Aethyr workings: NIA, TOR.

Aethyr of NIA: [Feb 22, 2019] I see the heavens opening up, again, as if there were a fissure in the sky. I am drawn straight up; I am allowed to keep my feet on the ground in the double-lower-leg manner that I had before [in UTI, i.e., two sets of legs protruding from one pair of hips, one for heaven and one for earth]. I am seeing many angels, a myriad of them. They are whirling around me, a bit like bats in Batman’s batcave.

I am looking around: it is quiet. ORCANIR reveals himself and whisks me up into the heavens. It is as if that dark veils are being opened up and peeled away. I’m to understand that this is both a heavenly vision, as if it is the emptiness within heaven that allows things to move, but it is also a metaphor for space. I am seeing a representation of the hypercube, which was something I was looking up earlier today. It is spinning around and rotating, and it appears as if it is instructions: I’m being told that the 24 points [sic—should be “faces”] represent the 24 Watchtower angels [elders]. He is indicating with a vigorous affirmative that a new angel set is seeking to be made manifest via this 4D regular polytope. I ask what name of God and what shape to use, what polytope. He is suggesting either the 1st (the hypercube) or the 2nd beyond the hypercube (the 16-cell/hexadecachoron); the 2nd will be more effective down the line, but the 1st will become more relevant sooner. So, I ask, as a practical matter, then, the 1st one should come first, and he nods in assent.

I ask again what name of God to use. He replies that it is a personal decision to me, and I am floating many ideas throughout my mind: Hebrew names seem of interest, but it seems like there is one, like the God of the Universe seems good, perhaps in Latin. He smiles a knowing assent that that will become clear to me as soon as I look into it. He’s busily moving me along. To note his shape, he seems somewhat human, he’s only appearing briefly as if it’s just a perfunctory task. So I’m accepting that with lovingkindness, and remembering to perform lovingkindness for all beings. He’s showing me a dark part of myself to love, so I’m loving that, and he is showing me space once again. It’s as if he’s wanting me to understand a lesson about space, and the unfolding of God and the Divine within it, and so I am remembering my divine status, and am considering a certain amount of space that I need to allow for myself. I’m wondering if this is not a good explanation for the necessary pauses of workings [in the Aethyrs], and he sort of smiles as he leads me along.

I’m being led to a calf, and I’m somewhat led to understand that this calf—it is not me (I am a Taurus, so this could have been an incorrect conclusion), but it will become very important to me. And he’s telling me to simply accept it: so I do. The vision seems to be coming to a close, so he asks me if there’s anything else I would like to know, so I ask three questions: 1) What messages do you have for humanity? “Love your neighbor as yourself,” or The Platinum Rule is an improvement, he acknowledges. 2) How can I better prepare myself [for the remaining Aethyrs]? “Continue on, smooth out these rough edges,” they won’t prevent me [from progressing], but they’ll make the transition easier: meditation is still indicated. 3) To what sephirah should I understand this [vision]? “To Binah,” it is, once again, just an outer layer of it, and so other sephiroth may be seen by it, but it is about Binah.

I am very grateful and say “Thank you,” and he merely pats me on the shoulder, and the vision is come to a close.

Aethyr of TOR: [Feb. 24th, 2019]. I am scolded; I know what this is for, and I am seeking the forgiveness of God. The angels are doing energy work around me and are doing me the great favor of protection.

I’m being whisked away in a sphere. I’m told that it is a hypersphere. I’m being sent through clouds. RONOAMB is a giant; I’m not yet seeing his form. He is opening—cutting open—the hypersphere along the seam, or rather creating a seam. It opens up perfectly, sort of like the shape of Pac-Man when he is dying. The hypersphere was black, and I’m surrounded now by light. I’m seeing a long-haired male figure. I’m told that this is once again RONOAMB. There’s this blackish, darkish outline figure against the black, and I’m seeing it pointing to a point. I’m taken to the letter Drux, and within it is another letter Drux

This is similar to a previous vision I had with a trident. That is what I’m being told the significance of this is. An echoing “Nuh-nuh-nuh” sound (like what Chevy Chase’s character in Caddyshack made as he was putting). I’m told to follow along. I’m seeing now that this through-line or crossing line to the arc of each Drux letter is similar to the backbone of mammals. Each of the arcs is a pair of ribs in the ribcage. I walk along it. The last Drux, interestingly, is the pelvis, so that is a metaphor for this through-line of the pelvis, so that is a metaphor for the power of the letter, it’s a very sexual letter, and very libidinous in the sense of that energy running along that entire torso-length of vertebrae. I’m being told that this continues even into the skull. The skull is the ultimate version of this: it has this brain which is its own sort of crossing section (to the skull containing it), but the letter Drux can be drawn over and over again into areas of the skull—the jawline of the mandible, from profile view, as well as the eyes, and the pupils, and the rotation along the final neck vertebra, again, to the teeth with the tongue as the crossing line. This is a very interesting insight.

I’m being shown in a clinical sense someone making love: for a mounting position, the torso with the legs to the knees represent the semicircle, with the penetrating motion being the crossing line. For the recipient, it’s the same principle, but slightly inverted, but the same principle is at play. The ovaries are shown as circle with the crossing line being the Fallopian tubes (as with the testicles & the vas deferens), and the curvature at the back of uterus can be considered a semicircle with the cervix & entryway being the crossing line. I’m witnessing a fetus within this, the curvature of the fetus and the umbilical cord as a crossing line. This is very interesting and very direct overlay.

RONOAMB is becoming clearer to me. He’s taking on my form, which is fine. There is a bit of energy work and healing that he is doing, and I’m very grateful for this, and he’s wringing off the last of the darkness and working a few other energy points in me. I’m asking for an intuition along these lines, a permanent power of intuition. He tells me to maintain lovingkindness, and I mention that it’s difficult for humans sometimes, which he agrees with and we just move on. His hair is shorter than mine now.

I’m asking about death, and he shows the straightening/flattening of the arc figure into a straight line. As the curvature to the body is lost at the moment of death, the spirit comes up in that fashion and the crossing line rises up into heaven, and what’s heaven’s is heaven’s, and what is the earth’s is the earth’s. I find this a very interesting parallel to Jesus’ command: “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God what is God’s.” It’s not just a monetary, but a recapitulation of the human dilemma. He tells me if we can all just be more understanding of this, it would be a lot easier for all parties involved.

I’m asking what I can do to further my development: he reminds me of a past failure, which I acknowledge. He tells me to take a break, wait until the following weekend before I do any further scrying. Just allow this week to absorb all of this: “It will be a difficult week regardless,” so I accept this. He’s just advising me to be grounded, to exercise, and to finish [my working of] the Shem Hamphorasch angels, but that should really be all I am doing. Even to some extent, a more in-the-moment banishing is better than a formal banishing. By this, he means to work with the energies as they are rather than trying to transform them. Generally, it is a better idea, when one can, to work with the energies that one has, and that banishing is only indicated when the energies around oneself are sort of “forcing” one to do that, but as a matter of course, it’s not necessarily recommended—the latter is more of a beginner’s attitude, one that I should in general be past, excepting recent issues.

So I’m very grateful for this. I’m asking a bit about longer term: he’s showing a figure of himself. He’s transformed into a female figure, a bit younger than I am now. He’s reminding me of a vision of Madimi (in the Dee & Kelley workings) where she was half-covered in blood. RONOAMB in female form is showing herself unclothed and I’m seeing her transform herself into a light figure [note: this is a preview of BABALON]. She’s more luminous than Emma Thompson was in Angels in America. I’m seeing myself become like light. This is indicated through about the 5th or 6th Aethyr, at which point it will depend somewhat on the progress of my meditation.

An ego-driven vision appears, which I express skepticism of. The next portion suggests that perhaps through the 5th Aethyr, the vision will be clear, but it will be slightly more difficult on Aethyrs 4 through 1, when we get more into Kether, and that I will need to work hard on my meditation practice in order for it to work. I should anticipate that failure (i.e., incomplete visions) may indeed be a possibility in that sense, but it will start leading me down that path. I call upon my Holy Guardian Angel, and I’m asking for any additional help, and RONOAMB in female form pierces my HGA, and I’m seeing this golden form within him, and I’m seeing myself within this golden form—again, this same gold-flecked vision from prior Aethyrs. I’m seeing this divine energy comingle, become one with, and marry this—I ask whether this is more of a universe guiding me into the following form rather than the ego, and I’m told “yes.”

I feel a bit of my HGA merged in more on a permanent level with my heart. This was part of the process of why he faded into the background of my consciousness. “The marriage is not complete but it is the beginning of consummation, so to speak.” I’m very grateful for this.

After a time, the vision ends.

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