Talismanic elections, 2nd half of 2020 through end of 2021: Talisman 3, True Node exaltation

There weren’t extra-special elections that I found for a talisman in 2021 (this may change as I study the ephemeris more deeply), so I have only selected just one for the entire year: the true node exaltation in September 2021. This simple election takes advantage of a grand air trine including the true node, the ascendant, and the moon in early Gemini (don’t worry, this isn’t anywhere near an eclipse!), the sun, Part of Fortune, and Mars in Libra, and Saturn in its domicile in Aquarius and not within a 5-degree square of Uranus at this particular time of the year. The sun and Mars in their fall and detriment, respectively, should feel somewhat less frustrated via their enclosure of the Part of Fortune.

Together, the ascendant and moon should bring a subtle sense of the winds of the moment–a perfect fit for airy Gemini! Happily, Jupiter trines Mercury, and lands in the 9th house where the MC resides, and the MC also moderates the erratic energy of Uranus via its sextile. The only thing missing, it seems, is that the Ascendant and the MC are not conjunct any fixed star. Oh, well: you can’t win them all!

I would expect such a talisman, with its ascendant in my 11th house, to bring a better social sense, which is something that I could honestly use! The other placements are extraordinarily heavy in air, which could be a great complement to all the fire in my natal chart–it nearly completes a grand sextile with m in synastry.

For this talisman, I recommend evoking (or, if you wish, invoking) the angel Sagarash is the angel of the first decan of Gemini according to Rose Manning, and Yezelel is Shemhamphorasch angel associated with the first half-decan of Gemini according to Damon Brand. Each has their own technique that can easily be modified to charge a talisman.

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