Enochian Tools: Banners

Update: I decided to sew the Enochian god names for the north & south onto proper silk backgrounds. No photos so this post stays unspammy, but they definitely seem better to me.

One of the challenges in starting with Enochian is getting enough of the tools to do the rituals properly. Ironically, one of the last things I wound up creating was the Enochian banners, which is one of the less expensive tools to make! It wasn’t clear to me, though, what the order and color scheme of the banners should be. The correct order and color correspondences of the banners has caused confusion in Enochian practitioners, which modern authors have noted. The names of God on them are clear enough:


Ultimately, I decided to use the color and directional correspondences which match the Tabula Recensa: ORO IBAH AOZPI to the east, MPH ARSL GAIOL to the south, OIP TEAA PDOCE to the west, and MOR DIAL HCTGA to the north. See the finished banners below (east is shown at top):

I will be updating the Enochian implements page to include the banners. Note that this should not necessarily be considered definitive, as different authors have taken different views as to what directions and colors should be associated with the names on these banners.

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