Aethyr workings: TEX, RII, BAG

Below are transcripts of my scryings of the first three Aethyrs from earlier this year; I ultimately scried all 30 Aethyrs (January through May of this year). I recommend people do NOT try to scry all 30 Aethyrs in a short period of time: instead, allow mind and your subtle body time to incorporate what you have learned from each Aethyr.

If an Aethyr has made you uncomfortable, it might be a good time to take some time to sort out your feelings, your lifestyle, and also do some energy work, and then afterward re-scry that Aethyr. In my experience, the ascent up the Aethyrs is seen as dangerous because aspirants push too far, too fast. This work breaks down your sense of self, and it takes time to become comfortable with that. In 2014, I had previously scried only about 10 Aethyrs (with paper equipment). In 2018, I made and purchased physical equipment and, though I scried all 30 Aethyrs earlier this year, I could tell that after ZID (the last of the Binah Aethyrs), the visions were incomplete. I then went ahead and proceeded with Chokmah, and then Kether, initiations. I ultimately re-scried the final 9 Aethyrs in the last couple of months and received a more complete vision. I intend to re-scry LIL repeatedly until it is a constant part of my consciousness.

Aethyr of TEX: I am shown a vision of myself. There are angels surrounding me and one touches me. This causes me to be become deconstructed and look much like Drax in Avengers: Infinity War. This, they tell me, is what the process is about: being deconstructed in this manner, the self I have will be completely taken apart. I was okay with it.

The vision ends.

Aethyr of RII: A more intense version of TEX; I was strapped to a chair this time and my flesh sliced away from me more realistically. I was okay with this as well.

The vision ends.

Aethyr of BAG: [Jan 27, 2019]. I see many stars. They are whirling in a clockwise vortex, now a spiral, and they are descending now upon both sahasrara and upon the HTOP—correction, upon the Sigillum Dei Aemeth. They are asking me to move the Round Tablet of Nalvage, which I do, placing it to the East of the SDA. The stars/angels appear to be popping around me like popcorn. They are greeting me, “Hello.” I am going to meditate a bit: they are encouraging me to ask questions, but I would rather be in a more meditative state before I do that. So let me begin; I hold my wand upright using both of my hands (in prayer, if I recall correctly). The stars seem to be forming more of a human shape. There’s a red-robed figure. It is giving me a grand hug.

“Are you from the Aethyr of BAG?” I ask. It responds affirmatively; I chant the names of the governors just to be sure: LABNIXP, FOCISNI, OXLOPAR. The red-robed figure turns into thousands of bats. From it, a young adolescent woman emerges, silently approaches and offers me her hand, which I take. She shows me a great crevice into the Void: I enter. I feel flesh tearing away from me, and I proceed. I am now merely a skeleton. My bones collapse to the ground. I am viewing this from outside my body. At first the skeleton is flopping around like a marionette. Now, all of the bones are gathered again in a mortar, being ground down by a pestle. They are being ground down. I see flecks of gold, with the bone dust being blown away: the gold remains. I’m asked, “Do you accept your death?”

“Yes I do.”

All of the gold dust is shaken into nature, a field, alighting upon it and mixing in with the dew upon the field. It’s a pleasant and calming scene. A monster rears its head briefly, a vast, titanic monster, like a sea creature with a long, narrow snout. It seems like unto Leviathan (the creature, not the demon). He’s tearing through the field. He grabs me (what appears to be my body). He’s shaking it left and right, violently like a dog with a dead animal or a toy. I allow this to happen. My body lays lifeless; it is shorter than me, matching my height when I was about 12 or 13. This body has longer hair than I did then (i.e., shoulder length).

It shakes this dead version of me back and forth, tossing me away, at which point I’m caught up by angels, who are in medieval form. I’m lifted into heaven and placed upon a throne-like chair. The Almighty places his hand upon my entire body, which has returned to adult size. This matches the Old Testament version of God. I’m feeling areas of shame which are being slowly…not exorcised, but rather it feels as though they are cysts being liquidated. I’m seeing them excised, and told that these feelings of shame are overblown in my mind, so I let go to the divine healing.

“Thank you very much, Lord Almighty, Adonai.” He takes His hand away now. The angels are stretching me out—it feels like a moderate stretch but in reality my limbs go the length of a football field—this seems like having an expanded ego in the therapeutic/Western psychological sense, very broad (i.e., to be able to encompass more and more of reality and society). I’m being flown over the Earth; learning to give in to apocalyptic experience of death, the negation of shame and of self and of what one holds onto and holds dear personality-wise can give rise to joy. I feel healed by this, and the angels are encouraging me to continue this work and not to scry more than one Aethyr per day, which I take as very high wisdom. They return me to my mundane state, I receive hundreds of pecks/kisses and that my work in that Aethyr is done, and that recalling this lesson, I should be able to continue.

The vision ends.

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