Enochian-language Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP)

This is a simple translation of each of the words in the Golden Dawn LBRP. I’ll be back-translating the Golden Dawn rituals (and Regardie’s Middle Pillar) into the Enochian language. Sometimes this is not a perfect translation, but I will try to use the same spirit of the Enochian to mirror the Golden Dawn usage. I won’t get into the broader techniques such as visualization or ritual tools (there are hundreds of variations on this: I recommend Modern Magick for a good introduction), but rather just the words used.

This pronunciation reflects Leitch’s from The Angelical Language, Vol. II.

Opening: Enochian Qabalistic Cross (EQC).

Face East. Touch the forehead and vibrate:

AQLO (ay-kwah-loh)

Touch the heart center (center of the sternum) and vibrate:

ADOHI (ay-doh-high)

Touch the right shoulder and vibrate:

OD GMICALZO (ohd jee-my-KALE-zoh)

Touch the left shoulder and vibrate:

OD IEHUSOZ (ohd jay-US-oz)

Touch the heart center again and vibrate:

IAISG (hay-IZH). CHRISTEOS (kriss-TEE-os).

Pentagrams: (note: the directionality of the Divine and archangel names reflects Golden Dawn associations of air to the east and fire to the south, rather than the directionality of John Dee’s time, which had fire in the east and air in the south. In working this I’ll probably use the latter).

Draw the banishing ritual of the pentagram (the first motion is from lower-left to top of the pentagram) and make the sign of the enterer while vibrating:

GAHOACHMA (gah-hohk-mah).

Go or pivot to the South. Draw the same pentagram while vibrating:

ENAY (like saying the initials “N.A.”).

Go to the West, draw the same pentagram, and vibrate:

eL (like saying the initial “L.”).

Go to the North, draw the same pentagram, and vibrate:

ILS GEH DRILPA IADOIAS (yillss jay drill-pah jahd-oh-JAHSS: [“Thou art great, eternal God.”].

Return to East and raise hands to a cross formation, palms up. Vibrate:

ASPT DE OL (ahsspt dee ohl: “before me”) RAPHAEL,–or, you may use RAAS OL (ray-ahss ohl “to the east of me”), RAPHAEL,

SOBOLN DE OL (soh-bohln dee ohl “to the west of me”) GABRIEL,

BABAGE DE OL (bay-BAY-jee dee ohl “to the south of me”) MICHAEL,

LUCAL DE OL (loo-call dee ohl “to the north of me”) URIEL,

VORS OL (vorz ohl “over me”) METATRON,

OROCH OL (oh-rock ohl “under me”) SANDALPHON.

ZOMDUX OL IALPOR AOIVEAE DE O (zohm-dooks ohl YAL-pore ay-oy-VEE-ay dee oh: [“encompassing me flame the stars of 5”]),

OD ZYLNA MONONS LOHOLO VAN DE NORZ (ohd zill-na moh-nons LOH-ho-loh van dee norz: [“within this heart shines the star of six”]).


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