DIY Enochian: Added Watchtower Tablets

Update 3: Added 19×19 table.

Update 2: Fixed a missing reversal to an A in the Great Table, and added the mandala of the capitalized letters.

Update 1: After some review, I have discarded the tablets in favor the Corrected Great Table (Tabula Recensa). I used the Sloane 3191 Folio 52 as my reference, and made a single change to one of the letters in it (as it seemed to be missing the reversed R in the name PARAOAN). This was not an easy decision, but seems confirmed by the angels. I give my rationale for both decisions in the document itself.

I have added the Watchtower TabletsGreat Table to the DIY Excel Spreadsheet. As usual, you’ll need the Enochian font and the Enochian flip font; may need both versions of the latter, which are here: Version 1. Version 2. The flip font was created by Marco; please send him a tip for his work!

Here’s the latest version. I’m trying to stay on top of updating of the previous posts as well. I’ll try adding a simple SDA (many of the online ones are okay, but inaccurate in places–I hope to improve on them).

Enochian Implements v14 by Cliff of Enochian Today is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

3 thoughts on “DIY Enochian: Added Watchtower Tablets”

      1. I miss you every single day!
        You’re always with me.
        Nothing ever changes. Lol.
        If you want to catch up sometime, I would love that. I’m still always here and still the same. I imagine your trees growing. ❤️ Happy birthday again and I hope you will find something special that feels good to enjoy. Also some cake! ☺️


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