Gebofal, Day 16

Sunrise: Call to Aethyr of OXO, call to King BLUMAZA after Stenwick’s method.

I generate compassion from the transparent heart. I feel a force pulling my heart away from me and downward. I ignore this and continue. Now I see that my heart has things on it trying to pull it down, and which are dripping downward from it, creating an inverse teardrop effect. I see a mirror below the heart, and now I see that this mirror is actually the larger Heart of the Divine, and my heart is actually nested within It.

So now I wonder what I ought to do to get my heart aligned with the Heart of All, as I have prayed (see Prayer 111). Partly I’m told that this is God needing to choose His time to align with me, but the angels also say that there are certain things that I need to let go of, such as my reputation. I acknowledge and try to work on my heart so that it’s not clinging to those things.

What I see happen now is that there’s a golden shimmer about my heart, which causes it to become more closely aligned with the Heart of All. I see this magnetized take me on my journey. The feel of this was the same in my first trip through the Aethyrs, in which I saw golden overlay about glass eggs, inside of which were seeds of the True Will, which were floating atop a muddy existence.

This is the higher octave of this; rather than seeds in the mud of samsara, now it’s a being’s heart within the Heart of the Divine, and there is still a central point within this Heart, and there’s a guiding factor which will allow a certain blooming to appear. The angels are saying that I should use my heart of compassion to circulate the circumference of daily existence. Such will allow my heart to continue to move according to this path. The angels say that all of what I’ve seen in this vision is predicated on my continuing this lovingkindness.

The governors and king tell me to be of good cheer, for that which God hath sows, such does He also reap.

Noon: Similar procedure.

The angels are reminding me to generate compassion, which I do. I’m trying to let go of a few moments before and after this scrying, and instead stay focused on the present. I vibrate the king’s and governors’ names, and feel some energy coming off the holy table, and off of the seal of King BLUMAZA.

Once again, I feel my heart come out and drop down. The angels are saying that the water I took in from the Golden Cube a couple of sessions ago is itself magnetized to seek the Center of the Heart of God. The angels remind me that as I begin to approach this Center, that is what the fixed stars (the movement according to the True Will) will seem like to me. It’s a series of successive approximations by which one slowly approaches the Center in the Divine. One is trying to get as close as one can to being balanced, and still working toward the Heart of God, and being completely in tune with that: one gets so very close toward the end. They’re saying that, ideally, all beings would be as concentric spheres, with their centers being at the very Center of God at the very end. “Thus, His Glory would be magnified.” But even if you’re not quite there, as long as one is centered within the Heart of God, and the center of God is somewhere within one’s heart, then many blessings come upon such as that.

I call upon my HGA briefly. It’s like doing so causes additional heart surgery within me. It’s like God is saying that there are things for me to do, and that they all seem different when you have This Heart about you. I agree. The water within me is magnetized, He says; the golden shimmer is about me. He bids me continue to remind myself and to stay in the habit such that this compassion is about me always. I ask for any way for it to generally top of mind; He says it will always be with me, I just have to work at it in order to make it habit.

My mind leaps ahead to Day 49; God says to just take that whole week off: an unusually direct command by the Divine, and he advises that I spend time meditating and outside, and to not be overly distracted. There’s this attunement between both my hands, and my heart, and the vision ends.

Sunset: Similar procedure. Note: There was unfounded doubt just before this session, but it wasn’t mine.

I generate compassion again, including towards that voice that was feeling doubt. I contextualize it, and try to put it through this same compassion. I feel the issue bodily, in manipura, and allow myself to feel whatever pain is there. The feeling moves lower down later, and I take a similar approach of compassion and allowing the feeling of pain. It eventually exits.

The angels take me up, and note this same movement within the Heart of God, toward the Center. The sensation which I was feeling is now looking like the same dripping down and off of me that I saw yesterday. The angels say that today’s physical issues created a bit of a wobble about this path towards the Center, but it’s settled down now. The angels say that although I’m not feeling the best, overall it’s pretty decent, considering what I put my system through.

I feel a bit about my sahasrara chakra, and the angels are lifting me up. There’s like a massage about this area; it feels like a transmission trying to come through, so I try to be still. I’m partly being taken out of my body, but I let the angels know that I will still need to be able to speak about the experience; my Holy Guardian Angel comes forward and speak as I see myself in the center of a palace:

“The Palaces of the Almighty, indeed, the Hekhalot: a Divine Prism, for all that is to be contained within a Divine Heart: you feel the aching within: allow yourself to align with the aching. Indeed, this aching shall unfold, and it shall create a tear within your eye, as it creates the tear within everyone’s eye: that tear which bringeth people together to hug, and to weep, and to create beautiful art. Fall down upon thy knees, Son of Man, Son of God, Son of Earth! not in despair, but in rejoicing, for the heart leaps out of its chest at such grand beauty, the grand tune of which is heard upon every eardrum which may hear, and the collective sight of which enters in through every iris of every eye which may see, and which shuddereth down the spine of every being to feel it.”

“Would you indeed, pour yourself into this, as a pitcher of water?” “Yes, I would, o God.”

“Would you indeed, pour yourself into this, as a pitcher of water?” “Yes, thirty times would I! Seventy times seven would I!”

“So be it, Son of Man, Son of God, Son of Earth. You are always poured into this, the glass which catcheth the tears of God. Pour this into the cup of every being whom thou encountereth.”

My heart lifts up at this. It’s a beautiful vision, and I’m humbled by this.

I ask the angels whether they, in their mercy, have more to show me. My sahasrara and ajna chakras feel like they’re being fused, or very directly connected, in this way. The angels are saying that this will undo that blinding which I’ve had to my natal moon. This will be an unfolding of the moon in its fullness. I’m starting to get the sense that all seven of the planets will be reconciled before the Aethyr of ZIP, and the angels agree. I express my gratitude.

The vision ends.

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