Principles of PRIAZIOR

I Ching divination on PRIAZIOR, 6/19/2019.

21, “Biting through”

7 —
6 – –
7 —
8 – –
6 – –
7 —

{changing to}
10, “Conduct”

7 —    
7 —    
7 —    
8 – –
7 —    
7 —    

It has been a longstanding truth that we are beings of light (considered neutrally with respect to sense modality), whether as sight or sound. What does this mean to us? To us individually, the nature of the light is often metaphorical, profound, and personal: it resonates particularly with us as a unique vision and voice, and not, so far as we can be sure, as any other’s. Yet this light relates to another universal aspect of our nature: we increase. By being able to see or hear, and to remember, we increase the vision and the voice.

As humans, we have a special relationship with our ability to increase the light: we communicate to one another, thus increasing the vision and the voice not only in our memory, but also in one another. We also communicate via light to the eyes, increasing the light via art or the written word, which can continue to radiate long after any one of us has died and is folded back into the universe. We also exchange and convert light across sensory modalities: images are created by spoken words, and stories and sounds of command are crystallized across time via signals and the written word, which itself can be visual or even tactile. Every remembrance internal and impression external is an increase to the light that has already passed. Our whispers become roars and ultimately vast brilliance on a cosmic scale.

Humanity increases the light. None of us is alone; not only are we those that increase the light, we are with those that increase it: we increase and play off of one another, as well as off of all beings which we may contact via the imaginal. Furthermore, we increase in number, we increase in quality and level.

Like all of earth, we store divine light and we reflect it, but, like God, we may also give (transmit) light. Indeed, we also bend light (including via refraction). Over time, using the powers of body, mind, and spirit, we have continued to unveil more light within the light. We continue to unveil the truths about the nature of light, shedding light upon light; color and intensity, invisible light such as infrared and ultraviolet light, the relationship of light to magnetism and gravity, and ultimately the fundamental laws and nature of the universe: all are illuminated. As the light increases, then do qualia become illumined, and we deal more intelligently with matter upon matter, to our greater Joy.

This Joy is the reconciliation with the Divine. Heaven and earth always seek to reconcile with each other—earth sends to heaven its highest aspirations, like sending forth the highest frequency and energy light (blues, purples, and indigo). Heaven, in turn, sends down its revelation in lower-frequency light (reds, oranges, and yellows) so that it may be understood. These colors mutually rotate around each other in a glorious intermingling column during revelation in the concave axis mundi. Harmony between heaven and earth is reflected on earth in glorious verdancy.

Light is unique in the universe, yet what lies behind the light? The natural flow of the universe is the proximal cause: the coming together of objects increases the light, the separation of objects increases the light. Like life, light enfolds into, and unfolds from, the universe. The fundamental nature of the universe includes the utter origin of light: merely focus on background radiation to see it. Our holography with the universe, arising from the Divine, is our share of divinity, and though we did not arise as beings ex nihilo, we share with the Divine the capacity to increase light. Yet never forget: light is in our nature. We are uniquely resonant with the light, and thereby we may increase the light, roaring it forth unto the earth and into the heavens.

Sweet child, thou who hast walked in darkness for so long:

Discover thy light.

Store thy light.

Be thy light.

Reflect thy light.

Bend thy light.

Choose how best to increase thy light in thy truest image.

Send forth thy light, that others may be illumined by it and may themselves increase it.

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