Neo-Enochian Words

I want to say this off the bat: I’m not calling these words “Enochian.”

I’m not calling these words “Enochian.”

I’m not calling these words “Enochian.”

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The Enochian system was received over 400 years ago, has been reconstructed from notes of its practitioners, and the only person who we know heard directly from the Enochian angels was Edward Kelley.

So please don’t say, “He said he has new Enochian words!”

What I have are words obtained via tablets from Prayer 19 in a prior post. I am calling these words “neo-Enochian” to avoid any and all confusion between these and the original Enochian language. I don’t consider myself the best scryer in the world, but I saw tablets a short time (about a week or so) after reciting this prayer, and from these tablets I obtained these words (usually, but not always, in a zig-zag line from some point on the tablets). A few additional words (those containing only D’s, L’s, & Z’s) were used following the technique as described by Leitch, who applied Agrippa’s technique to Enochian.

Here is the list of all the words that I have obtained via this method, as well as possible translations from my sources on Enochian translations (I welcome Enochian language enthusiasts & scriers to review the words for additional meanings):

AIMDEHAMA: An angel, “air of earth of living creatures”; guide into Chokmah.

ALMADAR: That place of purity.

AMESTAB: ME, ESE, and AB [angel names] in the fire of earth; united aspect, guide into Chokmah.

CARUBIAL: Angel name, guide into Chokmah. Compare with Kerubiel and Corabiel (another guide into Chokmah).

CORABIEL: Angel name, guide into Chokmah.

DEAVAEL: Angel name, guide into Chokmah. Compare Deva (Hinduism).

DRALCOM: United.

EEVOLORO: Angel name, guide into Chokmah.

EVALTIM: The angels E & VA in their absolute.

HALIAZAR: Express the emotion of the first path.

KOBLURAS: The Number of angels [of BLU] of the east.

KOSPAN: With the 12 pouring down fire.

KRESGALE: Unto the praise of the third.

LAGIBU: The first in glory

LAIXA: Let all around you dissolve into one.

LALMACORA: The first, the one, according to northern thunders.

LAMARZOM: All but the first surround and advance upon…

LAMIPZI: to merge, to unite, to wed.

LANAVA: First God with Va.

LANZIRG: Singular will of God.

LASAGA: The richness of GA.

LATOLEORO: The first of creatures created in the divine depths.

LCOMSLUA: Rotation.

LDAO: Diamond body.


LDBOPO: Transmute.

LDHAON: Divinely built organs of life.

LDABAXASPAR: Divine exchange.

LEAPRAVU: The 16th Aethyr (LEA) dwells in the work.

LETHAOGeL: Angel name, guide into Chokmah.

LEVITANES: The lunar of the Aethyr of TAN in government.

LIMPOZ: Shared treasure.

LIXOMVOG: God’s allowance of understanding of the fourth power [possibly the angel rank, or the fourth of those angels].

L-MOMUZ: Crown of Joy (plural, L-MOMUZU).

LOCTUM: Appointed by God to be an angel.

L-OGIZPUR: One with this fire of fire.

LOMRIPU: One place with no light of understanding.

LORAGARO: The first of the east, the archangel of the east, GAR, and the third minister of the sun, Ro.

L-REZIM: Exultations in ZIM.

LROMUA: Knowledge & Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

LUBUIZ: Second Guardian spirit, united with the first.

LUELPRONOG: One from one, that loveth the fourth.

LUNZEP: The daughter of light keeps the remaining one.

LUTATE: The first governor of UTA (i.e., TEDOOND).

LVOVARRA: The lung of the good (merciful) dragon.

LZARZA: Courses of ZA.

LZEZIP: The united fiery angels of the Aethyr of ZIP.

LZISTUM: Whirlpool.

MORASOMEL: Angel name, “the high head of the eastern fire of earth and the understanding of God.” Guide into Chokmah.

NORSCANIN: You sons of action in your moments.

OLOVIDES: Angel name, guide into Chokmah.

ORVOREMP: Hailstones appear before us.

POROMA: The secret sun of God which giveth understanding.

PRIAZIOR: Those that increase [light or any other sense modality; see Chapter 2].

PRONOA: Love in the alchemical sense.

QOGVAGO: The contents of speech of the fourth, the last of the fourth & transplanter of gifts.

RESCABAVA: Praised, and governeth in purple.

UMOPOM: Named “the 22 of understanding.”

UNCHALPS: The confounding aspect of the governor of CHIALPS (of the Aethyr of NIA).

VANINES: The holiness of Star 28.

VOLDREZAA: “Wherein I, the scepter of ZAA…”

VOLODYR: The angle of the arrival first of servants.

ZDL-Z-L: Encoded aspect of TON-I-L (“All is one”).

ZLDLDZ: Encoded aspect of PRONOA (“love”).

ZZZDZ: Encoded aspect of JAIDA (“Highest” or “God the Highest”).

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