Starting a solution to the empty Loagaeth cells

One of the things that became clear to me as I studied this book is that those tables that were unfinished–in which every other letter was missing–should have a solution that is apparent. Having gotten deeper into the process of copying it and, of course, worrying as to whether I’m getting it right, I noticed that there was a note above Leaf 43a and posted as such on Scott Stenwick’s blog, Augoeides. The note essentially said, “This table should be filled out and the first line is given to you.” This seems to indicate a solution similar to that given to The Book of Soyga, discovered by Jim Reeds in 2006.

It looks as though the table should be a combination of re-ordered and substituted: the first capital letters given in the first row match the last letters of the preceding row (“The last shall be first”) and then seem to back up 14 places (2*7, with 7 being an important number to this system, and of course, the places of the four capital letters are separated two at a time, 1-3-5-7). The lowercase letters are also of interest and may be either a reordering (matching places 2-4 & 7 in the preceding row) or a substitution (the former is tempting without diving deeper into it, but more likely the latter, since not all letters in a given row match those in the preceding row).

I’ll try to see if a generalized solution is revealed, and will keep you posted.

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