Substituting Words in the Call to the Aethyrs

I’ve mentioned substituting certain Enochian words into the call of the Aethyrs: Ananael (secret wisdom, or Chokmah) and Momao (crown, or Kether), Maoffas Olpirt (limitless light, or Ain Soph Aur), and Maoffas (limitless(ness) or Ain Soph). I have worked with other words and can recommend the following other words:

Ialpirgah (“flames of the first glory”; an energizing effect which almost seems like the experience of the Big Bang).

Laiad (“secrets of truth”; an exploration of oneself and unknown circumstances & futures).

Monons (“heart”; an intimate look within).

Pronoa (neo-Enochian, “alchemical love”).

One’s own name (a trippy realization of all who you are in the present moment—use your Holy Guardian Angel’s name as the ruling being over this experience, as you would the zodiacal king(s) in an Aethyr). Note that this can be done with others’ names, which should only be done with consent.

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