and I see dark vessel, which looks like a shallow river tour boat. Now, I’m told, this vessel needs to settle in the Earth. I’m shown my home, but also the local Buddhist center, as a place for these beings to disembark and rest.

My first thought is what they could eat; Rastoriglax says that human food and especially processed food will be acceptable. I consider water and other essentials: I’m told that they are human-alien hybrids, and they will try to have physiology that can accommodate Earth nutrients and such. These 5+D beings (perhaps 7D) have acclimated themselves as much to 4D reality as they can. They will then be able to better adapt to their environment.

Rastoriglax gives me a dark bed, a dark leaf in which I lie down like a hammock. I nestle in there like a cocoon. “It’s like you dark for a little while to the public,” and then you come out more luminous. You’ll be traversing several worlds (realms), he says: Earth, Fae, Angelic, and Buddha realms. Hence, I will be a Traveler. I bow deeply, and he says not to, so I don’t.

The governors and king return me–this was the entirety of this experience.

Thus ends the vision.

Noon: Similar procedure. I circulate the transparent heart, described yesterday. I see multiple hearts such as this come at me, glowing, such as when I’m in a high-speed subway car. Now they are coming at me so fast that it seems like vibrating or flickering light. I see a black monster appear, which looks like unto a lurker in the Dragonborn DLC of Skyrim. It’s kind of black and slimy, dripping off goo. It’s approaching me.

I look in lovingkindness past it, and I notice he seems to be dragging something behind him. It’s some kind of binding, so I have a conversation with it. I get deep into conversation with it, briefly glimpsing a Buddha, (I can’t tell which one), and the monster suddenly opens up as a result of my conversation, or is unfurled into dark bandages which strain out from a single point. It’s a binding of badly aligned dimensionality. I consider doing the courtesy of asking whether he’d like it undone, but I just go ahead and use my heart to do so and to rearrange it. In so doing, it turns into a female figure, a queen, who must remain in her castle (but hey! at least not a monster anymore). She’s a very luminescent spirit and both grateful and understanding her being bound to the castle and thus cannot leave. At least she can see the outside world and hear tales of it, or have parts of the outside world brought to her.

This is a far better condition for her, she says, and this is some of the ability that I will have to untwist and to reconfigure confusing things in different realms. They will behave better on account of beings becoming aware of the potential within them. I will make the Black Iron Prison seem like unto a palace, she says.

She’s grateful for this, and she offers me a jewel; at first it seems white as she hands it to me, but my taking it turns it red. She says it’s a Wish-Fulfilling Jewel like unto Red Tara, and now I see Her statue in my mind. I ask her if she has any advice and she says she does not. I say okay, and am careful phrase: “Without impinging on anyone’s Will, I ask that I come into such a perspective that I will always be behaving such that all can achieve enlightenment with the most ideal mix of speed and minimal harm, such as all who would inspect it after the fact would come to a consensus that yes, indeed, this was the appropriate mix of speed and harm reduction.” She thinks the wording is acceptable, and the jewel disappears. I express my gratitude for this.

The four angels lead me, one each at my arm, one by both of my feet, and one by my heart, in a tetrahedral formation. My heart becomes a red point. I see a lot opening up in front of me. It’s a psychedelic vision, like the tunnel of light one sees in an NDE. I express gratitude, acceptance, and satisfaction. I feel very much at peace.

I ask what else I may see, and the angels encourage me to instead just enjoy for a moment, so I do. It’s like I come up to the heavens and my back is against a gentle parabola, looking down on Earth as though I’m in a hammock. It’s like I get to sleep here for 100 years without worry, and watch the Earth beneath me. I see my astral form spread out and become part of the cocoon about the Earth, and I am protected by it as well.

I express gentle gratitude. They note they just wanted to help me chill out. I smile.

The vision ends.

Sunset: Similar procedure.

Some issues with distractions earlier on; I redouble my efforts to open the heart and generate compassion from this transparent sphere-heart. There continue to be distractions but I worry less about them as I go: it’s like the volume of a distracting song gets turned up, each time I’m scrying and approach ZAX. You need to simply accept that it will be there and it will be distracting, but go forward with the same modus operandi.

RASTORIGLAX takes me up into heaven, and takes me to the slit in the sky again. Seeing him again, he looks more like unto the aforementioned lurker, with the dark drippings. So I ask whether he’s Red Tara, and he denies this. I’m confused and continue to approach him with this compassion. There’s something complicated about him. The sense is that there’s unused potential here: this is the potential of the Abyss itself that I’m sensing, for it to be rewired. It’s confusing, but having been on the other side of it, and understanding the true compassionate hearts which lie beyond it, it’s very complicated. I get the sense that there could be a rainbow jewel within him.

I decide to give it a shot. The four angels (Governors Nabaomi, Zafasai, and Yalpamb, and King BALIGON) are quite keen to help me. They’re with me, in the interior of RASTORIGLAX, which is like a deeper, more complicated core of a lurker. I arrange our configuration; King BALIGON is already trying to work with my heart, which is a red point to a tetrahedron–they cut this short. “This is going to be seven days’ worth of work, and on the eighth day, there may be some shift,” that suddenly I will open up this potential within ZAX on that day. They’re glad that I’m seeing it.

I pragmatically ask whether there’s any way to lay a foundation. They say to continue with the scryings, and take out certain points from Rastoriglax that that seem like they need to be understood, and they will work on them overnight, and then in the morning, these points will shift into something to be grokked. I feel a tingling in between my right shoulder blade and spine.

There’s something like unto curing the Fisher King with this quest. This is like unto seeing unique potential within a gifted child to do something amazing, such as to win a Field’s Medal. Rastoriglax is like, “This is exactly what I need,” with a dry “about time” tone. I get the sense that he is like the light version of the archdemon of the Abyss.

The angels could show me around more, but I get the sense that when something quite large is hit on, they understand that they can dispense with tourist season. I ask for assistance from the Divine in this task, and continue to generate hyperfocused compassion.

On Whether Enochian is a Religion

It’s pretty easy to look at Enochian as a religion, and honestly, I am wondering whether it’s time to call it that. Jason Louv certainly concludes that this was the angels’ goal: a one-world religion. It fuses communicating and working with angels (angels themselves working on behalf of God), magick (an ability to manipulate reality, in this case via Divine power), and devotion to the Divine. Via the Aethyrs, ultimately (i.e., in LIL), these all fuse with union with the Divine, forever changing the consciousness of the practitioner.

It is the latter of these–a procedure that provides union (i.e., yoga) with the Divine (and therefore the universe)–that gives Enochian its power. This power is frightening and heretical to most Western Christian denominations (I cannot speak to Eastern Orthodox Churches). After all, Jesus has made humanity right with God, provided we recognize him as “the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no one comes to the Father except by/through” Him (John 14:6). Note that Jesus uses the present tense–not “no one will ever come to the Father,” but “no one comes to the Father.” Am I stretching too much here, inferring too much about what Jesus says about the relationship with God and when? Read on: interestingly, Jesus goes on to say that He is in the Father and vice versa, that he will provide another advocate (i.e., one like Jesus, whom Jesus calls “the Spirit of Truth,” thought in theological terms by most to mean the Holy Spirit), who will be in the disciples. This suggests, frankly, that the Father continues to be in the disciples, giving them union with God. He then continues to say “I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.” An awful lot of sharing of this Divinity, wouldn’t you say? It’s almost as if union with the Divine is the whole point here.

The frightening heresy to denominations in these verses is that God is in the heart of a believer, yet we are still human. We should not aspire to be Divine, the thinking goes, but some unclear version of similarity with the Divine. To that I say–that’s not how it works, at least in Enochian. In Enochian, you learn the heavenly and, ultimately, Divine nature we already are, after using each Aethyr to slowly peel back ego-based delusion. It is this delusion of the ego that feeds the dependency upon the hierarchy of authority.

How does Enochian fit into the grand scheme of other religions? It’s a different form of esoteric Christianity from Gnosticism in that there isn’t some grand conspiracy of cosmic beings who are keeping us deluded, but rather, our own thinking and ego- and mind-identification. It certainly has a deity, but this deity is systemic to the universe (as shown through its identification with mathematics; this suggest pantheism or panentheism), and we are a part of the universe. It may be trite to say that everything is divine, but the point of Enochian is to learn exactly what that means. It is a “suchness.” It is Tathata. Understanding (Binah) this means learning to let go of other kinds of thinking and being, and instead become what one truly is: divine, in all the glory of divinity. Enochian cosmology has excellent, but probably not always perfect, complementarity with Buddhism and other Eastern traditions. Regardless, I am of the view that Enochian, and specifically the Enochian language in general prayers and in modifications made to the 19th Enochian Call to the Aethyrs, can be used especially well to produce the esoteric attainments or states of these and likely other religions.

If Enochian is a religion, it’s highly personal. It comes from personal revelation and interaction with the angelic and the Divine. For Westerners especially, it’s about knowing your place in the cosmic order (and probably getting therapy). One becomes better aligned with the world and every realm one interacts with, yet this reflects the changes to perspective and therefore one’s reactions, all due to Divine revelation. In this sense, it’s not dogmatic, but it’s also not a mere spiritual practice. It probably belongs as a course in Universalist religions of all stripes. Obviously, this would mean that it is fundamentally compatible with most other religions.

Let me know your thoughts!

How I make my planetary talismans

A talisman, strictly speaking, a visual seal (sigil) of magical intent that is energetically charged to bring wanted things toward you; it has typically been contrasted with amulets which repel unwanted things. In Western traditions nowadays, this line is a little blurry, so this post refers to both, but only those related to astrological talismans. Any time is possible to do magick. Elemental magick is always available, no matter the circumstances. Astrological magick is also always available, and can be tweaked via planetary banishing and invoking, but it’s a bit more like playing a game of cards, in which you can discard some cards and draw others.

I start my planetary talisman process based on the desired astrological energy. To do this, you need to have familiarity with basic astrology and what makes a planet’s energy strong as well as harmonious with other planets. Once the dominant planetary energy is selected, I pick the time and the base metal. Paper is fine but not as durable energywise as metal. Classically each astrological planet has its own metal; of the seven planets, only four have metals that are realistic to use nowadays: Saturn’s and Mercury’s metals (lead & mercury, respectively) are toxic, and the sun’s metal, gold, is toxic to your bank account! I substitute silver, the moon’s metal, for these three planets, because the moon is “closest” to the earth in the medieval tradition.

Once I have the metal picked, I begin the design; there’s not much imagination on my part in designing talismans. If a planetary talisman, I begin by looking up the magic square for that planet. This will be the center of the overall design, and also tells me the number of elements to incorporate into the talisman, including the numbers of the square itself (but not the grid). I usually go with the sum of a given row or column.

Once I have the number of elements, I incorporate the names of the selected deities and/or archangels associated with the planet & its sephira. In the Hermetic tradition, these can be found by looking them up ina correspondence resource such as 777, 776_1/2, or Thelemapedia (in the case of a Mars talisman, for example, I use row 27, and perhaps also row 5 for the sephira it rules, Geburah); these are all based on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (which itself is largely based on Agrippa: see below); I have yet to explore other similar orders’ materials such as Aurum Solis but this is forthcoming, I’m sure. I then start counting the letters in the deity names and try to use some combination of them that adds up the the planetary square total (in the case of the Mars talisman, 65). Also, I do one final check for the planetary seal from Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Book 1, Chapter 33. My standard approach is to have the names parallel to each of the four sides of the square (placed according to the Four Worlds associations in the Kabbalah and/or stacked as necessary according to the hierarchy in which they fit; the planetary seal I break into four parts which go at the corners, in a rounded formation of long enough).

Once the design is complete, it comes to a method of charging the talisman. Here you’re asking the deity or angel to do you a solid and please charge your talisman. Angels work in the capacity of their deity, so appeal to that connection, and deities like it when you approach via the things they are connected to (such as the incenses or plants in a correspondence book like 777–the more the better, but there is diminishing returns, so don’t dip into your savings! If money is an issue, cultivate sincerity and it will make up for it). Use a picture of the appropriate animal, a small clipping of the appropriate plant, light the appropriate incense, etc. Next, perform the planetary invoking ritual (I use the Greater Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram) to call forth the energy associated with your astrological election. Then I usually will either do an invocation for the deity to temporarily inhabit my body (choose your deity wisely!) and provide a charge to the object, or a call to the angel by appealing to its deity. I will usually modify Liber Israfel for the former; for the latter, it depends on the system. Enochian has specific methods to call upon its angels; similarly, the Shem-Hamphorasch has its own 72 angels and various authors have books on contacting them. Once those methods are done you make your request to the angel(s) that you have called to charge the talisman for you.

One alternative to the entity method is energy work, such as Chi or Reiki (though the latter still accesses divine entities). Reiki is probably better since it explicitly calls on the energy of the heavens (which, you know, where the stars and planets are), but Chi could probably also be used, if you set a strong intention to only use the more terrestrial energy that fully reflects the celestial.

Here we come to a point not to be overlooked: timing is essential. Unlike other astrologers, my view of an event is to look at the definitive “birthing” portion. Just as astrologers typically use a birth time and not a conception time, events or even ideas have to be birthed and not just stirred or conceived. A seed doesn’t count as a new plant just because it’s been planted, or watered, or the like. The seed emerge from its shell and touch the air and light as well as put down its first root. I dwell on this point because, well, you have to time your actions to culminate as closely to the time you’ve elected.

That’s it: you now have a charged talisman!

On attempting to unify angelic systems

Having worked with different systems of angelic magick (including the Shem Hamphorasch and, of course, Enochian), part of me has wondered how the different systems relate to one another. Having requested this of God for the last few weeks, I received a vision of a spiral emanating from a center point, and am receiving the following transmission:

“All things proceed from the Center that is God, the solar God, the God balanced across All. Behold the angels who proceed, radiating from this Center, first from this pure-light Center, then turning at the four quarters, until, having completed these turns, they complete the wheel.

“The angels of the Shem Hamphorasch, they proceed from the Holy use of this same turning of the Holy Logos.

“The angels of the angelic language [Enochian], also proceeding from this spiral, but from a many-dimensional spiral emanating from this Center.

“Every angelic system can be found to correspond with this emanation from the Center, and followed back thereto.”

Miniature SDAs

Those familiar with the Enochian system are likely aware of the Sigillum Dei Aemeth (SDA), or “Seal of God’s Truth,” a disc made of beeswax which is carved by the magician. This gorgeous seal has on its top an outer ring segmented into 40 parts, which circumscribes a heptagon of 49 spaces (7 for each side), which touches an inner heptagram at the points, within which are two more heptagons, the inner of which touches a pentagram. On the bottom, the Notarikon AGLA (Atah Gibor Le-olam Adonai,” or “Thou art powerful forever, Lord”) is written in a clockwise formation, within which several interlocking crosses are arranged.

There are hundreds of letters and numbers to be written on the spaces in the front in order to complete this seal. This can be done, but it takes patience on the 9″ version to do so when working with the beeswax: it an immense amount of when working on the four 4″ versions! My recommendation is to do so on the miniature (4″) SDAs soon after making the geometric template (and not waiting for a year, as I did!). Another caution is that it’s much easier to make a mistake with these, so be patient and careful. Double-check each place before lettering it. However, the angelic “high” that comes from making these smaller pieces of the temple furniture is the same as for the SDA, so it’s worth it from that perspective alone.

I’ll be reporting back after having done the lettering on all 4 of these. Chances are I’ll re-scry LIL again (that being my main Enochian activity nowadays).

Aethyr working: LIN

[March 2, 2019].

I am following the technique of placing attention on attention, and meta-attention, and further meta-awareness on meta-awareness. It appears that the angels are waiting for me to complete this, so I continue. Eventually I have a vision of chaos of all awareness, which in my mind seems like a whirling cloud: it’s a lot for me to handle, so I continue to gaze into the mirror. I see a bit of a pond. They instruct me to close my eyes, so I see a stream emptying into a pond. This parallels the nature field visions from prior Aethyrs. I’m reminding myself of lovingkindness; I continue on that meditation for a bit.

I’m staring into the pond, and from it arises a great angel. The angel is appearing to some extent on the HTOP. I’m trying to maintain awareness and union. It’s a large—probably 7- or 8-foot angel. He’s taking me by the hand. We’re walking upon the water. I am—he sets me upon the ground, and I am, partly on account of my meditative state, I am turning into millions and billions of particles. These are swirling, and he is swirling himself in a similar manner, and he instructs me to take on my human form (usually it’s the other way around), so I do that. As part of this, I put awareness on awareness—and I’m going to take this a step further and continue to put Briatic and Yetziratic and Atziluthic awareness on awareness, all sort of returning me to that same spot, and so on: infinite regress. This is a lot for my mind to take on (I strain at the concentration). That’s okay: I’m noticing these changes and I am doing the infinite regress thing and putting awareness on just my physical and metaphysical state.

I’m instructed to breathe, so I’m breathe. I can feel the energy throughout my physical body change, so I put my meta-awareness on all of that, and putting myself back into that state of union [with awareness], and then putting awareness on that union repeatedly, and I’m feeling this very large current of energy now, and he instructs me that this is the path to the ultimate union, and to continue on that path, and that he is very pleased with the progress. I’m very grateful for such progress, but I’m trying to avoid an ego boost, but he says it’s nothing, it

[the ego]

is a delusion and it [consciousness] is merely a flow, so I’m feeling it in my solar plexus right now. He is linking it—he is showing me earth—but he doesn’t want it to be too much of an earthly feeling, so he’s taking me up into heaven.

In heaven, this same feeling in my solar plexus is extending out to, in this lightning-like way, to all of these other beings in heaven. He says this is Chokmah, and to continue that meditative state, and so I do, putting awareness on awareness, meta-awareness, and awareness on union, and I’m including, because this is now the case, the object of awareness is heaven itself. I’m proceeding to put awareness on awareness on heaven itself, (I strain) and it is very powerful feeling energy right now that is opening up, and the angel says to hold off, to just take it down a step. I say, “OK.” He says this is going to continue to get more intense as I continue through [the Aethyrs]. He instructs me that this is the proper path for me to do it, this is well worth the while, and I’m—even as I’m expressing concern about the amount of energy [expended]—he says to just continue with it, to continue with this method.

So I say “Okay.” My mind flits upon the watchtowers [that I have yet to build], he says that everything is already here and coming together. I’m looking at alternative ways [to build the watchtowers], needed to build it. [Here the angel provides instructions to build the watchtower tablets that I made in my possession.] He mentions that the angels like geometry. He tells me to continue at my job; I say “OK.” He reminds me that that which I desire is grand, difficult, but not impossible. He notes my interest in political engagement; he informs me that truly this inner focus is more important right now; he reminds me that these are vicissitudes. I ask about the moral nature of my preferred candidate, whom he says is very moral; I ask if it is plausible, wise, and in the nature of the Divine Will to help this candidate win, and I am getting a very affirmative yes. Indeed, at this moment, it is not merely a matter of if but when I should move forward politically: “For behold, it has been destined.” This generates skepticism in me on account of that affirmation, just because I understand the nature of this [i.e., that spirits often flatter].

I ask if there is anything they would like to share for my magical colleagues. The angel tells me that God is waking the minds of humanity, and that people who practice magick are carrying out their co-divine role in the cosmos…that it should be turned (if it is to be done in the most appropriate manner) toward this liberation of human consciousness and setting humanity into its state of sustainability and expansion (e.g., into the cosmos). I express skepticism, but he tells me to be silent on that matter [Editorial note: there is tension between sustainability and expansion). I say, “OK,” but acknowledge my own divinity, so he bows to my own as well. There suddenly seems to be a great deal of angels who appear at this point. I remember to practice lovingkindness and once again to place attention on attention. He tells me that every time I do this consistently and with enough effort I will be reminded once again of my state of nature. So, I allow the vision to continue and I’m packed full of angels around me. I’m seeing a very solid—it’s as if goldened iron, or cast into this very strong steel—or, you throw in the mercurial quality of mercury with the denseness of lead—they [all of these kinds of metals] are all merging together, and this is how the path before me is laid out. And I’m getting a message: if it is [your] True Will to be wise, then the acts carried out with respect to that True Will are to gain and act from Wisdom, which means that they will always be ever-changing. They will be much more mercurial, and indeed I’m shown this sort of direct line of uniting different natures.

At any rate I feel there’s a very large contingent of angelic forces. There’s a feeling of mutual respect; a very large nexus, which for someone who is an introvert to become aware of, having an extremely extroverted spiritual side—seeing all of these angels and interacting with them [is ironic]. I thank the angels for their time and for their wisdom and their insight, and with that the vision ends.