Enochian Today, Day 1

Why Enochian?

Teach me, o Creator of all things, to have correct Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding, for your Crown I deeply desire. Speak Your Word in my ear, o Creator of all things, and set your Wisdom and Understanding in my Heart. Amen.

— my modification to John Dee’s opening prayer prior to working Enochian magick

Enochian magick requires a lot of dedication and personal growth. I put it in the high-investment, moderate-risk, high-reward category of magick (sigil magick, in contrast, seems low-investment, variable-risk, variable-reward, depending on the skill of the magician). The more you put in, the greater and longer-lasting the rewards will be.

Getting started with simple paper materials is a good start, but having done it with the original materials, the latter works better. If cost is an issue, start with paper materials, then do the next step up in cost. The Sigillum Dei Aemeth / SDA only requires that you buy or borrow a 9″ cake tin for under $10, use a toothpick with a marker at 1.5″, then melt about $15-$20 worth of beeswax into a layer, let it cool, and then carve away using available online templates. Further additions can be done similarly.

To learn more about the subject and start on the path to high reward, I heartily recommend, in this order:

For a quick start: Enochian Vision Magick by Lon Milo DuQuette.

For the definitive history and additional magickal perspective, John Dee & the Empire of Angels by Jason Louv.

For more information on the Enochian language: The Angelical Language, Vol. I & Vol. II, by Aaron Leitch.

For practical work: Mastering The Great Table: Volume II, by Scott Michael Stenwick (I haven’t used Volumes I or III but I’m certain they are of similar quality).

Jason Louv offers a course on Enochian magick on Magick.Me; Scott Stenwick and Aaron Leitch joined forces with Jason Newcomb to offer a 7 Day Master Class. Both are excellent.