Getting started with Aethyrs: reports on TEX.

I thought I’d share some experiences with students who have gone through my Enochian magick classes; as part of the class, we scry the lowest of the Aethyrs, TEX. I’ve also called this Aethyr with a couple of other people. Here are some reported effects:

One student reported seeing a tunnel with red and orange colors, then a white angelic being who was about 10-12 feet tall (the height of the ceiling) in a robe. He also felt a heat on one side of his face.

Another reported feeling spun around like a top (“whirling” is a common experience in TEX). She also saw colors.

A third reported just a sense of serenity.

A fourth reported whirling as well as seeing a lot of geometric shapes.

A fifth reported a sense of deep quiet in her mind (which is otherwise very busy).

A sixth reported feeling whirling around her. I asked her if she could see this whirling, and she said no, but interestingly, she said that she had very bad eyesight as a child and as a result, she has almost no visualization ability.

One of the things that’s been of interest to me is that I have also been blessed with visions of what is happening in the room as these effects happen and so can report to folks in the room what I’m seeing.

That said, it’s easier with fewer people. 🙂

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